Les twins meet and greet 2015

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les twins meet and greet 2015

Wednesday, November 19, Les Twins - Meet & Greet + Dance with Brand New Mind @ Vlado Footwear. I want to just let you all know how I finally met Les Twins and thoroughly enjoyed This entry was posted in Beyonce, Les Twins, Meet & Greet. IDA Hollywood. March 13th this guy's rocked!!! #lestwins #badass. Shaniya . Washington, [email protected] Embassy Suites-Convention Center. September 8th

So we watched everyone go in, and I was just kinda feeling down. It was the last night of everything and I was determined to meet them in person because I was tired of phone calls and text messages.

les twins meet and greet 2015

We went to go eat and I was seriously feeling blue. I know that my dealings with LT is all business, but I was a fan before I started talking business with them, so the fangirl in me was depressed to the max. She complained the whole time… typical teenager, but who cares. I see a guy who works there, and he keeps looking at me. And sure enough, they let her in.

He takes here right to the front of the stage and she has a blast!!!! He tells me that they just came out right as we were walking up, they including Beyonce had just walked back inside from taking pictures. I ask my daughter if she wanted to take a picture next to the Beyonce poster and she agrees to do so. I turn to my right, and I see this tall, lanky, bushy haired boy walking towards me. I immediately go into attack mode! Why you not call me?

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I show him my calls, texts and voxer messages to him and he apologizes and grabs my hand and my daughters hand and takes us with him to the lobby of the Revel hotel. He received so much love and so many compliments it was great!


We walks up, but is on his phone and completely disses me, which is why I we were arguing in the video. So we wait for them to come back down, Larry comes back before Lau and once again, he disses me and walks off when I call him to come here. I laughed so hard.

So we find Larry after he and Lau have a curse off over the phone and then I get to go off on him, which is what you see in the video. They wanted to go eat and so we do. Larry comes back with some greasy dead looking asparagus, burnt beyond recognition seasoned fries, and two stale looking hot dogs.

loveisspeed Les Twins - Meet & Greet + Dance with Brand New Mind @ Vlado Footwear

And of course, Laurent asks us if we wanted to eat and we tell him we already did. He insists that my daughter try his salad when he gets back.

Aaaaaaaaand she was going to… until she saw all that bullshit he put on it. I feel something come out of my body and I have no control and I still keep going and my brother does exactly the same thing. What about individually, what would you say are your distinct individual strengths or styles?

Laurent, the thing that he does better than I do is shut his mouth. That is his art. There is no point to work alone. We saw the power that we have together. We did try alone, it can be rap, singing, dance, jokes, days out, shopping — nothing, no magic.

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We fight and it gets better and better, until we start to understand each other and it gets good. We have around routines and we can remember almost everything, I mean it can be hard to remember what number 10 looks like but you know I try to save it.

Are there any songs or videos in the past you wish you had choreographed? I would never touch Michael Jackson, because he choreographed his own. And you know why? They give you baby choreography and you can do so much more than that. You guys are the exception, why? Because we are gifted we know how to share it.

les twins meet and greet 2015

No one will make her feel like the queen she is on stage. And we got her back. Like you see the way Madonna fell on the stage? If my brother and me were there we would have grabbed her before the first time she fell. I got some views on the way I protect on the stage. I never do anything like a back up dancer.

And she teaches me every day whatever she got. We have little moments to say what we have to say, and if I felt bad she will feel it and be like — we will talk later. You do seem busy.