Olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

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olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

I never would have thought that recording songs in London, with in my hometown of Melbourne, Australia and performing at the Sydney Olympics in For tickets and more information, go to south-park-episodes.info Olivia Newton-John: Summer Nights: Olivia Newton John Meet and Greet - See traveler reviews, 18 candid photos, and great deals for Las Vegas, NV. Born in Cambridge, England in , Olivia moved to Melbourne, Australia with her family when she was five. Tickets will go on sale January 12, at. 9am. global audience at the Sydney Olympics and a Vatican.

The title song charted at 1 and her next single from the album, Please Mr Please, reached 3. This was the start of a roll which continued throughout the 70s with a string of gold albums in the US. Olivia toured the United States with the album Clearly Love. Japanese listeners had loved her ever since her performance in the Tokyo Music Fair, and the concert was released as a live album in Japan titled ' Love Performance '.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

She won a string of Grammys for her work, and settled in Malibu, near Los Angeles, with a ranch in the mountains. There she fulfilled a childhood ambition, keeping a number of dogs and horses on the property.

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As a child, she had not been able to keep many pets despite her love of animals. Her concern for animal welfare spilled over into her professional life when she refused to go to Japan until they amended tuna fishing practices to reduce the needless slaughter of dolphins in the nets.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

Grease is the word Musically, it seemed as if Olivia was at the peak of her career, gathering awards effortlessly. In Los Angeles, a producer was looking for a female lead to play opposite John Travolta in his forthcoming movie adaptation of the stage musical Grease. Olivia was not totally sure about playing in another movie and requested a screen test after she was asked to star.

The scene was the drive-in and Olivia wowed Allan Carr. Released in JuneGrease went on to become one of the biggest selling musicals of all time and the Grease soundtrack album stormed the charts on both sides of the Atlantic. Her album, Totally Hotalso released in showed a new musical direction away from her early ballads to more upbeat rock. The album was a great success and Olivia toured America, Japan and Europe with it. Totally Hot A muse in Xanadu It was always going to be difficult to follow up such a huge success, and Olivia's next movie, Xanadureceived a panning from the critics and did not draw the public into the cinema.

However, the Xanadu soundtrack was a roaring success, with Olivia's song Magic topping the US charts, and the title song, a duet with ELO, also selling well. The movie has since become something of a cult classic, with a small but dedicated following. The movie did have a personal spin-off for Olivia - she met her future husband, Matt Lattanzi, who was a dancer on the set of Xanadu.

Physical In Olivia released the album Physical.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

The million-selling title track took up residence at 1 on the US charts for weeks - the second-longest run in the top spot. She had some trepidation about how her fans would like the new direction but she needn't have worried - they loved it! With the aerobic feel of the title track and accompanying video, Olivia's early 80's trademark was the short cropped hair and headband.

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John promise hits, duets and some Grease-y dancing for their tour

With the album there was also a full-length video, which was unusual at the time when videos were normally just for individual songs. The album was so successful that when Olivia toured with Physical the next year she played all over America to sell-out audiences. She was starting to think about other directions - one of them was starting a store with Australian novelties, which was later to turn into the "Koala Blue" fashion chain.

In an attempt to reproduce the box-office magic of 'Grease', Olivia was cast with John Travolta in the movie Two of a Kind. In interviews at the time Olivia said that this was her first opportunity to star in a non-musical movie, but the result was not a cinematic success.

Once again, however, the soundtrack of Two of a Kind sold quite well with some strong tracks from Olivia and a pleasant duet with John Travolta. Olivia married her young live-in boyfriend Matt Lattanzi, around Christmasafter they had lived together for four years. The couple enjoyed a fairytale honeymoon in Paris. Due to her pregnancy, Newton-John limited her publicity for the album. The video album for Soul Kiss featured only five of the album's ten tracks concept videos for the album's singles "Soul Kiss" and "Toughen Up" as well as performance videos of the tracks "Culture Shock", "Emotional Tangle" and "The Right Moment".

Both the single No. Ironically, this album was praised by critics as more mature with Newton-John addressing topics such as AIDS, the environment and single-parent households.

John Farnham and Olivia Newton-John reunite for Two Strong Hearts tour

A year later, Newton-John recorded her self-described "self-indulgent" album, Warm and Tender. Inspired by her daughter, who appeared on the album cover, the album featured lullabies and love songs for parents and their children. Shortly after the album's release, Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer forcing her to cancel all publicity for the album including the tour.

Newton-John received her diagnosis the same weekend her father died. She is a product spokesperson for the Liv-Kit, a breast self-examination product. Newton-John cancelled a concert tour of Japan to protest the slaughter of dolphins caught in tuna fishing nets. During the concert, artists performed songs for which they donated their royalties, some in perpetuity, to benefit the cause.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

Inshe released Gaia: One Woman's Journey which chronicled her ordeal. This was the first album on which Newton-John wrote all of the songs encouraging her to become more active as a songwriter thereafter. Inshe released Stronger Than Beforesold exclusively in the U. Laughs When I was a young girl, my sister Rona convinced me to enter a talent contest that was sort of like American Idol or The Voice, only much smaller.

Much to my amazement, I won! The prize was a trip to England. I am forever grateful to her for that. Please tell me the story of how it came to you and why you decided to record an album under that name. I find it interesting that you have been so popular across so many genres.

olivia newton john meet and greet 2012 olympics

To what do you attribute that phenomenon? Laughs I really have to give credit to my producers and songwriters. I was blessed to have wonderful songs and talented people around me. But in America, it was very different than in Australia or the U.

Olivia Newton John Meet and Greet - Olivia Newton-John: Summer Nights

I never would have thought that recording songs in London, with Aussie and British songwriters and producers, would have been country hits in America. But, what did I know! Laughs Do you think that it has been an asset or a challenge over the course of your career?

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So, I guess we did something right! I remember during the AIDS crisis we were losing so many dear friends. I know… I lost a lot of them. We need to do what we can, to bring awareness when we can. What was the first thing that sparked your passion for advocacy? I have always wanted to do what I could to help.