Ncis tony and gibbs meet

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ncis tony and gibbs meet

Stories dealing with Tony coming to work for NCIS and/or meeting Gibbs for the first time. Yeah, it's another fic dealing with how Gibbs met Tony in Baltimore. "Baltimore" is the 22nd episode in the eighth season, and the th overall episode, of the The two detectives first met Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) when the latter came to Baltimore on an undercover in as natural a way as possible — and sets up what Tony's and Gibbs' dynamic would be for the next decade". Directed by Tony Wharmby. NCIS (–) . McGee and Ziva go with Gibbs to the town, where they meet Gibbs's father and others; they learn that everyone.

And he's here because he's contributed more to the case than you have. We need some help navigating the city. Do you want anything transferred back to Washington? Gibbs also took out his phone, and called Abby. As soon as she answered, he explained the situation to her. He also asked her to run a background check on Dinozzo. Dinozzo came back after only a few minutes, saying, "All that should be fine.

Ducky, Doc Harlan is coming out to help you bring the body into autopsy. Gibbs, I'm yours 'however long you can put up with me', according to my lieutenant. When we get back to the station, I want you to find out who this is. Ducky, give some blood to Sullivan to take to Abby for testing as soon as we get to the autopsy room at BPD," said Gibbs. Dinozzo, bag and tag.

As Gibbs walked away, he couldn't help but stare at his ass. He handed one to Tony, and said, "Did you enjoy staring at my ass? He said, "I wasn't staring at your ass! I didn't say I had a problem with it. In fact, I enjoyed feeling your eyes on it.

I'd rather have your cock in it though," Gibbs said huskily. Tony whimpered but responded, "I would too.

How about we go get a drink tonight, and see if we can make that dream a reality? Tony stared after him with a smile on his face. Ten minutes later, Gibbs' phone rings. He answers with a, "Yeah, Gibbs. Abby has completed the background check on Tony.

ncis tony and gibbs meet

Abby says, "Ok, Bossman…. Tony graduated top of the class and got a full scholarship to Ohio State. He majored in Physical Education and Criminology, with a minor in Psychology. He also has a PhD in Criminology. Also some courses in forensics, profiling and computers.

Basic first aid training… He's jumped around a lot job-wise… Was in Peoria two years, then Philly for two, and has been in Baltimore as well for about two. Looks like he's ready to move on… Are we going to adopt him? Please tell me yes… He's so cute and you two can talk about criminology together!

ncis tony and gibbs meet

Don't jump to conclusions yet. We'll see what I think after working together. Anything on the case yet? I haven't even got the evidence yet!

ncis tony and gibbs meet

I can't work miracles! I'm sending Sullivan with the evidence for you. Don't be too mean to Tony, I want him to come work with us! Tony watched as Gibbs walked back over to him. Abby received the gun and blood, and the marine was confirmed to be Private Jason Bartlett. Gibbs and Tony brought him in not long after, and he broke quickly under their interrogation.

Bartlett had apparently had sex with Burns' girlfriend, and killed shot him. He hadn't thought he would die, but smiled when he heard. Tony arrested him and read him his rights. When Tony returned to the squad room, he saw Sullivan and Ducky waiting with Gibbs. As soon as Gibbs saw Tony, he told the other two, "You two go home. I'm going to stay here over night to make sure everything goes well.

The other two quickly agreed and left, after Tony said he'd drive Gibbs home tomorrow. As soon as they were gone, Tony turned to Gibbs and said, "Time for that drink now?

ncis tony and gibbs meet

Tony followed with his eyes on Gibbs' ass again. Gibbs waited for him just outside the door in an alcove and pulled him into a kiss as soon as Tony exited the station. Tony moaned and grabbed Gibbs' ass, giving it a squeeze.

Gibbs gave an answering moan and slipped his tongue into Tony's mouth. Their tongues dueled for a couple minutes, until Gibbs pulled away to catch his breath.

Tony moved on to Gibbs' neck, sucking and nipping. Gibbs moaned again, but pulled away after another minute. Let's go get a drink and talk first," gasped Gibbs. Tony groaned, but followed Gibbs away.

When they got into the parking lot, Gibbs stopped. When Tony caught up to him, he raised an eyebrow at him. Tony chuckled, and gave Gibbs a quick peck on the lips. He then grabbed his hand, and pulled him toward his car. Gibbs whistled when he saw it. Tony preened, and said, "Would you like a ride, Jethro? They got into the car and Tony drove to a bar close by that was accepting of alternate lifestyles.

When they got there, they made their way to an unoccupied booth. As soon as they sat down, Tony grabbed Gibbs' hand and waved a waiter over. They both ordered a beer. Tony looked shocked for a second, but it was quickly replaced by amusement.

I did one on the effect of the death of children on the parents' criminal behavior," said Gibbs. How did you find out by the way? I didn't put it in my file for any of my jobs. Also, how did you come across that as a topic? I came across the topic because I experienced it. How did you decide on your topic? I chose my topic for the same reason. It's actually the reason behind my pursuing law enforcement as a career. I'm sorry for bringing up such a horrible topic for you.

For once, I don't mind talking about it. My wife and daughter were killed in a car accident after the agent driving them was shot. My wife witnessed a murder and was going to testify. The drug dealer shot her so he would get free.

I was away in Kuwait fighting in Desert Storm. I almost killed myself on the battlefield being so reckless due to grief. I came back injured, and an NCIS agent told me who killed them and how to find him. I went to Mexico, found him, and killed him.

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I then took a job with NCIS. I've been married three times since then, but no woman can ever live up to her standards in my mind. I've recently realized I'm also attracted to males, and thought that may be my answer. How badly were you abused? Abby told me you were disowned at My mother died in a car accident when I was eight and my father blamed me for it.

From then on, nothing I did was right. He drank a lot, and every time he saw me, I'd end up getting hit some way.

Sometimes he would whip me with his belt, other times he would just slap me once across the face. And I can't believe I just told you all that.

I've never told anyone about that before. I've never told anyone either, not even my ex-wives. I just feel so connected to you, and thought it was important for you to know that before we attempted anything beyond what we have already. Gibbs chugged the rest of his beer, then stood and offered his hand to Tony.

Tony went to the bar, paid, and they left. As soon as they got to Tony's apartment, Gibbs slammed Tony up against the door. Their tongues began a heated battle. When Tony started to unbutton the buttons on Gibbs' shirt, Gibbs said, "bed? Tony nodded and they stumbled their way through the apartment toward the bedroom.

Tony pulled the clothes off of Gibbs quickly, while Gibbs fell behind, leaving Gibbs completely naked with Tony almost fully dressed.

Gibbs sank to his knees in front of Tony and unbuttoned his slacks and pulled them down along with his boxers. He stared at Tony's cock as it bobbed in front of him, long and hard as a rock.

ncis tony and gibbs meet

Gibbs sniffed at it, and then tentatively licked the underside. Tony moaned, "Jethro," and grabbed hold of Gibbs' hair. Gibbs understood the unspoken plea, and slid the tip of Tony's cock into his mouth. He licked and sucked on it like it was a lollipop. Tony thrust into Gibbs' mouth and said, "Yessss, suck my cock Jethro.

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Maybe later I'll let you have it in your ass like you've been begging for all night. Get it nice and slick for me. Gibbs swallowed a couple times to adjust to Tony's girth. This caused another moan from Tony.

After a few more thrusts down Gibbs' throat, Tony pulled back. He got down on the bed and spread his legs, grabbing his knees so that his hole was visible, twitching under Tony's scrutiny. Tony leered at the sight, but turned to the dresser and took out the lube before joining him on the bed. Tony slicked his fingers, pushing one finger into Gibbs.

After a couple thrusts, he added a second finger. He scissored his fingers in Gibbs' ass, until Gibbs moaned, "more. I think you deserve my cock now. The younger of the two said, "I didn't get a good look at it. I mean, not sorry. Looked like a piece of scrap metal to me. It was in a lane leading to a farm. Wait a minute, did you say Pitt? Part of Brad was surprised he'd been let on to the team; the other part thought that Gibbs hadn't known there was another, more famous, Brad Pitt out there.

DiNozzo looked puzzled, "Why would he? No, but it's weird," he looked more concentratedly at Brad and pointed to himself, "DiNozzo. I don't believe it. Is it really you? He held out his hand and Brad shook it enthusiastically. Gibbs groaned and lay back on his pillows, "We guessed that. What don't you believe? Gibbs brightened momentarily, "I'm beginning to see why," he said.

Something like a scowl crossed Tony's friendly face. Those investigative skills are top-notch. Graduated from Ohio State. Somehow stuck around in Ohio. Came to Loveland a few years back. It's a great place. Nice people … mostly.

Came out a couple of years ago and joined NCIS. Tony smiled brightly and turned back to Gibbs. McGee didn't rate his gut as highly as Gibbs' but he wasn't sure he'd want to be in Gibbs' slightly blood-spattered shoes at that moment.

I didn't realise," said Tony. I promise that I'll get it checked out properly when we get back to …" "I do hope you weren't about to say civilisation," said Tony. He stared at Gibbs, "OK, I'll go get the gear. The battle with hospital bureaucrats had taken it out of him. It didn't occur to him that pain and loss of blood might be contributing to a feeling of fatigue.

Tony was soon back, wheeling a cart with some instruments on it. He swept the cover off and McGee recoiled. Don't want any more casualties. Tony held up a long, and blood stained suture needle, "Yep.

I'd just finished stitching up Gordon Willis before I came in to you. He'd been cleaning out his septic tank and fell in. Now, as you're in such a hurry I thought I'd just use the same instruments. No point in wasting time in sterilising them. He began to thread the needle. But my hands are clean," he paused to think, scratched his head vigorously and then said, "Yeah, they're fine. I washed them before I worked on Gordon. I wouldn't want to catch anything. You're right, I'll put gloves on. I don't know, though.

There are some bits of dirt in there. You sure you got time for me to clean it out? It'll take a few minutes. The rest will probably be OK. Tony reached towards the leg but then stopped, "Hey," he said, "Stupid question, but do you want an injection for the pain?