Parks and recreation meet animal control

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parks and recreation meet animal control

Ben, Tom, and Andy have a business meeting with Dennis Feinstein, a perfume She takes over animal control and integrates it into the parks. The fifth season of Parks and Recreation originally aired in the United States on the NBC . Leslie meets Ben's unhappily-divorced parents while Jean-Ralphio " helps" Tom . Leslie sets her sights on fixing the animal control department. Parks and Recreation () was an American political comedy television sitcom, airing 17 Partridge []; 18 Animal Control []; 19 Article Two [] ; 20 Jerry's Scrapbook [] I can't even get a meeting with some bureaucrat.

April hates camping, but Andy tries to make her love it. He fails at first, but they eventually meet up and Andy is romantic AF. It is run by a decrepit old woman, Miss Clack, who has about cats. The standout scenes include Tom and Ben reading a diary of previous tenants, Leslie getting locked in a room full of cats, and Donna getting drunk on her bed.

parks and recreation meet animal control

Ben is the real star of this episode because he freaks during every interview. Ben yells three awesome things in the Perd Hapley interview: I swear, I keep seeing a bird in the studio! The story deals with the office getting together to finish one last park problem: The story jumps around years, so you see what happens to each character.

April and Andy have kids, Jean-Ralphio fakes his death, Donna becomes a real estate mogul, Craig marries a sassy hairdresser, Tom becomes a best selling author, and Ron becomes the head guy at a national park. Both are older, and they are surrounded by men who look like the Secret Service.

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Is one of them president?! Both of them have the potential to lead our country! This episode really is a satisfying end to a fantastic show. The staff does what they can to expedite the process. April and Andy get the license, Ron makes the rings, Ann designs the dress, and Tom prepares to officiate the ceremony.

Ron punches him in the face, and gets arrested. The whole thing seems lost. In the final scenes, Leslie is surprised with a small wedding at the office.

Animal Control (episode)

The other night I drank a whole bottle of wine and watched this episode at 2: It made me so emotional that I had to make a plate of bacon to calm down. So, I am not getting married without you there to walk me down the aisle.

parks and recreation meet animal control

Treat Yo Self is a philosophy that has found its way to the public, and we are all better because of it. Treat Yo Self is the one day of the year when you treat yourself to anything you want. What do you treat yourself to? Ron and Leslie fight a little in this episode, but it all works out in the end with a pretty heartwarming moment. Macklin is an FBI agent and Snakehole is a very rich widow with a terrible secret. The Jan Cooper chlamydia debacle at the beginning is hilarious, and the montage of Chris holding the signs her ex-husband wrote about her is genius.

Tom is introducing his new drink, Snakejuice, at The Snakehole Lounge, and the whole office comes to the launch. Ann and Leslie are FriendshipGoals in every episode, but The Fight shows their relationship boil over. Jean-Ralphio is in this episode a lot and steals every scene he is in. He makes up horrible raps and just annoys everyone.

The scenes where all the characters are drunk are truly a work of art. It involves everything from April aggressively speaking spanish to Ron dancing to Flo Rida.

You wanna dance with me? Go get me another snork juice! Well my boyfriend might not be moving back for a while so I have to back out.

Just wanted to look at it one more time. You know I can't give you your deposit back. Alright Martha I get it! No one can bring my parents together. I'm so happy I want to shout it from the rooftops! I can never tell if people are lying to me. I hope that doesn't come up in my police work Ben: Just call me Bond, Municipal Bond. Welcome to 'Thought For Your Thoughts,' I'm your host Derry Murbles, sitting in for Nina Joplin who is touring the country performing a spoken word opera about pear-shaped women.

My guest today is City Councilwoman Leslie Knope. It is a pleasure to be back Derry. Your show last week on dolphin lactation Derry my team and I are trying to build a park and we need input on the design from you, the citizens of Pawnee.

So I guess I'm here to send out the bat-signal. A bat-signal, for listeners who might not know, refers to the children's character the Bat-Man, a strong gentleman who fights crime nocturnally. This park is gonna be a celebration of Pawnee, by Pawnee, and for Pawnee. So you know send in your plan, or your resume and quick This is all gonna fall apart if you don't hurry.

This is like Parks Department porn! This guy is great! I don't care if he's some junkie, war criminal pimp. I am not gonna change my mind! His name is Wrestin Saint James. Oh I've changed my mind. Sometimes when I rant about Eagleton I forget to breathe and I pass out.

parks and recreation meet animal control

No we cannot have someone from Eagleton design a park for Pawnee. We have had a blood feud that has lasted for years! We don't have a lot of time and he is the first decent candidate.

Harris and Brett Reapply for Animal Control Position

So let's at least go meet the guy. That's a good idea. Then we can reject him face to face. I like your plan. Chris gave me this great job as a weekend security guard at Pawnee City Hall. It's a terrible job. No one from Eagleton has ever wanted to help anyone from Pawnee for any reason. In we were hit by a tornado. We asked Eagleton for help and they claimed they weren't home.

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An entire town claimed they weren't home. Here I have designed something very important. Why don't you start work on that right away?

I don't know if you knew this, but Leslie was born in Eagleton. Do not blame me for the sins of my mother! Were you listening to him when he was talking about serving the public and making our communities better?

You know who he sounds like right? This has been a strange day but we wouldn't wanna leave you with the wrong impression of Pawnee. What do ya think of the place? Do you really like this yellow paint?

I mean I know it was on sale but it looks a lot like dried phlegm. This place is sad. I think one of the mannequins tried to commit suicide. I think what's important is that we all had a goal, and we achieved it.

So you like the place? Oh no it's quite terrible. This is the best I can do for now. Now I have a small treat for you guys for all your hard work.

One small pizza for all of us!? Cheese is a topping Jerry! And why are all these lights blaring by the way? Does somebody own stock in the electric company? If there were more food and fewer people this would be the perfect party. We present the crown jewel of Pawnee containing the sights, sounds and most importantly, smells that define your city.

There are several drool buckets for your more slack-jawed citizens. We also have food troughs full of cheeseburgers and public showers with instructions for those who've never showered before. Oh hey, my backyard is bigger than your park so Alright so does this look familiar?

No not at all. I was talking to Joey. Oh there you are! Oh God I was so worried! Thank you so much! You'll never know how much I appreciate it! Well just doin my job ma'am. Thank you for saving me Andy. Thank you too Ms. Don't worry about it. Wow you made those losers very happy.

What the Hell happened man!? I had nothing to do with that stupid prank. In fact that's why I'm late, I was firing the two people who were responsible and I was escorting them out of the building. Certain people in the firm wanted to promote them but I insisted they be fired. If you swear to me that your serious, maybe we can salvage this. I would really love to.