Meet and greet demi lovato 25 04

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meet and greet demi lovato 25 04

Demi Lovato Had Fans Attend Her Meet & Greet! Demi Lovato returned to Texas to The year-old entertainer promoted the brand new on Saturday ( September 9) Legacy West demi lovato fabletics hometown Meet Demi Lovato in Plano on Sept. 9 Updated August 25, PM Here is your chance to meet pop star Demi Lovato in the flesh. Demi Lovato told fans she was broken-hearted after being forced to cancel Sunday Lovato, 25, tweeted: “I write this through tears of frustration and sadness that I vocal chords any more I could potentially have to cancel the rest of my tour. Robin Thicke engaged to pregnant girlfriend April Love Geary.

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meet and greet demi lovato 25 04