River song and the doctor relationship goals

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river song and the doctor relationship goals

River Song is a fictional character created by Steven Moffat and played by Alex Kingston in the . The serial helps explain the depth of the relationship shared by River and the Doctor – despite only appearing in 15 with a medical consultant on ER, who'd explain what we were saying, so I'd say it with a purpose and a truth. Professor River Song (born Melody Pond) was a "child of the TARDIS" and the She loved the Doctor dearly, and shared a long-lasting relationship with him. .. to bring her to Calderon Beta and explained to her the purpose of their diaries. The relationship was never tenable, and not just because she could The Green Death, and the 10th Doctor's relationship with Rose became a romantic tragedy by the end. We hope to pass our goal by early January

Also she's married to the last Time Lord in existence. Five total, all with Eleven: She does not get one on screen with the Twelfth Doctor, in part due to the No Hugging, No Kissing rule established with his incarnation. However, "song song", spelled exactly like that, means parallel. Stated in her first appearance, and later confirmed by Word of Moffat.

In her first episode, she had one team member keep on his helmet because she didn't "fancy him". The others in the room consisted of Donna and the Doctor, two female members of her archaeology crew and the two Daves. The surface reading would indicate she had a personal dislike for him because he's kind of a dick, but in retrospect Finally made explicit in "The Husbands of River Song" ironic, given that title where River mentions she's had at least two wives.

Her crime is "killing the best man she ever knew". The man turns out to be the Doctor, whose death she helped fake. Why would an archaeology professor have handcuffs? Spends the first years of her life being indoctrinated to kill the Doctor. She falls in love with him instead, and ends up saving him from her first assassination attempt. Young River Song is an odd variation on this in that her mother doesn't know she's her daughter.

The Bus Came Back: She made a return appearance in the Series 9 Christmas Special, alongside the Twelfth Doctor; this was the second to last meeting between them in her personal timeline.

river song and the doctor relationship goals

The definition of her imprisonment in Stormcage. In "The Time of Angels" River is an inmate who is guarded by Father Octavian, but in "Flesh and Stone" immediately afterlater in "The Pandorica Opens" and in subsequent episodes, River is shown to be imprisoned practically voluntarily, as she is resourceful enough to escape Stormcage easily if she well wanted to.

After a date with the Doctor, she breaks back into prison. She's doing it again, she's packing. Telling the Doctor "I hate you" whenever he does something clever. Usually followed by the Doctor saying, "No you don't.

When we first meet her, she's very mature and independent, but we don't know anything about her yet. Since her life unfolds in the opposite direction of the Doctor's, we very slowly get to know her, but each time we see her she's a bit younger.

Eventually, when we see who she really is, she's very young, barely out of puberty, and incredibly crass and stupid. In a rather funny variation on the trope, she frequently suspects that the Doctor may be hiding other women somewhere while she's around So as to not spoil anyone's relative future.

It's subtle, but she's very close to her father even before he knows he is her father. She has heartfelt discussions with him about her relationship with the Doctor and where it's headinghappily chats with him about her dates, and confides in him her worries.

To the Doctor himself, being half Time Lord. In particular, she seems to have borrowed some hairstyling tips from Six and carries the Third's posh sensibilities as well as knack for no-holds-barred action. Coincidentally, the Third is Alex Kingston 's favorite Doctor.

Earn Your Happy Ending: After lifetimes of trying to catch up to the Doctor, she spends 24 years with him on Darillium According to Steven Moffat, she's one of Indiana Jones. Says she once dated a Nestene Duplicate.

Moffat jokes that she was involved with her entire archaeological staff. A whole lot of it. She's delighted when she regenerates into Alex Kingston and sees it. Strax, who doesn't really understand mammals, calls her the one with the "gigantic head".

Typically the situation is that a child is raised by someone they're told are not their mother or father but secretly are. River spent her childhood with her parents without them knowing it was her, though she knew.

And due to Trolling Creatorjust as we're starting to figure all of that out, there are anvil-sized hints that Amy's baby may also be the Doctor's. It turns out to be a giant Red Herring. Her younger self acts much like she always does, except with more murder attempts.

Becomes this in her middle phase, black dress and all. Thinks she's this when she's young. Grows out of it when she's older, which is when we first meet her. Her subsequent appearances are earlier in her timeline. Good Is Not Nice: Though she seems to have mellowed out in the future, she starts off quite merciless despite being heroic. Good Thing You Can Heal: During the first 15 hours following a regeneration, a dozen bullets are no problem. In her own words "kickass with a gun".

To the Doctor, hence all the flirting and kissing she does around him. It's not flirting, it's PDA with her husband. Ironically, in their final as far as we know meeting in "The Husbands of River Song"the most she does is kiss the Doctor on the cheek.

Why does River Song divide Doctor Who fans?

Have We Met Yet? The Doctor and River meet in the wrong order: In her first encounter with him, she realizes he's already had many encounters with her future self, motivating her to save his life. The 12th Doctor encounters River, who obviously doesn't recognize him in his new regeneration and he just strings her along for the entire episode.

Kills the Doctor, then brings him back to life, using up all her remaining regenerations in the process. Twice, and both times were to save the Doctor's life. The first time from her perspectiveshe tries to kill him, then uses all of her regeneration power all at once in order to save him.

The second time from her perspectiveshe prevents him from making a Heroic Sacrifice to save Donna and thousands of others, and gives her own life to save him instead. She had to, because she wouldn't even exist if he'd died that day.

I Know Your True Name: It eventually allows her to open the Doctor's grave. River, you know my name. You whispered my name in my ear. The "I Love You" Stigma: Despite the fact she married the guy, River never heard those three exact words said to her by the Doctor. This is due to a longstanding tradition that the Doctor doesn't say "I love you" directly to anyone, not River, not Rose, not Clara, nor anyone else.

Shooting Eleven's Stetson right off his head. She offhandedly shoots a Silent that was behind her; due to the Silence physiology, she shouldn't have known it was there. In Love with the Mark: River was supposed to be the Silence's weapon to use against the Doctor. She learned another side of the story while growing up with Amy and Rory, and fantasizes about marrying him instead.

She still tries to kill him, but saves his life when she realises the implications. When it came time to kill him at Lake Silencio, she refused, and all of time fell apart due to it being a fixed point in time. Seeing as the TARDIS is unused to time progressing linearly and was fully aware of who River was all along, she probably started training her in utero.

A nod to the extremely long-running Expanded Universe companion Bernice Summerfieldanother professor of archaeology who keeps a diary about the Doctor. Steven Moffat wrote for the Bernice Summerfield franchise before becoming the showrunner for the TV series. He also jokingly suggested that River and Bernice had totally gotten married at some point, which immediately got a big thumbs-up from Benny's creator Paul Cornell.

It's worth noting that "The Husbands of River Song" establishes that she has married women at least twice And now that Big Finish can write both characters, it's only a matter of time Had she not done her Heroic Sacrifice in the Library, she never would have met the Doctor and never would have been born.

Time can be rewritten! Not one line, don't you dare! Subtly implied to be a victim of this, as she was locked up in Stormcage Prison in the 52nd Century for murdering a man in the 21st Century on Earth. Kid from the Future: She's Amy and Rory's daughter who, due to time travel, ended up growing up with them. She prefers hallucinogenic lipstick over the traditional poisonous lipstick.

The one time this is played straight is in "Let's Kill Hitler"since she was programmed from birth to assassinate the Doctor.

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When she's not accompanying the Doctor, she's traveling on her own adventures and getting into trouble. She was originally raised as a weapon to kill the Doctor. Like an Old Married Couple: Her bickering with the Doctor is so characteristic of old married couples that Amy quickly assumes they really are married. At that point, she is married to him from the perspective of her timeline, but he isn't married to her yet from his.

Even in the Library where Ten meets her for the first time, they argue so much that Strackman Lux yells at them for acting like a married couple when there were more pressing matters at hand. Like Mother, Like Daughter: She has a penchant for denying mercy to her enemies even when they beg for it, and she's willing to tear time itself apart for her husband's sake.

Just like her mum, it turns out. Was deliberately brought up all her life to become obsessed with the Doctor, and inevitably fell in love with him in the process. Sacrificed centuries of her life to save him. Then studied archaeology just so she could find him again. When being forced to kill him, she firmly believes that she would suffer more than the rest of the universe combined. She's willing to do it, but not without letting him know how much he is loved first. When he hears her say that, the Doctor marries her.

Brags happily about her past lovers, relentlessly flirts with the Doctor, and rivals Jack Harkness when it comes to rampant innuendo. Moffat has joked that she was involved with her entire archaeology team. We've got ten minutes, get dressed. Oh, that's so close to the perfect sentence. And again in "The Husbands of River Song"though she's not aware at the time that she's actually speaking to the Doctor.

When adult Mels Nina Toussaint-White is shot, and regenerates into her next incarnation Alex Kingstonshe proceeds to do what she was created for: Persuaded she will one day become River Song, who the Doctor cares deeply about and places in great trust, Melody chooses to resurrect the Doctor with her own regenerative energy, losing any future regenerations.

The Doctor learns, however, that it is she who kills him in the future. At the end of " Closing Time ", on the day she receives her doctorate, the Silence and Kovarian recapture her and trap her in the space suit in order to kill the Doctor as history will record.

In the series finale " The Wedding of River Song ", River refuses to kill the Doctor as she is supposed to, creating an alternate reality in which time has frozen and all realities are occurring at once.

In order to restart time and repair reality, the two of them must touch. The Doctor marries River and convinces her to repair the timeline by letting her know that he plans to fake his own death and how.

River goes to prison for his murder in order to corroborate the deception, though it is established that she regularly breaks out of prison to go on dates and adventures with him with the aid of hallucinogenic lipstick and other tricks.

River appears again in the fifth episode of the seventh seriestitled " The Angels Take Manhattan "where she encounters the Doctor and her parents, Rory and Amy, in s New York City.

At this later point in her timeline, she is a professor of archaeology and a free woman, having been released from the Stormcage Prison after the Doctor erased all evidence of his existence.

When her parents are sent permanently back in time by the Weeping Angelsto be forever parted from the Doctor, she arranges for Amy to leave the Doctor a message in the form of an epilogue in a book they have been reading written by her in the s.

river song and the doctor relationship goals

Although she agrees to travel with the Doctor for the time being, she declines his offer of being a full-time companion. In " The Name of the Doctor "the deceased River's consciousness is summoned from the Library computer, where she has existed since "Forest of the Dead", into a psychic 'conference call' by the Doctor's friend Madame Vastra Neve McIntosh.

There, she and Clara Jenna Coleman learn that the Doctor's grave, "his greatest secret", has been discovered. River maintains the psychic link with Clara after the call ends, and counsels her throughout the discovery of the Doctor's tomb, although she seems to be invisible to everyone else.

After Clara enters the Doctor's time stream to save him from the Great Intelligence, who entered it first so he could destroy the Doctor in all his regenerations, the Doctor reveals that he could see River all along, but had been avoiding confronting her continued existence because it was too painful for him to bear. After he kisses her, River feels closure and fades away. However, before disappearing River points out that her continued presence indicates that Clara has not been destroyed by entering his time stream, and, therefore, he can save her.

When the Doctor next encounters River, in " The Husbands of River Song "as the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldishe does not initially recognise him and he is able to learn more about what she is like when he is not around. The Doctor accompanies River from her perspective, shortly after "The Angels Take Manhattan" on a scheme to obtain a rare diamond.

He learns that in addition to him, River has had several spouses, both male and female, and is not above ruthless behaviour as she goes about her work. He also discovers that she truly loves him, but that she also genuinely believes that he does not love her back. She feels that the Doctor is above such petty emotions as love, and that he would never willingly jeopardise himself simply to help her.

River ultimately discovers that the man she's been having this adventure with is actually the Doctor, with a new face she doesn't have a record of, thinking he only had 12 regenerations and that she'd already seen his last one. The pair later crash-land on the planet Darillium, where River had told the Doctor in "Forest of the Dead" that they would have their last night together.

He uses time travel to ensure a perfect date, gives her the sonic screwdriver that she had in "Silence in the Library", and comforts her by revealing that the nights on Darillium last "24 years", giving River a happy life spent with the Doctor before her impending death in the Library.

In series opener " The Pilot ", a photograph of River is seen on the Doctor's desk in the university in which he is lecturing, beside a photograph of his granddaughter Susan Foreman.

River is also referenced in the episode " Extremis ", and it is revealed that she ordered her employee Nardole Matt Lucas to keep an eye on the Doctor for her in the event of her death. The serial helps explain the depth of the relationship shared by River and the Doctor — despite only appearing in 15 14 plus one flashback, as of episodes of the television series — when Amy Pond discovers that the Doctor goes on dates with River when Amy and Rory sleep at night in the TARDIS.

The Doctor is able to be rid of the two future Rivers, but not before learning from his future self that one of them is shortly to die in the Library adventure where he first met her. River appears in a further direct-to-DVD mini-episode included with the series 7 box set, "Rain Gods". Kingston provided voice acting and motion capture physical acting for the character. During these appearances, River avoids directly meeting with the Eighth Doctor to preserve the timeline; in Diary she communicates with him over a distorted radio transmission, and in Coalition she initially only assists his companions, although she later meets the Doctor directly while wearing a 'psychic wimple' while disguised as a nun, the wimple presenting her with a different face to anyone who has not already met her she establishes a temporary psychic link with the Eighth Doctor while he is drifting in the Time Vortex in Doom Coalition 4, in which he expresses a subconscious recollection of other meetings with her in his past, but this brief flash of memory is lost when the Doctor is rescued.

This box set was released early on Christmas Day She will return for a fourth and fifth series, with the fourth series seeing River meeting the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and the fifth season pitting River against four different versions of the Master Geoffrey BeeversDerek Jacobiand the Big Finish debut of Eric Roberts and Michelle Gomez as their incarnations of the Master.

Casting[ edit ] For the role of River Song, whom executive producer Russell T Davies described as "sort of the Doctor's wife", the production sought to cast Kate Winslet. On Kingston's casting, Davies said, "I bloody love her! She later learned that Moffat had always intended for Song to come back for return appearances.

river song and the doctor relationship goals

On Doctor WhoI've no idea what some of my lines mean! I've done guest roles on other shows, but rarely have I felt such a warm bond.

When you hold people in awe, it's almost a disappointment when they come in and they're utterly normal. But Alex isn't disappointing at all. She's such a lovely person. When she's telling you stories about hanging out with George Clooneyyou know she's pretty cool. Moffat knew that the team of archaeologists would have to trust the Doctor, but the Doctor's psychic paper could not explain and convince the team why he had appeared in a sealed-off library.