Meet and greet gathering

LMBA to Host Meet & Greet During October 13th Gathering – Lower Moreland Business Association

meet and greet gathering

WHAT TO EXPECT: Come and meet and greet Lower Moreland businesses, who will be providing information about their companies, handing. This annual online video convention in Anaheim sees YouTubers gathering, hosting panels and shows, selling merchandise and meeting with their fans. Jun 14, This event is a gathering of burners new and old as well as anyone interested in the Burning Man culture, global community, and related events.

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The sponsors of the group are putting together ideas for the monthly meetings that will allow everyone to find some comfort and support while ensuring there is a different energy than a normal group. There are some key components this group will embrace.

LMBA to Host Meet & Greet During October 13th Gathering

One of those components being, activities which will encompass something for everyone. There will also be some education and informational topics scattered throughout the months. In general, these educational portions will mostly be offered as a break out session during the gathering. This will allow us to meet individual needs while ensuring the larger portion of the group is still engaged in something meaningful to them.

meet and greet gathering

Lastly, what group is complete without food? We will be providing some type of refreshments at each meeting.

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This group is meeting every 3rd Thursday of the month from 5: The first, and arguably the most important meeting, will be held March 15th. March 15th is our kick-off party.

We encourage all who are the slightest bit intrigued about what this group can do for you or someone you love to attend. The meeting will be composed of social hour with refreshments, a meet and greet, a layout of the proposed activities for the year, and a chance for the attendees to provide their ideas on activities and educational items they would like to see. This group will be designed based on what the attendees want and feel is important to them, not what the sponsors feel is important.

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This is especially true if the ship is in port and before everyone has to be back on the ship. When there are multiple parties where characters meet, such as the See Ya Real Soon party held on the last night of the cruise, or the Halloween party during the Halloween on the High Seas cruises, the first party is less attended.


Most are only meeting on the island until Mickey had an additional set at 1: I ran the Castaway Cay 5k, which is usually the first to leave the ship, but the start was delayed 30 minutes. By the time I finished and ran over to the areas of the island the characters were meeting, I was only able to meet 4 of the 9 sets of characters that were meeting.

The meets are also more spread out than on the ship, with some being right outside the ship, and others being a minute walk or tram ride away. So if characters are your priority on Castaway Cay, look over the schedule the night before and plan the best route to catch everyone without running back and forth.

meet and greet gathering

Because of this interaction, I noticed the lines moved slower than I expected. Bring something to be signed. In the past, you could leave something at guest services to get signed by all the characters, and receive it at the end of your trip. They no longer do this, so if you want character signatures, make sure to bring it to the character meet.

meet and greet gathering

A popular item guests brought on the cruise was a blank frame that characters could sign. I ended up removing some of the plastic that holds to the picture so that I could get more signatures in the book. I also noticed that, unlike in the parks, character attendants did not have pens or sharpies on them.

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So make sure your bring extras, in case they get lost during the cruise. Wear something related to the character or theme. This is always one of my top tips for character interactions, but I noticed on the cruise that not as many people wear Disney shirts, outfits, or ears as they do in the parks.

meet and greet gathering

So if you wear something related to the character, it will stand out even more for the character. My cruise ears always received a great response from the characters, especially when they were wearing their cruise outfits. Be sure to dress up on theme nights, such as Formal Night or Pirate Night, because the characters will love this too, and have even more fun with you.