Parenthood drew and amy meet

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parenthood drew and amy meet

Drew managed to get back with Amy earlier this season on Parenthood by using Kristina's cancer to his advantage. Was it the most moral way to win her heart. On “Parenthood,” shy, quiet high-schooler Drew and his increasingly manly eyebrows found out that his girlfriend Amy was pregnant. This is met with a disgusted, “We're here all day tomorrow too?! Amy is still living in Drew's dorm, which was all fun and games at first but now.

She avoids the big bed and joins a sleeping Adam on the couch. But even when fighting, Hank is still crushing on Sarah and he's dismayed to learn that she's about to go on a date with her tenant-lover Carl.

Sarah runs off for their super chill taco dinner to which she wears an outrageous fedoraand Carl proceeds to say sweet things and confess that he's falling for her. Sarah seems to like this idea.

parenthood drew and amy meet

Returning to the studio the next day, Sarah discovers that Hank has decided to Photoshop all of their images behind her back in a presumed jealous rage and -- even though she admits that 80 percent of them look better his way -- she's none too pleased. She needs them to work together, not apart. She also needs coffee. Confused by her reaction, Hank checks in for another session with Berkeley's resident Asperger's expert, Dr. The doc tells Hank that he seriously needs to start communicating with Sarah and, duh, stop Photoshopping behind her back.

That night, Hank shows up at Sarah's door. She's just out of the shower and in a robe, but Hank is not to be distracted. He recites an apology that Sarah quickly calls out as ridiculous.

parenthood drew and amy meet

She questions why they can't have a normal conversation, and Hank embarrassingly admits his Asperger's fears. Sarah gets misty eyed and forgives all. Adam and Kristina Adam and Kristina start off adorkably living it up in a hot tub while on a "cancer gift" spa getaway in Mendocino. But being the caring big brother that he is, Adam can't truly relax for worry over Julia.

He calls her up, and after she assures him she's totally fine and binge-watching Orange is the New Black, he jumps care-free back in the tub and strips out of his "old man bathing suit. Later, up to their necks in mudbaths, Kristina thanks Adam for all his support during her dark cancer days, and he responds with the Adamism, "If I have to be stuck in the mud, I want to be stuck in the mud with you.

Next, they're off on a hike and surrounded by majestic scenery.

parenthood drew and amy meet

And yet, Adam's still obsessing about poor Julia's plight. Kristina concedes that since they've summited a mountain and had sex twice it's okay if they call it a weekend and go tend to Baby J.

But not before they take a fun selfie. However, throughout the show, he references Seth as the "dad who was never there. Drew meets Amy at a yard sale and they go on a date, but when Amy only talks to Amber who is driving them, Drew is upset. However, when Drew expresses these feelings to Amy, she comes to his house in the middle of the night and goes for a walk with him. Drew doesn't know how to kiss Amy and asks advice from Amber. Later, he kisses Amy in his grandparents's kitchen. Amy and Drew's relationship escalates when he invites her to Crosby and Jasmine's wedding, in which they end up having sex.

Season 4 Edit During Season 4, Amy decides to break up with Drew after she discovers she is pregnant. She gets an abortion, and though she wants to keep it a secret, Drew breaks down and tell his mother.

Near the end of Season 4, Drew gets accepted into the University of California, Berkeley, which he is happy about. He and Amy talk once more and leave on good terms, with Amy planning to attend Tufts University.

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Season 5 Edit At the beginning of season five, Drew is having problems with his roommate because he is constantly kicking Drew out of their dorm so he can hookup with girls. Kristina is upset that shes not able to carry Nora, and to eat normal food and, the truth comes out, that her own mom doesnt think Kristinas important enough to fly out to do what Camille is doing now. Drew bikes over to Amys house. She thanks him for the gift-basket. The new boyfriend walks up from behind Amy and makes small talk.

Julia and Joel go to pick up Miguel. Its a bad part of town. Joel offers to take Syd out so the boys can play alone. Sarah catches Zeek tinkering in his garage. She wants to make sure if theres anything Zeek wanted to say about Ryan. Zeek is worried that its too soon since he got back from Afghanistan. Victor and Miguel are playing basketball in the backyard using a big plant pot as the goal and speaking Spanish to each other. Julia looks on happily. Kristina is talking to her mom on the phone.

The mom says she has kidney stones and cant come. Camille sees Kristina is on the verge of tears. Kristina shrugs it off saying her mom has been like that since she was a kid. Kristina then insists that she is going to pick up Max, and Camille hands her the keys.

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Amy finds Drew at his locker. Drew is snippy to her.

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Kristina picks up Max at school. He reminds her shes not supposed to be driving. Shes eating an ice cream cone. He reminds her shes not supposed to eat ice cream. She offers him an Its It as a hush payment, then she tells Max that if Adam asks, that Camille picked him up, not her.

Max asks what he gets for saying that to Adam. Kristina and Adam are at an entertainment center, playing skee-ball.

"Parenthood" bravely tackles abortion

Joel comes home and Julia tells him Victor had a great day. She only wishes that they provide Victor that kind of happiness every day. Adam is working late, obviously to avoid going home. Crosby says Adam needs a drink. Adam points at his work and refuses. When Crosby says he will pay, Adam realizes how bad he must look. At the bar, Adam almost fights with another patron who bumps into him. Later, Adam confesses that hes observed that women who go through chemo do not come out the same.

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Amber wakes at 3 AM and finds Ryan out of bed staring at the darkness. He just says he couldnt sleep.