My one direction meet and greet experience

Redefined — My 1D experience

my one direction meet and greet experience

I'm going to tell you all about my experience of meeting One Direction last June during their UAN tour. My friends and I have been planning this. One Direction star Liam Payne revealed all things boyband and babies at a fan She wrote: 'Here's my experience with Liam Payne. One Direction announced the North American leg of their “On the Road which is where I attended my first One Direction concert on their “Up All Night” tour. Though a meet-and-greet was not included, the air-conditioned.

So she pulled my tmh album out of my hand and passed it to the boys so they could sign it. He then passed it to Niall and looked down at me. Now to the best moment of my entire life: Harry Edward Styles smiled at me, held out his hand, and said: I just shook his hand really slowly and for a really long time. Now can we just discuss how SOFT his hands are? Like the same texture as japanese cheesecake.

I eventually looked down at his hand with the album with it but all I could see was his arm idk it was a nice looking arm.

my one direction experience

And yeah, long story short, instead of taking the CD from him I stroked his arm. Yes, I now regret embarrassing myself in front of Niall Horan. When he saw me, he stepped away from Harry and held out his arm: Harry just smiled at me and extended his other arm and I got in the middle and died all over again. During the picture all I could think was: This was me, back in the hallway, crying my eyes out and smelling my hand because Harry touched it.

The thing is, since we were backstage, they made us go out not by the main entrance… But where the singers come out of. So you can imagine… 20 people inside, waiting for 1D to come out and a girl with a kid comes out instead and they have no idea who we are. The shirt I wore: We still had a lot of time before anyone came on stage so I started looking through the pictures Mary had taken and crying even harder.

Storytellers of 1D, Steph's Experience of Meeting One Direction

Well this guy behind us looked over my shoulder and saw the pictures so he just like screamed: But yeah, they were cool. We saw some girls standing across the street from the tour bus!

We drove across the street and by this time the boys had left. My bestfriend was crying and she and my other friend we plotting on banging on the tour bus and demanding a picture lol.

I ranned so fast towards my friends car and me and my bestfriend followed the bus. The driver tried losing us and one of the girls hit my friends car but we ended up following them towards a Subway. Heres the video on us seeing them at Subway. After we met them, me and my bestfriend drove back home to change and go to the Orlando concert! Honestly this was the best experience of my life.

I still talk about One Direction weekend now and sometimes cry and smile so big because it was amazing. The answer is yes! We were left speechless and in awe after sound check. I would have been happy to go home right then and there. But the entire concert itself was still waiting for us!

my one direction meet and greet experience

This is the exclusive merchandise we got with our VIP package. We made some awesome friends along the way which helped to pass the hour or so we had to kill while stuck in the VIP waiting area. Once that time came we went through the pubic walkway and were greeted by an array of free stuff glow sticks, Wonka candy, magazines etc. Finally reaching the end after moving through the slow tide of people, we went to search out our seats.

A Fangirl's Guide to Surviving a One Direction Concert

We had tickets for sectionrow E, seats 11 and At first I was excited that we had the fifth row if going alphabeticallythen I was disappointed that we had section which was one of the side and not the middle.

But then I was excited again when someone told me row E for that side section is actually the first row! We were angled towards the middle of the stage with no one in front of us.

my one direction meet and greet experience

But of course it had to get better, right? So right in front of us was a platform and two security guards beside it. Yes Harry, Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall were all centimeters away from me when I ran up to that platform and I was able to touch their hands!

I could see every little detail of their faces and even made eye contact with the boys! It felt like my own private concert.