Meet and greet one direction tickets 2013 mexico

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meet and greet one direction tickets 2013 mexico

Tour. Date Venue Location Tickets; Mar 23 Pa'l Norte Festival Monterrey, Mexico Tickets And though the album's being released on the band's own ADTR Records (like ′s Common Courtesy), this record marks their first distribution deal with “It was one of the most unique recording experiences we' ve ever had. The latest Tweets from Harry Styles. (@Harry_Styles). Thank you to my band, the crew, and all the of you for making this tour so wonderful. Treat people with. One Direction's Styles slips off from the band's world tour to meet . to the Anti- bullying Education charity - were named in 's Top 20 most.

Convention activities usually start around Stage programming also usually ends around 6: This can run until Signings start later on Sundays, so we recommend that you plan to stay late or stay overnight.

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Most often we do pre-registration the night before the convention. It is not a necessity, just a convenience, and it gets full convention-goers their credentials, printed schedules, options to get any autograph and photo op tickets still available, and, of course, first crack at souvenirs. Please be on time and follow the directions that are in the schedule. All guests and scheduling are tentative and subject to change. WOW, it is hard to believe that we have been producing conventions for our fellow fans for 47 incredible years, and what a ride it has been.


Unlike so many other genre conventions, Creation Entertainment has a strict company policy not to "oversell" our conventions.

In other words, every patron, no matter what bracket of ticket they purchase, will have a seat in the main auditorium where the major guests appear and events take place. Creation Entertainment has the right to refuse service to anyone who interferes with the safety and well-being of other patrons, staff, actors, Creation Entertainment and the establishment itself.

Refusal of service shall never be based on race or color, National origin or citizenship status, religion or creed, sex, age, disability, pregnancy or genetic information, Veteran or Military status, marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity, medical condition, political affiliations or activities, or status as a victim of domestic violence, assault or stalking. ANY problem you have please write to us at: Regarding the issue of alcoholic beverages at the convention: This includes daily panel events and any night events.

We kindly ask, for the evening event syou do not bring bags unless necessary. Water stations will be available in the room and, for those that have special medical needs, you can discreetly discuss those with security before entering and we will do bag checks.

We retain the right not to allow entrance into any of the events to anyone who shows up appearing intoxicated.

meet and greet one direction tickets 2013 mexico

ADA Rules on service animals: This event welcomes service animals as per The ADA rules. Service animals perform valuable work or tasks and are trained to provide help directly related to a person's disability. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA and therefore are not permitted at our event.

For those attending our conventions and making travel plans: Sometimes autographing runs into the evening or later when guests appear late in the day. Because we have to wait for guests to give us their flight information we cannot tell you in advance when these autograph sessions will occur until the convention schedule is posted at this website a few days before the event.

For those out of towners that want to guarantee autographs of stars appearing on Sunday we do suggest staying over or planning a later leaving time.

We do suggest buying tickets only from the original source: Because all tickets are scanned for use at the convention we can ONLY allow the first person in using each singular ticket. Autograph and photo op tickets are also scanned for one time use. If you are sensitive to such lighting please be advised to take the necessary precautions.

Rebecca’s Front Row Experience: One Direction Concert

For our attendees please keep flash photography to a minimum and try to learn how to get the best pictures in different lighting situations. Generally flash is not the best way to take photos at the convention. We will attempt to have a more detailed note page of getting the best pictures at conventions available soon. ALL GUESTS are contracted to appear and all convention contracts specify that appearances are tentative and subject to change as film and television work demands take precedence as can a personal conflict.

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As the limo drove to dinner, Rebecca was presented with a special gift bag full of One Direction goodies, like a fleece blanket, jewelry which she immediately put onand even designer cookies! We sat in a booth next to a waterfall that ran along the entire wall! Fancy drinks were ordered, stories were shared, and the laughter began.

We were eager to try their famous guacamole, which has been a house specialty since It was prepared right before us! The food was phenomenal, and no one wasted any time eating. A special dessert was even presented to Rebecca, and then it was time for an evening of entertainment. All nearby roads were closed-offso the lines for the Staple Center wrapped in and out of the surrounding blocks. It was going to be at least an hour wait.

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They both kept looking at each other and smiling big grins, almost giggling in disbelief. The journey down the stairs ensued and we headed toward the floor seating. And he showed us past the thousands of people who would soon be sitting behind Rebecca. Very few words were exchanged as Rebecca and her mom were shown their seats; instead, everyone did a spin in attempt to soak up the scene: The opening act performed, and it was nice.

meet and greet one direction tickets 2013 mexico

But not what everyone was there to see. They ended and the official wait began. Nerves were on high. And then the place went black. Neon colors flashed from the stage, spotlights flew around the venue, and all 20, fans erupted with screams. One Direction gave their fans a complete experience to remember.