Nana and ren meet

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nana and ren meet

After the concert, Ren calls Yasu, having noticed Nana in the crowd. With Yasu's help Nana contacts Ren and arranges to meet in their hotel. I can easily deal with hachi and takumi's relationship but about nana and ren I find it .. I'm glad Ren found Nana as a companion when they first met [he was a . Ren is committed to hitting the big time as a musician in Tokyo, but is Nana O. all right--and meet a skinhead lawyer and Nana O. dressed only in a towel!.

Now, without a job, Hachi must find a way to pay the rent and eat. However, she has other problems. Shoji is getting closer to Sachiko, and Hachi still doesn't know.

Meanwhile, Yasu makes an important decision to rejoin Blast as their percussionist. Sakagami, is a bust. However, while Nana gets an opening for Blast, showing up at the restaurant where Shoji and Sachiko work at only brings trouble.

nana and ren meet

However, she unexpectedly receives front row tickets to see a live performance of Trapnest. Layla Serizawa is the singer, Ren is the guitarist, Takumi Ichinose is the bassist, and Naoki Fujieda is the percussionist. Hachi questions Nana about her relationship with Ren and asks if she still loves him.

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Later on, Ren invites Nana to his hotel room, confessing how much he misses her. Hachi visits Junko, who asks her about the male band members in Blast.

nana and ren meet

Hachi gets to know Nobu better and sees similar qualities in him that she sees in herself. Yasu has scheduled another concert for Blast, raising excitement among the band members. Hachi prepares a large meal for Trapnest the following night to celebrate the end of their tour. However, Nana informs her that they won't be visiting as they're going out with the male band members in Blast. Takumi visits Hachi after Nobu and Shin despise him for insulting her reputation.

Ren asks Nana to move in with him. Reira gives Shin money to spend the night with her. Later that day, Nobu confesses his true feelings to Hachi. Love among Friends Friendship is another very important theme in Nana and there are many characters who interact and can be considered to be close.

Nana Osaki and Hachi are the protagonists and their friendship is in the spotlight. They met for the first time on a train bound for Tokyo and then again in an apartment as roommates. Despite their different upbringings, dreams, aspirations and personalities, they managed to become very close and to understand each other's pain and dreams.

That is probably one of the deepest and most touching messages of this anime - that true friendship is not about someone's looks or social class but more about mutual understanding and trying to keep the bond strong no matter what. Nana is also very close to Yasu, who is a drummer of their punk band Blast.

They have been friends since the moment Nana joined their band as a vocalist and he has been the most reliable person in her life since then. He is always ready to come to her rescue or simply talk to her about any problem she may have. Even though he openly declares his love for her, he also states that he would not pursue his feelings because he is aware of her love for Ren.

Junko Saotome has been Hachi's friend since their school days and has always been the sensible and mature one. She would always push Hachi to be more responsible and independent. Their true friendship can be seen in the fact that Junko is always honest with her and she is not afraid to speak her mind or even scold Hachi if she thinks that is what she needs. There are many other characters who become close throughout the series, such as Hachi and Shin, Naoki and Nana, Yasu and Ren, and on and on.

Love Relationships Nana and Ren are the most prominent couple in the anime. Nana met Ren for the first time at a gig in Meguro, their home town. He invited her to join his band and that is when they started going out and moved in together. However, everything changed when Ren was offered a position as a guitarist in a popular band, Trapnest, in Tokyo. I'm glad I got Cosette and Kookie Thief to revise this. I wouldn't have had known what comma splices are without them.

This anime will always hold a special part in my heart, not because it reminded me of a Spanish romantic drama but because of all the connections I had to the characters. I'm pretty sure I wrote this blog out of pure passion in one sitting excluding the revisions. This is when I realized that blogging on AA is so much fun. Through the two main leads, more characters are slowly introduced and fleshed out. As the anime progressed, the viewers had a better grasp on the complex yet human relationships portrayed.

The relationships depicted in the anime felt so real and confusing that I felt myself tearing up in several of the scenes. While I watched this beautiful anime, all I could think of was how each character was reacting to one another.

As I continued to watch, falling deeper into fangirl hell, I started to wonder what path the relationships in Nana would take.

Would they work out like I wanted? Or would they crumble and fall? Would they end at a standstill resulting in me hating the author for all of eternity? I will also be writing several refreshers for the characters. She fell in love with Takumi but then went out with Yasuhi. When her band decided to go to Tokyo, Yasuhi broke their relationship.

Takumi Ichinose Takumi Ichinose is the bassist for Trapnest. His family life is filled with emptiness and neglect.

NANA: CHAPTER #75 - stringless_kite

Throughout his life, he is known for being a womanizer and a workaholic. Later in the anime, he proposes to Nana Komatsu after she becomes pregnant. The two of them grew up together and were practically family. Layla was completely infatuated with Takumi, but he showed no signs of any other love besides familial affection. Welcome to the family zone, Layla. He took care of Layla and trusted her to sing well for their band.

While they were still teenagers, Yasu and Layla dated. He is love with Nana Osaki now. Because of this, she took refuge by dating Yasushi Takagi Yasu.

Of course, a relationship like that would never last. Layla was always keeping an eye on Takumi even though she was dating Yasu.

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Yasu noticed this so when Layla left her hometown with her band to go to Tokyo, he let her go by breaking off the relationship. Later, when Layla noticed that Yasu went to Tokyo to find a record deal for Black Stones, she was slightly outraged and jealous.

How could Yasu leave his hometown for Nana and the Black Stones but not her? To me, this relationship was just a distraction for Layla. It seems like she tried to hide her damaged feelings by pretending to be deeply in love with Yasu.

Yasu finally had an excuse to release Layla when she said her band was going to Tokyo. However, Yasu tried his best to stay away from Layla when he moved to Tokyo to find a record deal for Black Stones. He was too ashamed to admit to Layla the true reason why he left her. He is actually 15 despite looking tall and mature. Sometimes, Shin wishes that he was never born because of his dysfunctional family. Because Shin runs away from home and needs money, he moonlights as a prostitute.