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Demi Lovato will return to Brazil in April with her new tour, Tell Me You Love in Ecuador, Costa Rica and Panama were removed from the tour. 4 P1 tickets to POWER 's Jingle Ball at Philips Arena in Atlanta, GA on December 15, Backstage photo opportunity for 4 with Demi Lovato. and governance of the country's largest pension fund, GPIF, which manages. Yen trillion (US$ trillion) of public pension money. As part of this process.

During the promotion of Lotus in DecemberAguilera was temporarily replaced by Shakira for the fourth season of The Voice and returned for the fifth season in September John on the third season of ABC 's musical drama series Nashville. The proceedings were donated to the National Compassion Fund to benefit the victims' families.

Liberation Aguilera released her eighth studio album, titled Liberationon June Since the start of her career Aguilera's voice has been compared to that of Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Aguilera, to name its three main champions, are most associated with the period from the late '80s through the late '90s".

She can be brassy, tearful, sultry, gritty, breathy, sweet or furious. She can belt and she can tease; she can aim a note as directly as a missile or turn its trajectory into an aerobatic spiral of leaping, quivering, scalloping melismas. Her voice is not an instrument for making modest statements; it's about peaks of self-affirmation, indescribable sensual pleasures, steely counterattacks and abysses of sorrow".

I told her to get rid of the finger waves. Every time she'd start going into 'hoo-ha', I'd stop the tape. I'm like, 'You're doing it again'".

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Perry ended up using the song's first take adding, "She had a hard time accepting that as the final track. She knows her voice really well, and she knows what's going on. She can hear things that nobody else would catch. Aguilera, for one thing, has a slightly nasal tone that really only becomes obvious when she's overselling a song". I've said it for the last seven years — since I had my first debut record out — in every interview".

A Star is Made, Aguilera stated that Carey and her debut single, " Vision of Love "had the biggest influence on her vocal style. The Sound of Music looked like a form of release. It's just like they were fearless. She is a woman who did everything before anyone else did it. In Decembera community assembly voted to reject an agreement signed by villagers with national oil company Petroamazonas which would have allowed seismic testing to begin.

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Since then, Mr Jipa says, villagers have been repeatedly told that the Ecuadorean army could be sent to enforce the deal. Underground riches Drilling in the oil-rich Ecuadorean jungle has been going on for three decades - and tensions over the issue are nothing new.

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Image caption Oil production in the Amazon has been going for 30 years, but locals fear an increase could harm their area But since President Rafael Correa announced last year that he was ending a six-year moratorium on exploration in a previously untouched part of the Amazon's Yasuni national park, indigenous communities and conservationists have warned that a new oil frontier is being opened.

Animal riches Of all the different animal and plant species on the planet, around a tenth can be found in the park.

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Large parts have already been damaged, says Mr Swing, as roads are being built and settlers move in. He says that in the past few months, new seismic surveys have been carried out. This is the first stage in the attempt to detect underground oil. And, he says, it points to a future of "even greater oil incursion right across the forest". Image caption River traffic has increased notably as oil exploration goes ahead in eastern Ecuador The Ecuadorean government has said that any new drilling in the ITT block - as the area previously covered by the moratorium is known - would only affect a tiny fraction of the Yasuni park.

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There is potentially as much as million barrels of crude waiting underground, some experts say and President Correa has argued that Ecuador badly needs the oil revenue to fund infrastructure and development projects.

An attempt to convince foreign governments to contribute to a trust fund that would have compensated the country for the loss in earnings failed to get off the ground. Financial incentives Before the oil companies came, we had nothing Pablo Licuy, Sani Isla resident Queuing for an early appointment at the local health centre in Sani Isla, Blanca, a quietly spoken middle-aged Quechua woman, is dismissive of the government and the oil companies. The state oil company has in the past donated funds to other indigenous communities, in return for permission to test for oil.

Sani Isla's brightly coloured health clinic and the local school were both built with oil money. Image caption Oil money paid for the local health centre and the school in Sani Isla But according to Blanca, depending on hand-outs from the oil industry does not amount to a long-term future for these small and impoverished communities.