My one direction meet and greet experience 2013

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my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

Ultimate VIP and VIP packages were available for One Direction tour dates in an email with package details including time and place to meet your VIP host on the VIP packages for the North American leg of the One Direction World. #one direction#one direction m&g#one direction #meet and “Dad do you have any idea where my VIP passes went? It's been 15 days since I met One Direction and I haven't blogged about it omg what am I doing with my life been dead since this day and yeah this is my Take Me Home Tour experience okay bye. 09/26/ pm ET Updated Dec 06, In years past, being a VIP meant you got to meet One Direction, softly brush so I bought a VIP ticket for the fourth row and then literally sobbed on my kitchen I thought it over for about seconds and then concluded that it was the only way to fully experience 1D .

Crying One Direction are like any rational human beings -- they are intimidated by tears and will awkwardly look on as you cry over how much you love Liam. Only at four points did tasteful, minimal tears spring to my eyes: Sometimes I think that you should only be allowed to buy concert tickets in accordance with your height, but then I remember that little girls would all be in the front rows and I have no heart for little girls at One Direction concerts.

I am a vicious year-old monster. He was wearing tight black jeans. It was a moment engineered by scientists in a lab, I'm sure.

my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

The Look Style and hair obviously play a big part in what makes One Direction beautiful. Though it's often joked about in the media and by other celebrities, the hair is a very serious part of my life, and did I mention that I'm legally adult?

Hopefully this helps you understand the priorities of the youths of America. Styling varies for each boy, so it's important to break them each down individually based on clothes and hair: The most important thing for Zayn was the hair.

It was slicked back and Arctic Monkeys-inspired. Homeboy coulda walked right off that stage, showed up at New York Fashion Week, walked the catwalk in the clothes he showed up in and no one would be the wiser.

For their final Boston show, he was back to his usual hair, but what he lacked in s-inspired locks, he made up for in cheekbones. Compared to his more recent long hair and his usual scruff, Louis was so clean and crisp-looking. He wore a white shirt every night.

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His essence was very much alive. Niall literally ripped some sleeves off of several button-down shirts and went with it. He loves showing off his farmer's tan to the world, and we welcome it with open arms. Liam shaved his head and he looked so cute. He wore jorts every night. My dad agreed that he would probably wear jorts too, if he was in a billion-dollar boyband and had to perform on a hot stage every night.

Why is your hair so long? Why won't you cut it? Isn't it sweaty when you go to spin class at SoulCycle? Don't get me wrong -- you're the perfect balance of sexy and cute always, but maybe a trim?

my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

Regardless of length, you work that headscarf. Also, I liked your "Dream Boat" shirt. The Show Itself 5 Seconds of Summer, the opening act, performed for a good 45 minutes. It felt a little long, but they have good energy and they mentioned Mark Wahlberg exactly times between the three shows. Once they were done, I was in my zone -- this was the moment I'd been waiting for.

A Fangirl's Guide to Surviving a One Direction Concert

And then, after over an HOUR of waiting for the stage set-up to be complete, I was graced with the most beautiful sight God and Simon Cowell could have ever produced: I brought along two t-shirts to throw on stage for the boys. He picked it up, read it, laughed and showed his fellow band members along with the audience!!!

Zayn apparently saw this and got mad at Paul!

my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

No it was THEM who gave it to me! So yes, I have in my possession the t-shirt that Zayn Malik touched, held and placed on his body The boys sang two songs and then it was time for questions. Things just got more surreal as I was chosen to be the first person to ask a question! It came out of nowhere.

All I remember is everyone screaming and raising their hands to be picked to ask the boys a question. I kind of just stood there with a unsure look on my face and my hand half raised with not as much enthusiam as most around me. Then everyone sat down and I was left standing with the mic, so I pulled my 1 fan sister up beside me and whispered violently to her: LOL Google could have answered that.

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When we asked the question the boys looked right at us, and talked directly to us! Then while the boys were leaving the stage I threw my second and last red t-shirt in hopes of one of boys not only catching it but keeping it!

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Could it really get any better? The answer is yes! We were left speechless and in awe after sound check. I would have been happy to go home right then and there.

my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

This is a picture of how close I was to the boys with no zoom! I still reblog pictures of Tampa and I still cry when I watch videos from Tampa cause it was the first time I ever saw them! So after the concert, me and my bestfriend tried following the bus but we relizaed that we were ahead of them soo we just decieded to go home because we were going to try and meet them in Orlando.

Saturday was the day of the Orlando concert and me and my friends had tickets so we were going to dedicate the day to stalking the boys.

my one direction meet and greet experience 2013

I would like to start out by saying thank you to tracking1D to giving us info of where the boys were. So me and my bestfriend got info that the boys were going to the recording studio that day before the concert. She instead of finding the hotel we went straight to the recording studio.

After maybe 2 hours of getting lost and have many meltdowns, we made it. We saw some girls standing across the street from the tour bus!