Meet home and away cast 2015 in galveston

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meet home and away cast 2015 in galveston

I also had the chance to meet Tom Cruise and to work with actress Kate Beckinsale. The best The Island is Jodie's Home Away From Home. THE TRUBE FOUNDATION, GALVESTON MUSICAL CLUB . With a cast consisting of both stars from Broadway's greatest rock musicals, as well as incredible. meeting destination while maintaining the quality Away Magazine, , including Galveston becoming home to Leah Cast, CTA.

meet home and away cast 2015 in galveston

Alf's daughter, Rooinvites Maria to their home and Maria asks Alf why he left. She also asks him to give her another chance and gets Alf to open up.

Alf agrees to see Maria again. Sean tells Hannah that he never stopped thinking about her and later overhears her telling Leah that she still has feelings for him. Sean then reveals to Hannah that he is married. His wife, Emmacomes to the Bay and Sean tells Hannah that he will end his marriage for her if she wants. Emma learns the truth and argues with Sean on the beach. Sean later tells Hannah that he has ended his marriage and asks her to go away with him.

She refuses and tells him to get out of her life. Emma later confronts Hannah about her affair with Sean and reveals that Sean has cheated before.

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She tells Hannah that she will not keep quiet and that Andy has a right to know. Emma invites Andy to join her for a drink, after she reveals that she broke-up with Sean. She flirts with Andy and they almost have sex in the gym, but he tells her to leave.

Matt does not appear interested in Sandra and belittles her taste in music, while she dismisses his interest in video games. Matt cuts the date short, but pays for dinner. He later attends a shooting at the Braxton house and takes Katarina Chapman to the hospital.

He explains to Katarina Chapman that the fire was bad, but he has yet to determine the cause. Kyle gets increasingly drunk and Tania invites him back to her place. He agrees, but Denny Miller drags him away, leaving Tania alone at the bar. Ben instantly puts Hannah at ease and they have a one-night stand. Josh later meets Damo to buy the pills. A couple of weeks later, he meets with Damo again to buy more pills.

Damo sells him a stronger dose. When one of Damo's clients overdoses, Josh reports him to the police. Damo tracks Josh down and holds him hostage. Katarina Chapman tries to negotiate with Damo and puts her gun down.

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They both go for the gun and Damo shoots Kat. He is then arrested. He lets Leah Patterson-Baker go from her job as student counsellor on his first day. Greg asks Irene Roberts out on a date and she accepts. He also expels Josh Barrett for his drug use. John and Greg do not get along, and they later fight. The coach took us on a pleasant scenic drive through North Sydney to Palm Beach Summer Bay on what was a beautiful warm and sunny day.

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When we arrived we saw filming was already taking place, it was a scene involving Leah, Zak and Irene. It was quite an intense scene involving an argument between Zak and Leah about him cheating on her with a woman called Sam.

They came over to where we were all watching and I managed to get my photo taken with them. Shortly afterwards I saw Emily Symons coming out of the trailer nearby! It was quite surreal actually seeing her and Lynne McGranger close-up after seeing them on Home and Away since I was a child. As we drove away from the beach we saw another scene up the road being filmed!

meet home and away cast 2015 in galveston

This one appeared to involve VJ and Marilyn. As we drove past Emily waved at us as we left and I felt pretty chuffed to have seen the two scenes being filmed. They were very informative and new their stuff. Even though we didn't get to meet any of the actors, we did get to see a bit of filming from afar. They were up front from the start about not getting our hopes up as it is the luck of the draw, but they did their best to get the most out of the visit.

It was so exciting to see part of the set like the Pier diner and the surf club in real life. Being shown around this part of Sydney and seeing all the beautiful scenery was amazing and really added to the tour.

meet home and away cast 2015 in galveston

Kylie Everest Myself Laura, Husband Matthew and my sister Ceri are big fans and always watch home and away in the UK, so when we got the chance to travel Australia in November we had to do the home and away tour experience. The tour guide we had was brilliant telling us lots of interesting facts about the show and cast.

Official Home and Away Tour of Summer Bay - Back to the Bay

It was a beautiful day at the bay and we got the chance to see some filming and even had some photos with some of the cast which made the day!

It was an amazing experience for us which we will never forget. Laura Tinsley I would like to say a big thank you for the amazing experience I got when visiting the bay.

I do love the show and when I decided to go on a trip to Australia that was the first thing that I looked into doing. The staff was lovely, with a good information on the set, the location was lovely just a shame the day I went was the only day that was Raining in 3 weeks being out there.