Meet and greet 2015 near means

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meet and greet 2015 near means

VIP Packages go on sale Tuesday, October 30th at 10AM local time. **Very limited availability**; Private backstage Meet & Greet with KISS; Personal Photo. Upcoming Tour Dates Summer. Greet definition: When you greet someone, you say 'Hello' or shake hands with them. | Meaning, pronunciation The Sun ()Your ticket includes a meet and greet with Santa plus a free gift. The Sun . Nearby words of 'greet'. greenwood.

She was actually shaking. We watched from a distance as Ariana, her mom, and one or two other folks paid for their purchases and began to exit. First Ariana stopped to slip on a hoodie she bought in the shop.


Then they moved toward the exit. Ariana spotted Jen smiling at her.

Summer 2018 North America Tour

I saw your tweet and hoped I could come down and meet you. Check out my new hoodie!

meet and greet 2015 near means

Do you like it? Ari threw up a peace sign. I took the picture. Ariana never asked to see or approve of either picture. Jen deleted the first one, without being asked to do so.

She did it out of common respect. As they said their goodbyes, Ariana hugged Jen, and Mrs. Joan Grande actually thanked us for coming to meet her daughter. It was a wonderful experience, and Jen has told the world about it for years. Ariana Grande was one of the nicest celebrities we have ever encountered — and between originally living in New York, then Vegas, and our frequent trips to L.

Flash forward to August, Ariana is a superstar. But surely she is still the same sweet girl where it matters most — in her heart. Contestants had to produce some art and say why they loved Ariana so much. Jen spent days working on artwork of Ariana, wrote why she loved her, and amazingly, became a finalist. She was then interviewed via phone by an MTV rep for the second stage of the competition, and a few days later was announced as one of the two MTV winners there was another winner through VH1.

All winners were permitted to bring a guest to L.

A Personal Recap from One of MYF's Meet & Greet Winners — The Make Yourself Foundation

The winners were placed at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood. They were told to get to the L. Forum in Inglewood for a 5 PM meeting with Ariana. They had to provide their own transportation. Jen and Kel arranged for a taxi to take them. Jen brought her winning artwork because she wanted to give it to her idol. She also wanted to remind Ariana of their prior meeting by the Titanic exhibit, when it was just Jen, Ariana, and that cute hoodie.

They were not allowed inside, or even permitted to wait in the safety of the parking lot. Turns out, they were never permitted in the building at all. Also, this neighborhood is unsafe so be careful out there.

Congrats To Karla, Our Def Leppard Meet & Greet Winner

They waited till around 7: They were all hungry and cold, and despite a huge party barbeque going on in the tent beside their benches, they were offered nothing but a bottle of water the entire time. Jen and the other MTV winner a young man of 16 who traveled across the entire country for this meeting were interviewed on camera by MTV to be broadcast at a later date. They were told what to say, almost word for word.

I know Jen feared that if she refused to do this, she would not meet Ariana though she was not told that. After the bogus interview, Ariana was set to appear.

meet and greet 2015 near means

First, she did an on-camera interview. She then approached her fans without a smile — just an icy look as she toyed with her hair.

She was surrounded by 8 to 10 assistants. Ariana stood by, with a blank stare, as the rules came fast and furiously from a staffer: Give them to security and they will get them to her. You can take a selfie with her, but nothing else. The 16 year old boy had recorded a CD of beautiful violin cover versions of Ariana songs.

It won the contest for him, and he wanted to present it to her. It was taken away by security. Ariana Grande, the superstar, then walked toward her three contest-winning fans.

She spent perhaps 15 seconds with each of them. That is not an exaggeration. They took an approved photo with her and that was it. Ariana gave that grin for each picture, but then it was gone again.

She never bothered to even ask anyone their name. No peace sign from Ari this time. Then Jen took out one of the drawings that won the contest for her.

meet and greet 2015 near means

You have literally changed my life. When I was waiting for Justin Wysong to start the check-in I was so afraid that I might had done something wrong and he wasn't going to find my name for meet and greet, but then he read my name and my hands started to shake!

meet and greet 2015 near means

Then i and the other fans went to the place where the life changing moment was going to happen. Justin gave us a funny and beautiful talk and he helped us a lot. He was a very friendly person. I was in the second group and I was trying to see them from the outside. I saw Michael Einziger and i tried really hard to get his attention!

He finally saw me and waved at me like he has known me for a long time. The next thing i felt was my shaky hands. Then my group's time had arrived and we went in. I was trying to stop my hands but it was nearly impossible.

Ben Kenney was in the first seat. He has a big part of my life because he is the main reason I started to play bass guitar, like Jose Pasillas is the reason I started to play drums. Kilmore was really kind and I enjoyed so so much talking to him.

How can I explain him?! He has such an inspirational talent and such a big heart filled with the love of music!

meet and greet 2015 near means

When it was the time to talk to Brandon Boyd, I had to lift my legs up to make them stop shaking. Not only his music but his whole lifestyle and personality have changed the way I live and think.

He pulled out the things I had kept secretly in my consciousness. Every each one of them was very friendly and love their fans. And also I am so happy to be able have an amazing MYF group photo with them. I still can't believe the fact that i actually met the whole band and watched the show from the first row!