Kirito and asuna meet death gun

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kirito and asuna meet death gun

If this happened, as you know, Asuna would probably be cliff or probably almost never meet him because Kirito wouldn't be at the But then, being a year late once Kirito steps into GGO and looks for Death gun, I'd tell you. In the aftermath of the Death Gun incident, Kazuto, with the help of Asuna and Rika, arranged for Shino to meet Oosawa Sachie, the young mother Shino had. Doesn't that mean you can return the other four thousand dead to the Kirito and Asuna didn't die, simply because Kayaba intentionally.

As with most MMO players, he was never part of one of the top groups, and had great respect for players that could clear the hardest content or had the best items.

kirito and asuna meet death gun

This sense of awe that was instilled in him in games is the same feeling that he wanted to portray by showing some weaker characters and their struggles and then having a hero show up and really show them how badass someone end-game could be.

Kawahara notes at the end of the volume 2: I have previously also played some online games.

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But no matter in what game, I have never been part of a high-ranking group. I merely envied those eternally strong players with the best equipment and reputation, one after another easily defeating monsters, and afterwards feeling that they were "So skilled!

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Kirito needs to stop staring at Sinon's butt. C'mon, Kirito, stop that. What if Asuna found out? Well, at least you're not being filmed right now or anything!

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Everyone rightfully asks him why no one can identify Death Gun or ask the company behind GGO to do something, but that gets them nowhere. Asuna's all "screw this" and decides to head for Kazuto's real world location He's in the hospital, heavily guarded according to Chrysheight, at leastso that's where Asuna's heading. Kirito has come up with a plan - draw out Death Gun by using himself as a decoy. Then Sinon can have a clear shot at him, taking him out once and for all.

Kirito's accomplished quite a bit for just sitting around in a cave the whole episode - he's figuring out most of the mystery of Death Gun, he's established what Death Gun plans to do next, and he's come up with a relatively solid plan to take out Death Gun in the game. Of course, it will depend on both his own reflexes and skills as a swordsman, matched up with Sinon's sniper skills. Kirito and Sinon get caught getting reeeeal close Of course, right as Kirito and Sinon begin to share a tender moment, the live broadcast camera starts floating above them, capturing their every move.

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It's meant to focus on battles, but since there aren't many players left, it's just wandering around looking for anything remotely interesting - such as two players planning to take out the most evil player with an elaborate trap.

Now we're left on a couple cliffhangers: How will Sinon escape the grasp of Death Gun? Will Kirito and Sinon's trap work? Will Asuna make it to Kazuto okay? Sinon leans in real close and whispers her real name and address to him - "Asada Shino.

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But now it's time to figure out who wins the tournament - only one can be the victor. Kirito suggests a duel, but Sinon says no - he's far too weakened from his battle with Death Gun for her to take any pride in beating him right now.

kirito and asuna meet death gun

But there is another solution - she mentions how the first BoB tournament ended with two winners. Both Kirito and Sinon are the victors of the tournament! And there's a celebration across Japan! Sinon - now Asada - awakens in her empty apartment Or is it so empty? Sinon checks everywhere, just to make sure Death Gun's accomplice isn't still there. And everything appears to be clear - when the doorbell rings It's just her good pal, Shinkawa.

He's brought some food and wants to comfort her now that she's out of GGO. He made sure Death Gun used a Type pistol to build his legend in order to honor Asada - and her traumatic past.

They've always worried about taking care of themselves - but if they don't do something, Kirito might walk in at any second and his life could be in danger.