Meet and exceed synonyms for

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meet and exceed synonyms for

“Above and beyond” is usually used to refer to how someone does a job. Example: He went above and beyond the call of duty. This would mean he exceeded. Exceeded ) Surpassed ) Prevailed Over ) Revitalized ) Amended. Verbs that highlight your team spirit. How do you highlight team. exceed - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions. Synonyms: outdo, surpass, transcend, excel, distance, more. Meet or exceed.

If they do, then our expectations must be too low! Do I want everyone to be performing at a high level? But if everyone in our organization was doing exceedingly well by industry standards, we would have the same problem. When rated against their peers, some would be performing better than others.

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Not everyone is equal despite what they tell kids in youth sports in which everyone gets a trophy, but I digress. So even in a company in which people are performing at a very high level there will be differences in performance.

meet and exceed synonyms for

And when these people are rated against their peers, even really strong performers will be average — that is, they will fall into the statistical mid-range of our rankings. So why not rank them against an industry standard? I think there are a number of problems with that.

First, there is no commonality in rating systems.

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And even if there was, it would be difficult to get good data. Second, everyone always has a bias toward their own people. Now let me talk about the top of the range. You must do something striking or conspicuous in your performance. There are roughly 1, players in the Major Leagues each year, yet only 68 are exceptional enough to be voted an All-Star. This is, they must be having an outstanding season to be an all-star. Approximately 5 percent of the best players in the world are good enough, in a given year, to be rated outstanding.

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I realize everyone wants to be special. Customers will flock to the businesses that come closer to the customer experience ideal. By identifying the one word that describes the best customer service, professionals articulate the one thing they absolutely cannot ignore. No matter how loose or tight their budgetary constraints, they must deliver on that pivotal expectation.

meet and exceed synonyms for

CCIQ readers are encouraged to check out the aforementioned group, join and contribute to the discussion. To help make the list more navigable, CCIQ has identified the five most frequently selected words truly interchangeable or synonymous word forms were combined; duplicates or answers that exceeded one word were not considered: The best service, in the eyes of the greatest percentage of group members, is not imposed upon customers.

meet and exceed synonyms for

It is the product of an actual attempt to empathize with them. The concept of customer centricity declares that the information and resolution offered must align with customer desire rather than business script, habit or policy.

meet and exceed synonyms for

Truly understanding how the customer feels and why the customer wants what he wants is the surest way to honor that directive. No matter how efficient, innovative, cross-channel or personalized the service, it ultimately needs to satisfy the person or entity to whom it is being offered.

Scripts and policies are designed based on expectations and generalities. Actual customer interactions are rooted in unique experience and shaped by unique customer preference.

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Instead of attempting to affix a standard label onto a conversation, the best customer service effort listens wholeheartedly to the customer and allows that conversation to create the label and drive the remainder of the interaction. When it comes time to issue the resolution and complete the engagement, the agent again listens to make sure the customer — not simply protocol — is satisfied with the outcome.

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Average handle time is relevant for workflow purposes. Efficiency is relevant for business purposes. When it comes to elite customer service, however, patience trumps both. The best customer service, per a substantial group of members, involves a complete commitment to the customer — and achieving his desired outcome.

meet and exceed synonyms for

That may manifest in a quick call.