Jingle ball 2013 dc meet and greet

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jingle ball 2013 dc meet and greet

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According to her, the design of the show was innovative and forward in terms of creativeness. Gaga wanted to change the shape of the stage and designed one with Haus of Gaga that was "essentially a frame with forced perspective, and the frame is put inside the stage.

jingle ball 2013 dc meet and greet

So often you go into theaters and there's ambient light flying in from all sorts of places, and the audience is in different spots, and the stage is in different shapes and lengths and widths and depths, so this is a way for me to control all the light and all of the different elements of the show", she added. While developing the tour Gaga spoke about original sin and demons inside human beings; [13] "So we talked about growth, and that led us into this kind of scientific space, and we started talking about evolution and the evolution of humanity and how we begin as one thing, and we become another.

Later, she said that Fame Kills was "the great lost tour", but confirmed that some of the elements of it were incorporated into The Monster Ball. And it's also done in what now is becoming my aesthetic, which is, you know, it's part pop, part performance art, part fashion installation—so all of those things are present It's a story, it's me battling all my monsters along the way. And the stage that I designed with the Haus [of Gaga] is a giant cube that sits.

Imagine you were to hollow out a TV and just break the fourth wall on a TV screen.

jingle ball 2013 dc meet and greet

It forces you to look at the center of the TV. It's my way of saying, 'My music is art. She had a different vision for it in the beginning. Dada thought that Gaga should wear her hair braided, which Gaga had never done before. Dada's explanation for the concept was the look of Rapunzelthe fairy-tale character.

Jingle Ball 2013 DC

He felt that "it's something people deeply understand. And when you're wearing sunglasses on a scaffolding piece with a giant alien dancing behind you, I promised [to Gaga] it's not going to look like Rapunzel. During " Telephone ", Gaga danced to the choreography seen in the song's video right. In DecemberGaga revealed that she planned to cancel the concept of the original shows of The Monster Ball Tour and start afresh. Gaga recalled that after West and she split up for this tour, she was unsure if she could get a show together in time, but nevertheless wanted to promote The Fame Monster.

Hence she was able to put together "something that, in truth, I never would have done if I had a longer amount of time". But I don't fucking care what they think.

One thing that has been lost over the past years, in pop music, is the idea of showbiz.

iHeartRadio Jingle Ball is Back with New and Familiar Faces

And this is definitely going to bring that back", clarified Gaga. She said that the show was constructed like a piece of musical theater. It also incorporated a number of contemporary and old musical piecessome of them being re-recorded specifically for the show itself. The instrument was created by the Haus of Gaga and the singer said, "We have this new instrument that I brought to the Brits tonight, 'Emma', which is what I was playing on the stage.

She's a hybrid from all these other instruments. It had a New York theme at its core; telling a story where Gaga and her friends traveled to the Monster Ball, but got lost. Beginning behind a giant, green, laser lit video screen featuring scrim lightsGaga appeared in a bulb-covered futuristic silver jeweled jumpsuit [19] with matching eye makeup and mask and sang " Dance in the Dark " as dancers, dressed in white balaclavas and white jumpsuits, moved around her.

She started performing " LoveGame ", which ended with Gaga pointing towards her groin. After stripping down to a silver bodysuit she performed " Alejandro ", and was carried by her crotch by one of her male dancers, and later lowered onto another one of them.

Gaga then started performing the song " Speechless " on piano, and continued with an acoustic version of " Poker Face ". This segment was followed by the performance of "Fashion" and "The Fame", during which Gaga wore a gold Egyptian styled crown and matching body suit, [20] compared to the garment of a viking.

Gaga was perched atop a railing and from each of her braids, a dancer was attached on the stage. A backdrop of stars were shown during the performance.

This was followed by " Eh, Eh Nothing Else I Can Say " as she descended from the top—which signified her rebirth—amidst white lights and mechanical fog. After revisions, the show was divided into four sections: Can I bring my own food and drinks? Unfortunately outside food and beverage is not allowed inside suites.

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iHeartRadio Jingle Ball is Back with New and Familiar Faces – Arts + Culture

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