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mount and blade meet spy quest

All quests have a time limit; however, once you complete the quest the time limit is disabled. You can recognize him because he is the only one wearing a sword and is standing still (other than You need to capture the spy and his contact in combat, so be sure you and your companions have . Meet Spy in Town[edit]. Follow Spy is a quest given by a lord of a friendly faction. You will be asked to follow a spy who is trying to meet with his accomplices and, preferably, capture. This quest is really not fun right now. Rework 'Follow Spy to Meeting' Quest the native quest where you have to meet a spy in an enemy city) and then follow .

Heinlein short story " Methuselah's Children ", the Howard Families use this identification routine: This doesn't stop Kell from making up his own. What kind of holodrama is this, anyway? A klansman who went to another city and was looking for other klansmen in a bar, for example would ask people "Do you know a Mr Ayak?

mount and blade meet spy quest

The answer he expected would be "Yes, and I also know a Mr Akai. They also used many codewords by simply substituting Kl at the beginning of words, like Kloran from Quran for their ritual book. Which tended to sound pretty silly.

It can be written on a note, worked into casual conversation or printed on a book or newspaper you are carrying — doesn't matter. Give the password in any form, and they'll hand you a package of drugs. This gets a minor character in trouble halfway through the book, as he unwittingly gives the password and gets handed half a pound of high-class cocaine without realizing it.

The gang of Greys that kidnap Jake in The Waste Lands use a sign-countersign kind of password for entering their hideout. Subverted in, of all places, the Conan the Barbarian novel "Hour of the Dragon". Conan attempts to sneak into a Stygian temple disguised as a pilgrim, but realizes that the pilgrims must give a secret hand signal to the temple guard to gain entrance. Upon realizing this, Conan, being Conan, just kills the guard and walks in anyway.

In the first book of Detectives in Togasthe boy Rufus is in prison and about to be executed, but manages to send a strange message to the others: Lukos is really the bald ex-consul Tellus, who wears a wig when playing Lukos. Whenever Harry Dresden has to call the Wardens which, at that point, he's already in deep shithe has to do several sign-countersign routines in quick succession for the Wardens to confirm that it is, in fact, Harry.

Despite realizing the necessity of it all, it still bugs the crap out of him. And who follows after? The uncaged flocks, free to fly. It may rain today. If so, I have a coat. A cold rain, perhaps. The coat has a liner. The agent then remarks that it actually is supposed to rain later, complimenting whoever it was that came up with that code.

In The Belgariadthe Nadrak Yarblek gets into the royal palace in Boktor by telling a member of the Drasnian Intelligence that "the salmon is running late". The second time he uses this phrase, the Drasnian spy remarks to the Queen that he "takes a very keen interest in the salmon runs". The Star Trek novel "Enemy Unseen" dealt with an murderous imposter who could mimic any of the crew.

mount and blade meet spy quest

In order to protect their key witness, Captain Kirk gives the security guards protecting the witness orders to demand anyone including himself who wishes to see the "prisoner" respond to the statement "'Tis a wee bit early for playing poker, is it not sir?

In Michael Innes ' From London Far the main character absently quotes a line or two of verse in a tobacconist's. When the clerk gives him a funny look he says simply "London: At eight forty-four and one half precisely you will walk past the automatic weighing-machine on the down platform, and a man in a pale-blue Homburg hat will pass you and murmur either 'Catfish,' 'Plaice' or 'Cod,' or 'Salmon.

That's to let you know it's going to be a little bit difficult. That's rather a good one, pass the beer.

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Salmon is never served up on our job. He and his handler try to come up with the appropriate Spy Speak to prove his bona fides. The spy considers the handler's dialog suggestion impossibly polite for the urban neighborhood: Your contact is in a phone booth on the corner. OK, I'll go get the package from him.

mount and blade meet spy quest

How will he know it's you? I'll tell him who I am and ask for it. It'll be more like "Is this phone broke? The novel depicts a totalitarian state whose citizens use "koalang" associative-allusive language to mask anything that might be considered subversive by the secret policeespecially when speaking in public, for example: The gray angel entered my dreams uncannily A policeman infiltrated my home thinking I'm asleep Girl: Has emptiness filled the shard of space?

Did he take something? Though a ferret past in the time extended, my hand's voice curtain was left untouched. But hyena's longing still strong remain. Even though he was searching for a long time, he didn't find my communication jammer. But it's likely the bastard will return soon. In one case, Han and Leia are discussing Admiral Ackbar's political situation, disguising it by talking about his family life although it's not perfect since, as Han points out, it was an improvised code and they really ought to have set it up in advance.

In the annotated edition, Zahn relates how this was inspired by a discussion he himself had with a few friends while first writing the novel. In the middle of a restaurant full of Star Wars fans, and under strict orders not to reveal that he was working on a new novel, he was forced to talk around the identities of his characters such as using "Brother" and "Sister" for Luke and Leia. Another version, in the same novel, involves an open comm channel between the Falcon and some escort starfighters.

Han orders the pilots to use the Cracken Twist, which causes them to move into a new escort formationthen transmits some rendezvous coordinates. He then explains to Leia that the formation is just window dressing; the "Cracken Twist" is really an instruction to transpose the coordinates to reach their real destination. In Vision of the Future Han Solo, suspecting that his communications were being monitored by Imperial ships, sent a message to Lando Calrissian to rendezvous with him "two systems rimward from where you had no choice".

In other words, two systems towards the galactic rim from Bespin, where Lando was forced to hand Han and Leia over to Vader. Alluding to his line, "Sorry, Han, but I had no choice. All is forgiven; come home at once. Cold EquationsThot Raas of the Breen has this to say in a transmission to his superior: Raptors circle the hollow. The steed stands in the forest. The farmer must ring the bell before dark.

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The girl who thinks there's something up calls up a friend and asks "Have you found my red ribbon? When trying to make contact with allies, the person in the safehouse asks, "How is Gereon?

Subverted in the Red Room series as the agents use magic so anyone listening in only hears normals conversations. Protagonist Derek says that plenty of agents still try to use spy speak for tradition, though, which he finds irritating. Unfortunately, the child in question doesn't have the context to understand what they are talking about while the reader has only some context at that pointso none of the "good guys" are able to benefit from the inside info this could have provided.

The Tommy and Tuppence short story "Blind Man's Bluff" has an improvised metaphor code, as Tommy manages to tell Tuppence that she should phone Albert and get him to follow them when they leave the Blitz Hotel with their new clients, while apparently telling her to place an order with the hotel restaurant for tomorrow's dinner. Max's friend Martin gets ever more involved with the rising Nazi party, to the point where he refuses to shelter Max's sister from the Nazis coming to kill her.

From then on, every letter Max sends to Martin contains numbers the weight of a relative's newborns or colors Max is an art dealerin ways so obvious they must be a code, leading to the Nazis eventually arresting and murdering Martin as a traitor for corresponding with a Jew Martin is entirely aware of what Max is doing, but his protests of innocence fall on deaf ears.

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The title refers to the final letter, sent back to Max because the man it was addressed to is no longer living there or living at all. Harry Lefferts sets up a type 3 scenario with a contact in Italy with the sign "I am Romulus. Live long and prosper. Of course, Lefferts is also a thoroughbred West Virginia hillbilly, and while he has gotten some lessons from real pros, most of his ideas about spycraft come from films.

My friend and I are fond of roasted partridge and understand it is obtainable here.

mount and blade meet spy quest

It is out of season. Some game is always in season. One tires of game. Once you have accepted the quest the farmers will spawn very close to the place where you got the quest. The hardest part of this quest is catching the farmers; their groups are small and move quite fast. Simply talk to each of them and tell them to go home or, if you prefer, agree to let them escape their lord's ownership. Letting them go will raise your reputation with their home village, while forcing them to return home will lower your reputation with the village.

Once they are on their way you can talk to them again to change your mind, again altering your reputation. The tricky part is making sure the serfs do return to their village - they are sneaky and will just turn around and make for the town again if you put too much distance between them and yourself, so you will need to stay close and keep an eye on them all the way.

Once all the serf parties are off the map either back in their village or in the townyou can return to the quest giver. The reward you get depends on how many groups you sent home. If you refuse the quest you will lose reputation with the quest giver. Follow the Spy to Meeting[ edit ] This quest is quite difficult. You need to capture the spy and his contact in combat, so be sure you and your companions have blunt weapons for best results, temporarily remove your companions' other weapons to ensure they only use blunt attacks.

You will also need at least one point in Prisoner Management in order to take the prisoners with you. If you have a town or castle, consider dumping your troops there so they don't get in the way and start killing or get killed. You need to follow the spy to the meeting point while keeping a safe distance. When the quest is given, you see an animation with the spy leaving the place in some direction.

Some points in Tracking seem necessary 4 are enoughsince he will certainly change his course. Be sure to zoom enough to see his tracks, since tracking arrows for a size 1 party are really small, and quite hard to notice.

Some points in Spotting may help too, since the spy will change his route if he notices you. Wait until the spy reaches his contact, and then immediately move in to confront them if you wait too long you may miss the meeting and not be able to capture both. They decide to attack you, so you need to defeat them in combat.

If you have troops with you, order them to use blunt weapons F11 and then use the command interface to dump them somewhere where they hopefully won't kill the spies. After that, chase after the spies and knock them out with your blunt weapon. You only need the two spies alive, easily recognized by their white coursers, their Caravan Guard escorts can be killed without disrupting the quest.

When you have successfully captured them, haul them back to the quest giver to claim your reward. Capture an enemy lord[ edit ] This quest is relatively simple: Once you have him, simply return to the quest giver for your reward. If you already have a lord of that faction in your possession at the time you talk to the quest giver you can solve the quest immediately.

Make sure you don't accept a ransom offer for that lord if he is the only one you have from that faction; a ransom pays more than the quest giver but means you will have to hunt for another lord in order to complete the quest. If you have multiple lords of that faction you can ransom off any spare ones as the quest giver only wants one and doesn't care who it is.

If you have lords from multiple factions, pay attention to the faction mentioned on the ransom offer screen to make sure you're selling the ones you don't need. Lend Your Companion[ edit ] The quest giver asks to borrow a particular companion for a week. Once the time is up you get the companion back and earn some reputation with the quest giver.

This quest can be solved in multiple ways: If you have points in Persuasion you can try to convince him that paying the debt is the right thing to do. There is a degree of randomness to how successful you are at this. You can try multiple times, each successful attempt will decrease the amount of money or relation it costs to make him pay up, to the point where these either reach zero and he does so willingly, or he refuses to listen to your attempts at convincing him anymore.

When that happens, you can either use one of the other methods or wait some time before you retry persuasion, as lords become more receptive to it again if you give them a few days break. You can agree that he doesn't need to pay the money; this will increase his opinion of you but the man he owes will like you less. When you have the money, return to the quest giver to receive your reward. Incriminate the Loyal Commander[ edit ] This quest is very straightforward.

You have to deliver a forged letter to the lord in question, the contents of which implicates him in a treacherous plot against his king.

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The quest giver will randomly choose a high-level troop type from your party to be the one to deliver the letter. The man you send will be lost forever, but he will know nothing of the plot to ensure the message is considered to be genuine. At every point in the conversation you will get the chance to back out; if you agree to the plan the quest giver hands you denars and the false letter. When you get near the town, talk to the troop type determined for the quest, and tell him to take the message or, if you prefer, back out of the scheme.

He will then leave your party and head for the town. Once this is complete return to the quest giver. You will be rewarded with much more money than the original purse and your reputation with him will raise by 5 points, while your Honour will decrease by ten points.

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If you decline the quest at any point, his opinion of you will lower by 5 points, but you will gain three points of Honour. Also note that the quest giver will sometimes propose this same quest immediately after you decline it if you ask him for tasks again, and accepting or declining has the same effects on your honor and reputation.

Raid Caravans[ edit ] On random occasions, a lord will tell you he is unhappy with the peace with a particular faction. If you agree that this peace is bad, he will reveal a very simple plan: Simply hunt and destroy the number of caravans he says to attack and this quest will be complete. Caravans typically spawn from towns at set times, and they are slow-moving; finding and catching them should be relatively straightforward.

In addition to the loot gained from the caravans themselves, once you have succeeded the quest giver will give you denars. However, speaking to the Faction Leader about this will make them think much less of you for provoking hostilities. If you are captured at any point before you raid the specified number of caravans and give the good news to the quest giver the plan will fail and you will not be rewarded.

Meet Spy in Town[ edit ] When you get this quest, make sure you ask how to identify the spy: The codephrase is not recorded in the quest log.

For this quest you simply need to go to the town in question and take a walk around the streets. If you are spotted on the way in and attacked by guards you can either defeat them or flee and come back later.

Once you have successfully reached the streets, start questioning random townspeople.

mount and blade meet spy quest

Most will respond with "Eh?