Pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

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pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

Edit Ending Theme . His relationship with Aaron is great, and his character is cool, yet endearing. Pokemon Movie - Lucario and The Mystery of Mew. $ . Just Watched "Pokémon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew" -Favourite Ending- other fanart and it really looked like it could fit in with a style of jojo as a stand pose ao I decided to make a somewhat relation to it as well. Debuts in, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew This Pokémon is fully evolved. Spoiler warning: this article may contain major plot or ending details. include Lucario by Aaron's side, cementing their relationship as best friends and partners in.

He had considered himself Aaron's servant, and he could not understand the friendship between Ash and Pikachu. However, a time flower message left by Aaron shortly before his death told Lucario the truth; that Aaron considered Lucario a friend, not a servant. Ash and Lucario rushed to its core and began to use their aura to energize the tree's defense system. Using up their aura would have meant the same fate as Aaron—death.

However, just as Ash was about to use up his aura and give his own life, Lucario pushed him away, instead sacrificing only himself to the tree. After Lucario's death, the portrait of Aaron in Cameran Palace was altered to include Lucario by Aaron's side, cementing their relationship as best friends and partners in aura manipulation. Lucario was later seen with Aaron once again. He gave Aaron a bar of chocolate, which he enjoyed, leaving their true statuses unclear, as Lucario did not know what chocolate was until Max gave it to him in an effort to earn his trust for the sake of the group.

Lucario briefly reappeared in a montage in The Rise of Darkraiwhich chronicled the preceding nine movies. Finally, he takes a cautious bite - and smiles, obviously liking it. When Max excitedly asks him what he thinks, however, he puts up a more dignified expression and doesn't answer, instead just continuing to chew.

Max can tell he's enjoying it, though, and laughs. Meanwhile, inside the Tree of Beginning, where Mew has been playing with Pikachu and Meowth, Meowth is resting comfortably, but something seems to be bothering Pikachu.

Meowth guesses it wants to go back to its twerp trainer as Mew tries to cheer Pikachu up with all its stolen toys. Pikachu just looks away, however, and mutters, "Pikapi He exits the car, looks towards the Tree and mutters back at it, "Pikachu The next day, they continue their journey, with Lucario leading the way.

Conditions aren't as misty now, and they can actually admire the landscape. Suddenly Lucario stops, however.

Lucario (M08)

When they step out of the car and ask him what's wrong, he responds that this is where he was sealed away. He looks at the cliff where he saw Aaron disappear for the last time and collapses on the ground, bitterly, only for his paw to land next to a convenient time flower situated there. Since Lucario is an Aura user, it unwraps and a flickering image envelops the area: When Ash calls to snap him out of it, though, he steps away from the time flower and the illusion fades.

The kids quietly wonder if the legend was wrong after all, having seen with their own eyes that Aaron did seal Lucario inside the staff and then simply fly away. Max, however, makes an alternate suggestion: Lucario kneels on the path, still asking himself why, and Ash approaches him, looking miserable.

pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

He apologizes for what he said the day before. Lucario rises and responds with a sudden resolve that he must not abandon Pikachu, and Ash dries his tears and says he knows that. Suddenly, Lucario tenses up, his aura sensors stiffening out to the sides. He narrowly knocks Ash out of the way of a Hyper Beam: They run for it into the canyon, with Lucario leading the way.

Kidd puts on her computer glasses and explains that they're directly below the Tree of Beginning - which means, Ash and Lucario realize immediately, that Pikachu is somewhere above them. Ash rushes off on the first upwards slope he can find, followed by Lucario, May and Max. Meanwhile, Kidd deploys a small swarm of tiny autonomous research drones, sending them off to collect data on the Tree and transfer it to Banks.

Banks reports the drones' initial findings to Kidd through her glasses: However, just then his computer system breaks out in dozens of error mesages: Meanwhile, Ash and Lucario emerge out of a tunnel onto a part of the outer surface of the Tree, and Ash shouts Pikachu's name up towards the top.

In Mew's playing quarters, Pikachu's ears prick up, and it runs out, followed by a curious Mew and Meowth.

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Pikachu shouts back "Pikapi! Regice pops out to attack him, but Lucario rushes to defend him while Ash tries to tell Regice they're not enemies. Regice does not listen and they run the other way, reuniting with the others before being forced to retreat back into the tunnel they came from.

They find themselves at the brink of an abyss, with hundreds of thready, crystalline bridges snaking their way across the room. Team Rocket tumble down from above, having fled there from Regirock and Registeel, and beg for the protagonists' help. Lucario tries to distract the Regis while they run across a crystal bridge, through another tunnel, and to a narrow rock bridge on the outside of the tree, where Pikachu, Meowth and Mew finally spot them - Meowth surprised to see Jessie and James there with them.

After they've crossed, Lucario destroys the bridge behind them to prevent the Regis from following them.

pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

As all the human characters stumble through a tunnel, Team Rocket - who were in the lead - are assaulted by a reddish-orange blob that has taken the shape of a giant Cradily. It envelops Jessie, and James tries to make his Cacnea attack it, but the attack is completely ineffective and Jessie is swallowed before the blob simply sinks into the ground, the crystals in the tunnel glowing with a sickly red, and takes her with it.

An Aerodactyl blob approaches as the main protagonists run onwards, and Lucario shoots an Aura Sphere at it, which does manage to destroy it. They rush on through the tunnel while Kidd turns her shades to the splattered remains of the Aerodactyl, which are converging back into a giant ball in mid-air, and asks Banks if he can tell what this thing is.

He explains that perhaps they serve a purpose analogous to white blood cells: Kidd asks him to analyze the tunnels to find an escape route for them. A second later, a Lileep blob approaches Kidd.

Lucario quickly leaps into the way and is enveloped, but then the blob simply sinks into the ground and leaves him behind: Now Regirock and Registeel come up behind them, however, and they have to continue. Ash and Lucario split off from the others to find Pikachu and try to draw the Regis off, while Kidd takes the others into a side tunnel. Ash sends out his Grovyle and Corphish to hold the Regis off for a moment before trying to lure them to follow. Meanwhile, Pikachu heads through other tunnels, racing down towards Ash, followed by Mew and Meowth.

A couple of blobs pass them; unknown to Pikachu, they're of course heading for Ash and friends. Kidd, however, manages to avoid them with her action-girl skills. Ash hears Pikachu's voice while going through the labyrinth of tunnels and picks the one that takes him closest to the sound. Eventually he emerges on the side of a cliff, where the same crystalline bridges we saw before connect it to a cliff on the other side.

And on that other side - Pikachu! The two race across the bridges towards each other; despite the strong wind nearly throwing Ash off several times, he stubbornly clings on, jumping across the chasms between the bridges to meet his partner.

When Pikachu is blown off, he manages to jump to catch him in the air, but as they are about to fall to their deaths, Kidd swings across the canyon with her grappling hook to catch them and bring them to safety on the cliffside.

Ash is ecstatic to have reunited with Pikachu and introduces him to Lucario, who smiles as he nods. Mew happily hands Ash his hat, which was blown off his head by the wind earlier. Regice emerges on the other side of the cliff, and the gang run for it; Ash asks Kidd where the others are, and she doesn't answer until more of the Tree's white blood cells approach them and she tells him they were all swallowed by those things - including Jessie and James, to Meowth's horror. There, however, Registeel suddenly appears and grabs Lucario, and as Kidd and Ash stop short in surprise, two blobs come along and envelop them.

Mew is puzzled, but then begins to glow green and grabs one of the nearby crystals. Suddenly all the crystals on the tree and around Rota glow green as well, and green blobs emerge from the ground to return everyone to the place where they were swallowed. The three Regis walk away as the green glow fades.

Ash quizzically turns to Kidd to ask what just happened, and Meowth chimes in to explain that Mew has told the tree that they are not bacteria. Kidd realizes that Mew and the Tree of Beginning are in a symbiotic relationship, with each sharing its power with the other. Suddenly, though, an ominous orange passes over the crystals above. Mew hands Ash his hat, but then droops down, looking weak and sickly. The crystals all around the Tree begin to glow with a sinister, fiery red and then crumble into black dust.

Lucario and the Mystery of Mew Review

Mew weakly points them into a large chamber, in the middle of which stands a huge crystal growth - now glowing with the same ominous red as the rest of the crystals in the Tree - with a twisting band of light flowing above it: Lucario, however, notices something lying draped over an outcropping of crystals near a pillar: Lucario rushes over to examine the gloves and then stares into the crystal there, where he sees a strange shape.

He closes his eyes and concentrates, and the shape encased in the crystal begins to glow with the special blue of Aura: Ash eyes a convenient nearby time flower and touches it, and the cocoon unwraps, showing them a projection from the past: Sir Aaron stands there, in the same room, and calls for Mew, who emerges in the form of Ho-Oh before transforming back into its true shape if you remember, we saw this very scene from another point of view at the beginning of the movie. Aaron tells Mew that he knows Mew and the Tree of Beginning are one, and he asks Mew to lend him its power before he creates a sphere of Aura around Mew.

Ominous blue sparks crackle around his body, and he groans, obviously in pain, as the sphere grows. And as it brightens, the vision fades.

pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

Kidd realizes that Sir Aaron must have sacrificed his life to stop the war: Lucario stares at Aaron's body and collapses in grief. Mew, weak, flies over to Lucario and asks him to use his own power to help to save the Tree, and he agrees.

Kidd protests, saying that if he does, he will meet the same fate as Aaron did, but Lucario only says, "I know," before he extends his paw towards Mew and begins to give it his Aura Lucario says he's not strong enough - so Ash rushes in and offers to help, saying if he has the same Aura as Sir Aaron, he must be able to do it too, despite Kidd's protests that he'll be risking his own life.

He grabs Aaron's gloves and puts them on before facing his palms foward and starting to generate a tiny Aura Sphere between them.

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Together, the two of them share the energy required; Mew is wrapped in a blue sphere of Aura and begins to glow green. Ash and Lucario grunt in pain as blue energy sparks around their bodies Inspired by Ash's willingness to sacrifice himself, he manages a greater power than before, and with that power, he successfully heals Mew. The legendary, now glowing with a bright green color, flies into the beam of light above the central crystal, and yet again, a peaceful green glow takes over, every crystal left in the Tree shooting out a beam of green light as the health of the Tree and Mew is restored to normal.

Banks confirms that the Tree will be okay, and Mew bounces around happily as Kidd tells Banks to keep their discoveries to themselves so that the Tree of Beginning will be safe from human intrusion from now on.

Everything seems to be okay now Ash runs over to him, and Lucario reaches back with his paw to support himself, inadvertently activating yet another convenient time flower.

pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

They see Aaron stumbling against the crystals, panting. He sits down as more sparks envelop his body and addresses Lucario; we don't know if he realized the time flower was there and deliberately recorded this confession in the hope that Lucario would perhaps hear it one day, or if he is just talking to himself.

He says he's so sorry he sealed him away, but that he knows that Lucario would have followed him anywhere otherwise, including to his death; if any life is to be traded to end a war, it should be only his own. He also says he enjoyed every moment of his life with him and Queen Rin in the castle and that that's what makes life matter. Lucario bursts into tears, wishing he'd never doubted him. Aaron goes on to thank Lucario and says that every day they spent together was happy, and that if only it were possible he would like to meet him again.

He finishes by addressing Lucario as his friend. The journey is perilous since, well No one's been there. As baffling as this is, the following 20 minutes feature some neat scenes and atmosphere. Ash and Lucario clash, Lucario gets to act tsundere and a few jokes are genuinely funny.

On the other hand, the stupidity doesn't leave. We discover some flowers which record and show the past. And apparently no one's ever tried harvesting this power, or at the very least we aren't informed of it, as film finds it irrelevant. Next up, the gang trriggers a thousand year old crystal flower with Lucario master's memories.

How this is possible, I don't know. As the gang is attacked by underwhelmingly weak Regi legendaries, we approach the third act. A few of their scenes were shown earier, but the culmination of the subplot happens here and I gotta give credit where it's due - they look adorable.

As for the main plot, the film completely breaks down here. Starting here, the film contains numerous vices and sins that Pokemon films indulged into throughout the years. There's the sentinent mountain's very own defense system against humans no, I'm not jokingvillains having acces to impossible technology, there's shallow mysticism, characters surviving impossible falls and nature acting in baffling ways.

Yes, Pokemon was never about realism, but within every work exists a treshold where things turn to schlock. This film breaks the Pokemon scale. Yes, I could go in depth and explain each and every thing wrong with it, but this is a review, not an in depth critique.

pokemon lucario and the mystery of mew ending relationship

Not to mention the length of this piece is already going too far. The gist of what I'm saying is - at a certain point you simply stop caring as the rules have been bent too far and the whole work becomes boring. Then the film ends with a somewhat interesting sacrafice, but you're too far gone to care much. At the very least they didn't ruin Lucario's character. I'm left with two distinct impressions; I see a neat concept with a nicely realized character.

I also see a mess of a film with no consisteny, a boring first part and inane second half. There are a few neat Lucario moments sprinkled therein, but I can't recommend it to anyone expecting a good film. Fortunately for Lucario and his Mistery, there's a rabbid fanbase of the character out there.