One life to live starr and cole first meet

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one life to live starr and cole first meet

Starr and Cole decided to spend one last night together before the big move and went to Langston's old house, where they slept together for the first time. Starr Manning (as played by Kristen Alderson on One Life To Live) Wanting to spend the first and last night together, they were in bed when Todd walked in on them! Things were fine until Cole started college and met his new study buddy . Starr Manning is a fictional character from the daytime drama One Life to Live. Born onscreen relationships with Cole Thornhart and James Ford on One Life to Live and Michael Corinthos on General Hospital. Kristen Alderson first made her debut in the role of Starr Manning on March 20, on One Life to Live.

Character background[ edit ] Langston is first seen while Starr Manning is being bullied by classmates from school. Starr jumps off of a cliff at the stone quarry to take a dive into the water below. Before landing in the water, Starr hits her head and is taken to the hospital, where she fakes amnesia. Langston learns of Starr's ruse to try to reunite her parents. Starr soon comes clean with her parents about faking amnesia. Langston and Starr begin high school, where the two gain an enemy in Britney Jennings.

Starr soon meets a football player named Cole Thornhartand they begin dating. Britney, who has a crush on Cole, desperately tries several times to break the two up.

Starr and Cole go into a bedroom during a party, and refusing to have sex, Starr is frightened when an angry Cole tears the room apart and rips Starr's shirt. Britney poses as Starr as she calls the police on Cole, who later arrest him. Langston quickly turns on Cole, who has been kicked off of the football team for using steroids. Starr is horrified to learn that Cole's mother is Marty Saybrookethe woman that her father Todd had raped several years earlier; Starr is able to forgive Cole, but her parents forbid the two from seeing one another.

Langston soon forgives Cole for hurting her friend. Cole and Starr, desperate to be together, decide to run away with the help of Langston. Todd catches the two before they leave, nearly strangling Cole. For Cole's safety, Starr breaks up with him.

Langston signs Starr up for the school musical, and Starr in turn sets Langston up to write the musical. Working with English teacher Marcie McBainthe musical is a success, and Langston soon begins dating Markko Riveraa boy who annoys her. A few months into their relationship, Markko becomes concerned about the constant absence of Langston's parents. Sensing that something is not right, Starr's aunt, Dorian hires private investigator Rex Balsom to dig up information on Langston.

Dorian learns that Langston has been orphaned and living on her own for over a year. Langston cannot believe that Dorian would pry into private information regarding her life. They continued to see each other. Michael hesitated, wondering if it were right to leave Starr alone with Tommy for a few hours, but eventually gave in.

When Marcie and Michael left, Starr then sent a text message to Cole, asking him to come over. When Cole arrived at the apartment, Starr was quite impressed with his ability to interact with Tommy so well. Cole began reciting poems, in which his father used to read to him before he went to sleep.

Surprisingly, Cole's poems worked and Tommy fell asleep. In order to pass the time by, Starr and Cole decided to watch a movie. Halfway through the movie, things began to slowly heat up; Cole started leaning in closer towards Starr, though she wasn't quite sure how to react.

As he continuously approached her, Starr noticed what Cole was trying to do, slightly chuckling before leaning in for a soft kiss.

Within a matter of time, the delicate kiss turned into make-out madness between the two. As they kept making out, all was going well— until the phone rang. Without hesitating, Starr pushed Cole off her and ran for the phone.

To her surprise, it was Marcie calling asking if Tommy was behaving. After finishing her conversation with Marcie, Starr began acting awkward towards Cole, who noticed that she wasn't her normal self and he asked her to take a seat on the couch beside him. Both silent, Starr and Cole avoided looking at each other.

Cole then asked if they could discuss what had just happened in the living room. He questioned what would've happened if the phone hadn't have rung. He wondered if they would have gone further than just kissing. While trying to get away from their parents and spend time together, Starr and Cole became stuck in the Llantano Mountain Lodge where they ended up sharing a room together.

While they were in this room, Starr came to the decision that she was ready to go all the way with Cole. In the process of 'hooking up' Starr decided that she was not ready to go all the way and Cole understood, and they spent the night together.

Starr and Cole were caught by Marty in the hotel room after Britney ratted them out via-cell phone. Marty found a condom that had been left by Cole and assumed the worst.

In late March, Starr and Cole had plans to run away together. In April, Starr broke up with Cole due to her father nearly choking Cole to death.

Starr stated that it was for Cole's and Todd's safety. Britney tried to worm her way back into Cole's favor by signing up for the school play, which Cole already signed up for. After being miserable because of not being with his one true love, Cole reunited with Starr at the prom. After some convincing, he now has his mother's permission to date Starr. Blair, however, refused to allow Cole and Starr to be together. Cole and Starr were finally happy after all the trouble of being broken up and they were finally together.

Cole went in the storage and found out Miles Laurence was holding Todd there, drugged with a stab wound. Cole was going to go to the police to tell them that Miles has Todd locked up in storage, but Miles played the tape that was keeping Marty out of jail, and threatened Cole if he told the cops about where Todd is. However, Britney found out about Cole knowing about Todd's whereabouts.

Cole was sick of keeping this secret so he told Marty about Miles keeping Todd in their storage room; Marty revealed to Cole that she killed Spencer Truman. Marty turned herself in for the murder, while Cole told Bo and John that Miles is the one keeping Todd missing; Starr overheard the entire reveal and became upset with him.

Cole went to see Starr to plead his case and she wouldn't hear it. Starr told Cole that it was the end of them and that she hated Cole for lying and keeping the whereabouts of her father in secret.

Starr later forgave Cole for lying and they made up. Todd told Cole that he would never like him, but if he didn't tolerate him Starr would hate him forever, which led to them having a common understanding of each other. Marty was finally released from prison when it was revealed that it was actually Lindsay Rappaport who has murdered Truman.

Starr Manning

After Marty and John open up to each other and make love, she gets kidnapped and is found with her son in Ireland. After trying to escape John and Ramsey, a member of the FBI tried making a deal to get them home safely. Ramsey shoots the van's tires out and the van plummets over the edge of a cliff; Cole is thrown from the van and Marty is stuck inside.

one life to live starr and cole first meet

As John tries to free Marty, she forces him to find Cole because she is nothing without her son. As John saves Cole, the van explodes with Marty still held inside; she is later presumed dead.

Cole and John then return to Llanview and Cole arrives at Starr's, who was ecstatic to see he is home and okay. Cole starts crying and tells Starr his mother is dead. While walking alone, Cole wondered onto the docks where John and Ramsey were fighting. He overhears that Ramsey caused his mother's death.

When Cole threatens to shoot Ramsey, Miles Laurence wonders onto the scene and is accidentally shot in the chest by Cole. After Miles falls into the water, Cole and Ramsey flee the scene. A panicked Cole rushes to Starr's house, fearing that he killed Miles. Cole escapes just as Ramsey arrived at the house and searched Starr's room. Cole ran off to Langston's old house to avoid being caught. The next day Starr goes to the house and meets up with Cole.

Later he decides to confess to shooting Miles, much to Starr's disliking. Once at the hospital, Cole runs into John and tells him what he wants to do. John convinces him to leave and not say another word about it. Cole and Langston attend group therapy together in January. They decide to surprise Starr with a sweet sixteen party. Starr jumps to conclusion that her best friend and her boyfriend are hooking up. She decides to confront them outside of UltraViolet, where she thinks they are attending a concert.

She barges into the club and realizes it's a birthday party for her. She apologizes to Cole and Langston. In March, Todd decides to move his family to Hawaii to keep his family safe from Ramsey's threats.

Although Starr believes it's because he wants her and Cole to break up. Cole and Starr decide to sneak off to Langston's old house to spend one last night together. They decide they want to make love for the first time that night.

Todd barges in and sees them in bed together and attempts to kill Cole. A few weeks later, Starr finds out she's pregnant. She decides to keep the information from Cole, fearing for his safety.

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She runs off to Atlantic City to get an abortion. Meanwhile, Cole manages to get Langston to tell him where Starr is. Cole gets there in time and Starr decides not to get the abortion. Cole proposes they run away together so they can be family.

They arrive in Virginia Beach and move into a motel. Later, they are found by Todd, Blair and John. Todd throws Starr down a flight of stairs, then beats up Cole until he is unconscious. They are rushed to the hospital, where John and Blair find out about Starr's pregnancy. They then return home. Starr tells Blair that she wants to have the baby but not take care of it.

Replying she loves the baby and thinks that it should have more to offer then what she can give it. Blair tells her whatever she will support her with whatever choice she makes.

On June 18, she tells Cole "That what is best for the baby is to have two parents that can love and take care of the baby. And that they are not ready to be parents. Cole, I'm giving the baby up for adoption after it's born. Starr wants Marcie to have the baby after it is born though she declines though hinted that she may reconsider.

Cole thinks about suing Starr for custody of his child. Cole decides to give up all his rights to his child. Alderson revealed that when her character suddenly begins falling for Schuyler, she is on the rebound because she is missing Cole.

one life to live starr and cole first meet

Langston is her best friend, but at the same time, Cole was going through terrible times like Starr was. Alderson stated that Starr's attraction to her teacher developed "out of desperation. Alderson describes Starr's life as being blown apart.

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Starr and Cole at the time are juggling being parents finishing high school, and their lives appear to be "settling down," — enter Hannah. Something innocent gets blown out of proportion, and then when Marty's pushed down the stairs, Cole automatically thinks it's Todd.

It's been upsetting for Starr. Gregorythe man Langston is cheating on Markko with. When James and Starr are forced to go on the run together, they fall for one another very quickly. When asked if Starr would get revenge on Hannah for interfering with her relationship with Cole, Alderson revealed that Starr is more focused on whether Cole will be able to make it to the prom.

Starr's trust in her father, " Todd " Trevor St. John that Hannah is responsible for Cole's mother, Marty miscarriage, while Cole blames "Todd" thanks to Hannah's accusations.

Cole taking Hannah's side when Marty miscarries only makes matters worse.

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Starr knows Hannah intends to win Cole for herself forcing Starr to fight for Cole. According to Alderson, Cole and Starr are forced to grow up very fast, while their parents continue acting like children, in order to deal with all the issues they face, including the tension between their parents, and becoming teenage parents.

Despite them being forced into adulthood, Starr sees their senior prom as sort of a full-circle event, because prom is where it all began for them.