Mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction lemon

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mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction lemon

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But he just had to smell me, didn't he? I know that it sounds romantic but it kind of irritated me because now I couldn't sneak up on him. And then I started to think that it was funny, so when he called out to me I couldn't suppress a giggle. I sprinted behind an open locker door so that it wouldn't seem like I came out of nowhere once I took my hat off. He had a beat-up blue pickup, and I loved it.

Percy started the car and we drove in the direction of his apartment. We listened to the radio and one of my favorite songs came on: Brave by Sara Bareilles. I started singing and Percy was laughing at how intentionally bad it was.

He joined in and I burst out laughing too. We were so loud I'm pretty sure even Hades could hear us. We pulled into the parking lot and raced to the lobby. I won, by the way. I jumped on his back claiming my legs were way too tired to stand in the elevator. I was giggling and he was poking me in the side with his free hand, so the old lady in the elevator with us was staring at us. When we got to his apartment he pushed open the door and I was still on his back.

Sally was sitting at the table in the kitchen, typing away at her laptop. She hadn't heard the door open.

I slipped off Percy's back and ran to give her a hug. She laughed and said, "I see you got a ride here," gesturing to Percy. I laughed and hugged Percy. He blushed and started trying to explain himself, but Sally cut him off, "I know, Annabeth was here and it was necessary for you to spend time with her. Percy's so lucky he got to grow up with her. We basically spent an entire class block at his apartment.

We talked and laughed with Sally, and for a little while I think we both forgot how different we were, how much we had gone through, that we wouldn't be like other kids.

For a while, we were just normal. And I was at home. Lacy Percy hadn't come back to school yet. He was still out with that dumb chick. That sounds really mean, doesn't it? I don't know what's happening to me. I'm usually such a nice kid, it must be the jealousy. Ughhhhhh I hate being a teenager.

Anyways, I was sitting all alone in Science, trying to figure out what kind of fish was swimming in the tank in front of me, when I smelled it. The scent of the sea. I whirled around to see Percy enter the room. I did a silent cheer in my head because I would finally have some time to convince him that he could love me instead.

But then he turned around, ducked his head into the hallway, and returned with a blonde girl next to him. I should have seen it coming. I don't think so. I'm sure he got his stepdad, Mr. Blofis, to do it because he works at the school. They walked up to the front desk and explained something to our teacher.

Fuyter laughed, and sent them to their seats. They sat down and Percy started to twirl Annabeth's hair around his finger as he listened to the teacher talk. He seemed to actually be paying attention, which was a surprise. I thought it was a very boring subject, but he and Annabeth who were lab partners, of course were discussing it animatedly. We were supposed to look at the little tank full of sea life and write down what organisms were in there.

I had fish and algae. He had listed things I don't think college majors could have. By this point they were done writing, and Percy was staring at the tank with a little orange fish in it with his brow furrowed in concentration.

He straightened and whispered something in Annabeth's ear. She nodded and said, "Don't worry, Seaweed Brain!

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction lemon

We'll talk to Mrs. I decided now was a good time to walk over and find out everything I could about my enemy. As I walked over, Percy stiffened, and fell on the floor.

He curled up in a ball and started convulsing. Annabeth looked really worried, and said to the teacher, "Percy looks sick. I'll take him to the nurse. Annabeth seemed like she was acting, and way too concerned. I think I'll follow them and find out what the heckness is going on.

She grabbed Percy, stood him up and wrapped his arm around her shoulder so that she could support him, and ran out the door. When the teacher wasn't looking, I slipped out of the classroom, and followed. I walked down the hallway at a safe distance. I saw Annabeth walk up to a janitor's closet, check to be sure it was empty, and drag Percy inside.

I pressed my ear against the wood so I could hear. Percy was saying seriously scary things. Please, Annabeth, I need you, I need you! Remember how we got out Percy?

He and the seven and Reyna saved us, and we got better. We went and saved Camp, Perce. Eventually Percy's cries softened until I heard him say, "Annabeth?

Did it happen again? We're in the janitor's closet because I didn't want any mortals to hear. As bad as last night? Nothing we can't handle. But we should really get back to class.

I knew Marissa Fuyter when I first came to camp, but even she'll get suspicious if we don't get out of the janitor's closet soon.

The Rumor of Us Chapter 1: At the Beginning, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

You're almost as bad as the Stolls. Percy and Annabeth walked out. They didn't see me, and it's a good thing too, because I felt like my head was about to explode with questions.

What had Percy seen that was so terrible? Why was Annabeth a part of it? Why did she call us 'mortals' as if she wasn't one? How does she know the teacher? And most important of all: John Percy's new girl was seriously smoking hot. She was tough looking, like she could kick your ass, but also pretty. She had blonde hair and tan skin.

The only thing that threw me off were her eyes. They were this steely gray color that seriously unnerved me. I don't know how Percy ever looked at her straight on. They were all having a conversation, but I wasn't paying attention. When it got to me I took her hand all gentle and said in my nice, deep voice, "Hey.

I finally saw Mack and Lacy at an empty table, but it looked like they were arguing. I assumed Pete was in the lunch line, and Percy and Annabeth hadn't arrived yet.

I quickly walked over to them, and heard the end of their conversation. I swear, they were acting crazy. And I'm pretty sure they spent the night together last night! Mack sighed and said, "Lace-that's not our biggest issue. Our problem is that you've become obsessed. You need to stop this, now. They both whipped their heads around to face me and said at the same time, "Hey.

That girl doesn't have any money so Percy's buying lunch for her," She told me. She nodded quickly in response. Right about then, I heard laughing.

I turned around to see Percy and Annabeth, her holding a tray, him holding a water bottle. She was teasing him I think, and he was laughing too. They walked over to the table and sat down.

She looked down at her hamburger in disgust. Ssh don't tell the lunch ladies I said that," I responded. She smiled and took a bite.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction lemon

Almost immediately Percy's face darkened and Annabeth grabbed his hand. Or the night we started dating. Or the first quest, remember? I'll tell you guys later, I just can't right now. Annabeth leaned over and said something in his ear. It sounded like, "Don't think about it. When I see it in my head I focus on this sentence: And you know what, Percy? You and I are gonna get married someday and have kids and they're gonna be safe because of what we did.

Everyone in this room is safe because of what we did. Three years of wild times, near death experiences, and angry gods, but I wouldn't have wanted to spend them with anyone else.

But for some reason, the idea of building something permanent with him isn't as scary as it sounds. I always said I wanted to. But now that it's actually happening? It's a little terrifying. It seems like this all went so fast.

We're having sex for the millionth time and for the first time he mentions kids. I can't help but wonder what exactly is running through his head now. What's making him confess this now? Is it the act? How he feels at this moment? Or just a buildup of emotions he's releasing now? My nails dig into his shoulder blades, arching at a seemingly painful angle.

I can feel his arms shake slightly. A constant massaging of my sensitive spot and the feeling of all his muscles tensing pitches me over the edge, purring out "Perseus" loud enough for the two of us. My mind goes fuzzy and nothing registers but pleasure and release.

Heavily, his body crashes on top of me, making me detach my nails from his shoulders. Our sweat covered abdomens stick together as we struggle to catch our breath. Percy's lips ghost over my neck, "You are. But for some reason, I can't focus on that or the sweetness of this moment. My thoughts are focused on what Percy said earlier.

About children and the future. My doubts and insecurities. As I stare up at the white ceiling, I start to feel more and more like I'm hiding something from him. My stomach twists in this feeling of guilt.

Like it's wrong for me to feel uneasy about my rapidly approaching future. I don't want to have kids. I'm eighteen, going into my freshman year in college. The mere idea that we made it this far so we can really start building our futures is terrifying.

Most half-bloods don't make it to this point. So in reality, I should be thrilled with Percy's comment about kids because we actually have a shot at it. We've survived this much up to now, we can survive whatever's thrown at us. The guilt weaves and constricts itself tighter in my gut. I tug Percy's hair determined to not ruin this moment for him.

So smiley with his I'm-so-in-love-with-you grin that I would feel even worse if I was the one to wipe it off. I hate the look on his face that would replace his smile; the sad, confused puppy dog one he has during our arguments.

His deep sea colored eyes widen and he tries to prove his point to me, convincing me he isn't always full of kelp. Post-sex, I just can't do that.

The heaviness of his body starts to make me feel claustrophobic. My palms grow all clammy and the nauseating twisting in my stomach gets worse. I push him by the shoulders off of me and turn my back to him, pressing it against his torso. A lazy arm drapes over my hip, bringing me closer to him to be engulfed by his warmth. But I don't feel that. I feel like I'm being strangled. More like drowning in him in the worse form of the phrase. I cover my face.

I've kept things from him before. I didn't tell him about my true feelings about Luke early on. I told him the last line of my prophecy after the quest. Why is this so much harder? Another hand touches my back, massaging by my shoulder blade. His right hand is already tracing patterns on my queasy stomach. He can sense something's wrong. But now he noticed there's something definitely on my mind, he won't stop until I give him a good answer.

I don't know what he wants to hear now. Something inside is screaming: I make the mature decision to face him and lightly touch his chest, feeling all the battle scars. But with kids as the outcome and it got me thinking about living and my future and how it's all approaching so fast. I'm eighteen still and can't even believe we're going to college in a few weeks more or less children.

I love you and I want to have this dream life you talk about, but not now. I have to be a good mother because no one was for me except Sally.

She is a better mother than mine could ever be. I want to be like her and I'm scared I won't be able to do it. Percy, I love you, with all of my being, but I can't do this. I don't want to lose you I feel relieved to have it off my chest and in his court now, but I still feel queasy, wriggling an inch away from him. Mid-sniffle, he taps my chin, making me look up to see not his sad puppy dog eyes, but his sincere, stare-into your-soul eyes. That will be permanent and constant throughout everything.

I'm not rushing or persuading you into anything you don't want. I don't want a family just yet. We should tackle one thing at a time. And that's me graduating college. He wipes the tear stains off my cheeks.

I said someday we'll be ready. We'll be married and settled before we really start the serious sex talk. For now-" he pulls my body against his and kisses my temple "-we can dream about the future.

It should never scare you. That's part of why I felt so guilty because I felt like I was doubting you and us and I don't know why. You know you can always come to me. Now you know there's no reason to doubt us in the future and you can talk to me about your doubts, if you have any and we can discuss them.

We did the awkward: We survived talking about sex and being safe with my parents and Chiron. My dad checked in on me one morning while you were sleeping to give me a quick talk about treating you right. Athena gave us hell from the start. We're a strong couple.

We can talk about anything together. No, don't think about it. During the wars, Percy had made some pretty stunning discoveries about his powers, and it had been somewhat over-powered. Really, right until now, with plenty of spare time, he hadn't exactly take his water powers seriously. And when he did, it was sweettttttt. He had always known that he can control water, flood and storms and such, with all his under-water, storm generator and Moses experiences.

Absolute power over any sea vessels, or ships, flying or not And it was not until he somehow blocked a celestial bronze sword cut with water a story for another timehe realizes the potential of his powers. He had started with trying to summon his sword with water, and miraculously it worked, flying across the strawberry field straight into his hands. He was pretty exited about it, prancing around the entire day throwing his sword everywhere, but when he discovered that he cannot summon blue cola from the kitchen, his spirit dropped quite drastically.

He had spent hours meditating on the beach, cross-legged compliments from Hypnos' Cabinfocusing on the water, the waves. He did this for weeks, you can always count him to be sitting there first thing in the morning. In waves he learned to be calm, calculated and keep his energy. It was somewhat of a miracle, that. Percy sitting still for hours? Not something you see every day. And the phrase 'battering down like the hurricane" turned literal. In a big disk of clear, pure water, he practiced forming things with water, commanding to take shape.

At first, he could only raise a tendril of water, writhing like a snake in the air, causing Nico with his hell-fire and Jason with his air lassos to chuckle at his attempt. Though he thought of giving up, he never did. Maybe it was because of Nico and Jason, their very annoying existence to cause him to keep on doing the same thing.

Two months later, on a fine friday midnight, Jason was woke by a collapsing water pegasus. Besides animating water, he tried to form static shapes out of water, such as a shield, armors, and bubble guns. He succeeded in it even the bubble gunbut he stopped at daggers, He never attempted bows, knowing that his aim would still be as wretched as ever. No point testing the limits, or accidentally shooting anyone. His resulting creations are not pretty, but they can get the job done, proven multiple times.

Though it was hard to hold its shape. Waters werebe not meant to be contained, keeping them the same for long periods of time would cause him headache and pain in his guts. He had thought about trying to water travel like Nico can do Shadow travel, but at the end he chickened out. What if he accidentally melted himself and stayed stuck? That, is not a fate he would wish for himself.

Sighing, Percy went into a random eastern restaurant without even looking at the name to escape the summer heat. He nearly purred in content as he slumped down in a nearby seat, enjoying the cold air-conditioner.

He studied his menu, and to his surprise it was Arabian food. He had somewhat expected Indian, and was now feeling ridiculously guilty about being a stereotype. He glanced at the name - Shawarma Palace. Wraps and wraps and roasted meet. He wrinkled his nose slightly, and ordered a lemon tea. He looked around the room, taking in the details while he waited. The restaurant had seemed like a pizza fast food shop, with all the papers taped and nailed on the wall, tiled floors and a counter.

Several customers were sitting on nearby tables, eating quietly while some of the restaurant workers are chatting idly. Percy noted that some of the walls were freshly painted. That had sparked some suspicion in his mind, but when he remembered that the city had just went through a multi-alien invasion, it had snuffed out.

And, there is something queer going on. There was a dude sitting near the counter, carrying a camera around, acting all jittery, his head kept cocking around nervously as if he is expecting something.

His plate was empty. He was wearing glasses, a leather jacket that seen better days over a ruffled T-shirt. His clothes practically screamed NERD! Not that Percy was black hearted. He knew what it was like to be the guy picked on, and felt some sympathy to this stranger.

Looking up, he saw that his lemon tea had arrived, giving a small smile to the blushing waitress, who then raced off. He can never understand them.

He swiveled his straw and started drinking idly. After a while, he started hearing a crowd murmuring. Looking up and shaking off his daydreaming, he saw a small crowd building in front of the shop, and that the reporter dude had perked up as well, his fingers practically twitching on his camera.