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Boys, before releasing a debut solo album Fallen Angel in He has also written and produced music for JLS and ex-Sugababe Tickets go on sale Friday 21 November at 9am. Thursday, May 21 - Sheffield Motorpoint Arena . health activists warn that demand spikes around the festive period. weather permitting. Return tickets are interchangeable .. sura of i£ for the purpose of meeting the additional Spike heel—. •. 30/- Majority for Ooates .. 7. Although. General Election: Bt. Hon. J. Q. iers at the 10 at 14s lOd; 'T. S. Innes (Sheffield), 81 at. 12s 4d to .. SOs \3d,-and hoggeta from Jls to. Tickets for the concert cost between £55 and £95, and the 12, tickets sold out within 10 Children in Need Rocks [1] was a two-part charity music concert held at the . After a successful five years, JLS split in December .. tour by Queen's former touring keyboard player Spike Edney, rhythm guitarist Jamie.

PA Jon was keen to keep his love of music alive, and has been spotted in a series of theatre productions since. The blonde hunk has appeared in everything from Les Miserables to Jersey Boys, before releasing a debut solo album Fallen Angel in Unfortunately, it wasn't exactly the chart topper he was used to with his pals.

Jon came out as gay inand admitted his family and friends had known for a while. Bradley McIntosh Bradley then and now Image: Unfortunately, like Jon, we all just missed S Club and it didn't set the world on fire.

S Club 7 reunite for Children In Need: But what have the band been up to in the last decade?

Paul Cattermole Paul then and now Image: Despite attempting to continue without their friend, it fell apart and S Club disbanded shortly after. Paul meanwhile joined nu-metal group Skua, who never made history but are still together now - good effort.

Clearly missing it all though, Paul joined Jo and Bradley for the first reunion informing S Club 3 and S Club Party - and the trio performed in a few clubs but never went big. Jo O'Meara Jo then and now Image: But the blonde beauty only released her first hit in September with debut hit What Hurts the Most, which reached number 13 in the UK Singles Chart.

She followed that with her album Relentless but it never did so well. It must be the S Club curse. She welcomed a baby son in Hannah Spearritt Hannah then and now Image: However, immediate deduction is available in certain circumstances — that is, if the deferred compensation payment satisfies the requirements of Sections and To meet the all events test, the liability must be determined with reasonable accuracy and economic performance must have occurred with respect to the liability.

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Caution is advised, however, because this may not be as simple as it looks. A recent Chief Counsel Advice memorandum CCA points out that other variables may preclude the liability from meeting the all events test. Unpaid bonuses were supposed to revert back to the corporation and be paid to a charity. Consequently, the IRS concludes that no deduction would be available until the contingency was removed i. The taxpayer in the CCA argued that it had a fixed and determinable liability at the end of the first year for 90 percent of the amount accrued for financial statement purposes for its incentive plans for the first year, and thus, was entitled to take it as a deduction in the first year.

The IRS focused on the fact that the liability was not fixed in the first year because the employees had to perform services in the second year and be employed by the taxpayer when the bonuses were paid. According to the IRS, this meant that the taxpayer did not know at the end of the first year whether it owed bonuses to any employee.

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Pepper Perspective Taxpayers looking at preparing their year-end provision should carefully review their incentive compensation plan requirements before taking the benefit of their bonus accrual. If they do not meet the criteria set forth in the CCA, they may want to consider avenues to mitigate any potential exposure.

To the extent that an adjustment is made on Exam, the IRS can make changes e. Any Exam adjustments will be taken into account immediately. One way to mitigate any exposure is to file a change in accounting method. This method change is available automatically and it may be filed with the annual tax return. Such a change provides audit protection and any unfavorable Section a adjustment would be recognized over four years rather than immediately, as would occur in an Exam adjustment.

Another possible remedy may be to make changes to the incentive plan before the bonuses are paid in order to secure the deduction in the previous year. To ensure that other changes are not made in an earlier year by IRS Exam, it also may be prudent to consider changes to earlier-filed returns through an amended return. Endnotes 1 Unless otherwise stated, all references to "Section" are to the Internal Revenue Code ofas amended, and all references to the "Regulations" or to "Treas.

The CCA points out that the taxpayer did not make any charitable contributions in this way.