Relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

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relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

First, evaluate your health or the health of those traveling with you by using the guide below. Then, talk to your Check with your doctor to see when it is safe for you to travel. The following links are good places to start gathering this information: How do I view different file formats (PDF, DOC, PPT, MPEG) on this site?. Each member of the Saphir team has been trained by a doctor specializing in disabilities. The Saphir service works closely with medical services, airport staff .. If you got a connection between Paris-Charles de Gaulle and. The Patient-Doctor Relationship. Sonia Sehgal, M.D.. Course Director CFI. Associate Clinical Professor. Department of Internal Medicine. UC Irvine Program in.

It is estimated that about to thousand international tourists arrive at Dabolim on charter flights.

Dabolim Airport

As the weekend morning hours approach saturation due to waves of chartered flights especially from the UK and Russiaattention is shifting to the night and early morning hours of weekdays for accommodating such flights.

Tourists from UK to Goa by air were estimated to number aboutin —14 while those from Russia numbered about 49, by charter flights in the same period. Dabolim airbase also hosts exercises by the Indian Air Force 's fighter bombers and it has facilities for the Indian Coast Guard which operates a fleet of small aircraft such as Dorniers.

The Indian Navy also carries out long range maritime patrols as far as the Horn of Africa from Dabolim using unarmed aircraft such as the Ilyushin Il This activity has assumed significance recently due to a spate of pirate attacks in the area on maritime shipping involving Indian crews. The Navy has an aerobatic team, based at Dabolim, called the Sagar Pawan. The team comprises three Kiran aircraft which carry out aerobatic displays at various locations in the country.

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The team is used in one or two annual public events in Goa for flypasts of 15 to 20 minutes duration. The Navy also operates a naval aviation museum near Dabolim Airport. Islamic hospitals tended to be large, urban structures, and were largely secular institutions, many open to all, whether male or female, civilian or military, child or adult, rich or poor, Muslim or non-Muslim.

relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

The Islamic hospital served several purposes, as a center of medical treatment, a home for patients recovering from illness or accidents, an insane asylum, and a retirement home with basic maintenance needs for the aged and infirm.

In England, after the dissolution of the monasteries in by King Henry VIIIthe church abruptly ceased to be the supporter of hospitals, and only by direct petition from the citizens of Londonwere the hospitals St Bartholomew'sSt Thomas's and St Mary of Bethlehem's Bedlam endowed directly by the crown; this was the first instance of secular support being provided for medical institutions. A hospital ward in sixteenth century France.

The voluntary hospital movement began in the early 18th century, with hospitals being founded in London by the s, including Westminster Hospital promoted by the private bank C.

relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

Other hospitals sprang up in London and other British cities over the century, many paid for by private subscriptions.

St Bartholomew's opened in London inand the London Hospital in These hospitals represented a turning point in the function of the institution; they began to evolve from being basic places of care for the sick to becoming centres of medical innovation and discovery and the principal place for the education and training of prospective practitioners.

relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

Some of the era's greatest surgeons and doctors worked and passed on their knowledge at the hospitals. When the Vienna General Hospital opened in instantly becoming the world's largest hospitalphysicians acquired a new facility that gradually developed into one of the most important research centres. The London Dispensary opened its doors in as the first such clinic in the British Empire. The idea was slow to catch on until the s, when many such organisations began to appear, including the Public Dispensary of Edinburghthe Metropolitan Dispensary and Charitable Fund and the Finsbury Dispensary Dispensaries were also opened in New YorkPhiladelphiaand Boston John Wesley visited inand commented "I never saw anything of the kind so complete; every part is so convenient, and so admirably neat.

Medical research with a vulnerable group is only justified if the research is responsive to the health needs or priorities of this group and the research cannot be carried out in a non-vulnerable group. In addition, this group should stand to benefit from the knowledge, practices or interventions that result from the research.

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Scientific Requirements and Research Protocols Medical research involving human subjects must conform to generally accepted scientific principles, be based on a thorough knowledge of the scientific literature, other relevant sources of information, and adequate laboratory and, as appropriate, animal experimentation. The welfare of animals used for research must be respected. The design and performance of each research study involving human subjects must be clearly described and justified in a research protocol.

The protocol should contain a statement of the ethical considerations involved and should indicate how the principles in this Declaration have been addressed. In clinical trials, the protocol must also describe appropriate arrangements for post-trial provisions. Research Ethics Committees The research protocol must be submitted for consideration, comment, guidance and approval to the concerned research ethics committee before the study begins.

This committee must be transparent in its functioning, must be independent of the researcher, the sponsor and any other undue influence and must be duly qualified. It must take into consideration the laws and regulations of the country or countries in which the research is to be performed as well as applicable international norms and standards but these must not be allowed to reduce or eliminate any of the protections for research subjects set forth in this Declaration.

The committee must have the right to monitor ongoing studies. The researcher must provide monitoring information to the committee, especially information about any serious adverse events.

relationship between doctor patient ppt airport

No amendment to the protocol may be made without consideration and approval by the committee. Privacy and Confidentiality Every precaution must be taken to protect the privacy of research subjects and the confidentiality of their personal information. Participation by individuals capable of giving informed consent as subjects in medical research must be voluntary.

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Although it may be appropriate to consult family members or community leaders, no individual capable of giving informed consent may be enrolled in a research study unless he or she freely agrees. In medical research involving human subjects capable of giving informed consent, each potential subject must be adequately informed of the aims, methods, sources of funding, any possible conflicts of interest, institutional affiliations of the researcher, the anticipated benefits and potential risks of the study and the discomfort it may entail, post-study provisions and any other relevant aspects of the study.

The potential subject must be informed of the right to refuse to participate in the study or to withdraw consent to participate at any time without reprisal. Special attention should be given to the specific information needs of individual potential subjects as well as to the methods used to deliver the information.

If the consent cannot be expressed in writing, the non-written consent must be formally documented and witnessed. All medical research subjects should be given the option of being informed about the general outcome and results of the study.

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When seeking informed consent for participation in a research study the physician must be particularly cautious if the potential subject is in a dependent relationship with the physician or may consent under duress. In such situations the informed consent must be sought by an appropriately qualified individual who is completely independent of this relationship.

For a potential research subject who is incapable of giving informed consent, the physician must seek informed consent from the legally authorised representative.