Professional term for meet and greet

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professional term for meet and greet

3 days ago Meet and greet definition is - a reception at which a public figure (such as a politician or rock star) socializes with press members and other. It's a pleasant and familiar way to greet someone you've just been the word, so your sentence implies: It's nice to not really meet you. If they are meeting the guests to welcome them, I'd call them the host. 2. One who greets guests at a wedding and escorts them to their seats.

I would suggest then, that the professional R. So, how does the R. Make it a habit.

professional term for meet and greet

I would suggest forming good habits through practice and self-discipline. A lot of what effective sales associates do correctly, whether you like to hear it or not, is done through the force of habit. By this, I mean good habits formed through practice and training.

The effective sales person learns his craft so thoroughly that many of his positive actions are done as a matter of habit. Good habits make for good salespeople. So, here is the scenario. The customer has walked through the front door of the store. The Approach Before you greet, you must approach. How will this up respond to a big, dazzling smile? How will he or she respond to an offered handshake?

What happens if you do this and the customer ignores you and walks on by? I also do not like a Retail Stranger asking for my name. I think a lot of retail customers feel the same way I do.

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Most customers do not go into the store to make a friend that is the job of the R. They have a problem they need to fix, and they want to get it fixed and be gone. Does the sales associate want to risk offending one-third of his new customers, by offering an unwanted handshake right at the get-go? An unsolicited handshake from an R.

The same principle applies when the R. To illustrate my thought, let me digress for a moment. When you visit a restaurant and take your seat, the waitperson comes up to cheerfully greet you, and almost always tells you his or her name. How often does that waitperson ask you for your name?

professional term for meet and greet

Does he ever offer to shake your hand? So, regarding the greeting of the customer, I think it is a good idea to follow the practice of good waitpersons at restaurants. If they want you to know their name, they will tell you.

professional term for meet and greet

What then, do we say to the customer that will accomplish the three goals listed above? Opening Lines A lot of sales trainers make a big deal out of the opening line. And they should make a big deal out of it. The opening lines, of course, are the first words out of your mouth when addressing the customer. In almost every encounter, it is the R. If the up speaks first, that can help the R.

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It probably means the up came in for something specific and knows what he wants. So, if the R. What does almost everyone blurt out? It is this type of listless opening exchange which has a lot to do with it. The salesperson sounds helpful and not pushy.

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Here is what is wrong with it. It lets UP off the hook. How does the R. This statement offers useful information to the customer; perhaps even information that can save him money or help him buy, or alert him to something going on in the store that he might have been previously unaware of.

The mass retailers, like Wal-Mart have been using this principle for years. Buy Kibbles and Bits, two for the price of one, for the next fifteen minutes!!

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professional term for meet and greet

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professional term for meet and greet

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