Luffy and hancock meet again wiz

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luffy and hancock meet again wiz

See more ideas about One piece, Anime music videos and Anime art. I got: " See You Again" - Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth! Luffy x Hancock - One Piece. Arriving in Suna, the pair meet Gaara, who ends up leaving with them when he sadly has no reason to stay. Luffy is overjoyed to get three nakama at the start of his journey. The time has come for the Order of Moltres to rise again. 2, - Updated: Oct 30 - Published: Mar 24, - [Luffy, Boa Hancock] Straw Hats P. How likely do you think it is that Luffy will marry Boa Hancock later in the . [*] Both said they will see each other again, and Hancock said they.

He caught the meat in his teeth, and realized he'd been tricked mid chew. Usopp looked up from the project he was working on and Chopper walked over to them.

Boa Hancock

It's pretty warm there…uh…and it functions pretty much like any other island. Kind of weird, but nice. She has a giant snake she hangs out with. His name is Salome. Actually, they ALL have snakes they hang out with. Then, when they need to shoot something with their arrows, the snakes are used as bows…" Luffy went on and on, Usopp and Chopper getting more excited with each sentence.

luffy and hancock meet again wiz

Sanji stood fuming in front of the kitchen door. Luffy rubbed his head and looked up in time to see Nami dive into the scuffle, her map forgotten when the peace and quiet had ceased.

The fight was over when Sanji mistakenly got a hand full of boob and started to bleed profusely, both from his inevitable nosebleed and the unforgiving punch the red haired navigator bestowed upon him.

Chopper ran over to give him first aid, tears flowing from his eyes. He screamed pitifully at Sanji, something about his liver not being good for cooking. Usopp and Luffy looked at each other, both of them a little confused as to what had just happened.

They both fell over laughing at the same time. This is gonna be so awesome," Luffy cried, wiping tears from the corners of his eyes. Usopp held his stomach and attempted to calm himself. Even YOU should've found one you liked.

luffy and hancock meet again wiz

What about the Empress lady, huh? She even winked at you as we were leaving. I guess…Hancock helped me the most getting back to you guys, but…" Luffy mused, scratching his head in thought, "…I don't know if that counts.

There were all kinds of girls. None of them had ever seen a guy before, so they all wanted to touch me…" Sanji's eye twitched and it took both Chopper and Zoro to hold him down. Chopper yelled over desperately, "Luffy! There was one girl there, Margaret, who helped me out. I guess she was special since she's the one that had to convince everyone not to kill me. She and a couple other girls found me in the forest after I ate some poisonous mushrooms and brought me to the village. Chopper helplessly clung to the cook's shirt sleeve.

He ran across the deck, two years of running from drag queen's finally coming in handy. Robin looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow at him questioningly before asking, "What's going on down there? Brook walked up the stairs and pulled out a chair for himself at their table.

One Piece AMV - See You Again (Sabo,Ace,Luffy)

Sanji-san's become a BONE-fied animal! Luffy and his crew sat with her in the dining area of the Kuja pirate ship. The snake Empress had prepared all of Luffy's favorite foods for this occasion.

It became apparent after the Straw Hat crew's last run in with the law that a game plan would be needed to continue further. The Marine's, because of the onslaught that took place on Fishman Island, were more alert and taking extra precautions. Rumor had it they were even researching how to put mechanism's on their ships that simulated a Coup De Burst. In need of someplace out of reach, Luffy had asked Hancock if they might be able to visit.

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She had been delighted to oblige, of course. The Thousand Sunny had finally made it to the calm belt where the Kuja pirate's were waiting to transport them the rest of the way. To keep things cordial, Hancock allowed the crew to rest on her ship while Sunny was dragged through the calm. Franky mourned the chance to use his cool paddle system, but Luffy assured him there would be a 'next time'.

It was now double its usual size since he was chewing something. The rest of the crew sat in awkward silence, gawking at the scene taking place before them. He had turned to stone the second he had seen the Empress, miraculously without her having to use her Merrow-Merrow ability. Chopper was crying next to him in the guest room, trying to coax him out of his state, secretly glad he had avoided another hard core nosebleed. I can't understand what she sees in that idiot.

Zoro stood up and walked toward the door. There's still more food! Zoro sighed in disgust. You're making me sick," he grumbled, closing the door upon his exit. Hancock glared at his back. He's a cool guy. She went on to herself, mumbling about how she needed to work on being a better person so they could get married.

Usopp giggled to himself in amusement.

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The most beautiful woman in the world has her heart set on marrying him, and all he can think of is food. Now is the great Usopp-sama's chance to woo her. He made a move to get closer to them, but halted when a butter knife flew past his head and stuck into the wood behind him.

Hancock glared suspiciously at the now sweating long nosed sniper. As if to make a point, she shoved another dish in front of the rubber man. She then lovingly dabbed a napkin to the corner of his mouth, never taking her eyes off Usopp. He stared for a minute, then fainted back into his original seat. She thinks I'm gay. At that ungodly thought he rushed out of the room, fighting back the bile rising in his throat. Hancock smiled victoriously, perceiving his actions as that of a jealous rival.

Her plan to get Luffy alone was going better than she had initially planned. Now if I could just get the women out… Hancock was busy plotting when Margaret quietly walked through the door, an apologetic look on her face.

His ship-wright has requested he come to him immediately. Hearing that Franky needed to see him though, the grin was replaced with a look of concern.

luffy and hancock meet again wiz

Was something wrong with Sunny? He put down his meat and absentmindedly wiped his hands on Hancock's dress. She simply brought the soiled piece of garment to her face and sighed contentedly as Luffy followed Margaret out the door. They both walked across the deck, Luffy greeting Brook in the corner surrounded by about half a dozen Kuja pirate's, their eyes gleaming as he told a story about being on tour.

His signature laugh could be heard even as he and Margaret made their way to where The Sunny was tied up at the stern. Margaret made a move like she was going to climb off the ship and onto the connecting rope so she could shimmy over.

Luffy scratched his head and grinned, giggling through his alternative offer of, "I can give you a ride over if you want.

luffy and hancock meet again wiz

It's just way more fun to slide there. A moment before she impacted with the side, she shifted her weight and lightly flipped, landing gracefully on the upper deck of The Sunny. Luffy watched the whole thing with excited eagerness. He launched, and immediately regretted it. He attempted to flip onto his ship as gracefully as his blonde friend. The rope burns, however, offed his brain's judgement of the distance and he ended up splatting quite nicely against the figure head and falling into the water.

Margaret sighed, removing the unnecessary parts of her outfit and diving in after the now, submerged, rubber man.

Hancock sat in the dining room surrounded by food and unoccupied pillow seats. The red haired one had gone to use the restroom, and the raven haired one had excused herself to read on the deck.

So there the grand Shichibukai sat, a pitiful kitten that had been left in a cardboard box in the rain. Minutes passed; nobody came. Surely nothing was wrong with Luffy's ship that it was taking this long to discuss it with the ship-wright. Why wasn't he coming back?

Hancock bit her thumb nail, something that had become a habit when thinking about her future husband. Am I really…that unattractive? Dark clouds were beginning to collect over her head when she heard the door open.

She looked up eagerly, and then her face fell just as quickly when she looked up into the face of the swordsman. She quickly looked away and blushed, poking a grape on her plate in a pathetic attempt to look like she hadn't been expecting someone else. Zoro gave her a weird look and shrugged, plopping onto a pillow on the complete opposite side of the room. He started to doze off when he noticed her glowering at him pointedly.

His twenty-one years of life experience told him it would be in his best interest to seek a nap elsewhere. I don't really know why she's so hung up on that moron, but she better get used to his ADHD if she really intends to stick it out… "Do I look like a baby-sitter to you? He spoke graciously of you on our way to Impel Down," she sniffed. Zoro raised an eyebrow. Also, as I said with Lola, Hancock has her own crew, and more than that, she has her own kingdom to take care of.

She seems much more likely to become a Fleet Commander, and this scene may also serve as foreshadowing for another Kuja joining possibly Marguerite.

The second time, at Impel Down, he seemed confident that his life was going to end, and swore to see Luffy again in the afterlife. Of course, Bentham did not die, so his promise for a reunion will need to be fulfilled on Earth, not Heaven. Being a close friend to Luffy with no current affiliations with any other crews, Bentham seems like a fairly strong candidate for a new crewmate.

The only problem is that he uses a mostly kick-based fighting style, making him a bit too similar to Sanji. Not only that, Bentham has even demonstrated in the past that he could take on the role of either a guard for the ship or a decoy as he has already done multiple times. After Luffy saved Alabasta, he invited Vivi to join his crew much he did with Jinbeonly for her to refuse due to personal matters much like Jinbe didand then ask to remain their friend should they ever meet again also much like Jinbe did.

Vivi has also demonstrated her value as a crewmate, serving as a negotiator on at least one occasion, convincing Luffy to let her reason with the people of Drum Island to get a doctor for Nami. Vivi already has a strong personal connection with Luffy, much like Jinbe did, having earned his trust enough to be able to sway his decisions at critical moments.

In fact, as many of you know, Vivi is already considered the unofficial Straw Hat 5.