River song and the doctor relationship

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river song and the doctor relationship

i.e. the exact amount of time The Doctor and River Song spent River again at some point given the timey-wimey nature of their relationship. Professor River Song (born Melody Pond) was a "child of the TARDIS" and the She loved the Doctor dearly, and shared a long-lasting relationship with him. I doubt he and River were sexual, but the Doctor has definitely had children in the past. The parents of Susan, for example.

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However, before disappearing River points out that her continued presence indicates that Clara has not been destroyed by entering his time stream, and, therefore, he can save her. When the Doctor next encounters River, in " The Husbands of River Song "as the Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldishe does not initially recognise him and he is able to learn more about what she is like when he is not around.

The Doctor accompanies River from her perspective, shortly after "The Angels Take Manhattan" on a scheme to obtain a rare diamond.

river song and the doctor relationship

He learns that in addition to him, River has had several spouses, both male and female, and is not above ruthless behaviour as she goes about her work. He also discovers that she truly loves him, but that she also genuinely believes that he does not love her back. She feels that the Doctor is above such petty emotions as love, and that he would never willingly jeopardise himself simply to help her.

River ultimately discovers that the man she's been having this adventure with is actually the Doctor, with a new face she doesn't have a record of, thinking he only had 12 regenerations and that she'd already seen his last one.

river song and the doctor relationship

The pair later crash-land on the planet Darillium, where River had told the Doctor in "Forest of the Dead" that they would have their last night together. He uses time travel to ensure a perfect date, gives her the sonic screwdriver that she had in "Silence in the Library", and comforts her by revealing that the nights on Darillium last "24 years", giving River a happy life spent with the Doctor before her impending death in the Library.

In series opener " The Pilot ", a photograph of River is seen on the Doctor's desk in the university in which he is lecturing, beside a photograph of his granddaughter Susan Foreman.

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River is also referenced in the episode " Extremis ", and it is revealed that she ordered her employee Nardole Matt Lucas to keep an eye on the Doctor for her in the event of her death. The serial helps explain the depth of the relationship shared by River and the Doctor — despite only appearing in 15 14 plus one flashback, as of episodes of the television series — when Amy Pond discovers that the Doctor goes on dates with River when Amy and Rory sleep at night in the TARDIS.

The Doctor is able to be rid of the two future Rivers, but not before learning from his future self that one of them is shortly to die in the Library adventure where he first met her. River appears in a further direct-to-DVD mini-episode included with the series 7 box set, "Rain Gods". Kingston provided voice acting and motion capture physical acting for the character. During these appearances, River avoids directly meeting with the Eighth Doctor to preserve the timeline; in Diary she communicates with him over a distorted radio transmission, and in Coalition she initially only assists his companions, although she later meets the Doctor directly while wearing a 'psychic wimple' while disguised as a nun, the wimple presenting her with a different face to anyone who has not already met her she establishes a temporary psychic link with the Eighth Doctor while he is drifting in the Time Vortex in Doom Coalition 4, in which he expresses a subconscious recollection of other meetings with her in his past, but this brief flash of memory is lost when the Doctor is rescued.

river song and the doctor relationship

This box set was released early on Christmas Day She will return for a fourth and fifth series, with the fourth series seeing River meeting the Fourth Doctor Tom Baker and the fifth season pitting River against four different versions of the Master Geoffrey BeeversDerek Jacobiand the Big Finish debut of Eric Roberts and Michelle Gomez as their incarnations of the Master. Casting[ edit ] For the role of River Song, whom executive producer Russell T Davies described as "sort of the Doctor's wife", the production sought to cast Kate Winslet.

On Kingston's casting, Davies said, "I bloody love her!

river song and the doctor relationship

She later learned that Moffat had always intended for Song to come back for return appearances. On Doctor WhoI've no idea what some of my lines mean!

I've done guest roles on other shows, but rarely have I felt such a warm bond. When you hold people in awe, it's almost a disappointment when they come in and they're utterly normal. But Alex isn't disappointing at all. She's such a lovely person. When she's telling you stories about hanging out with George Clooneyyou know she's pretty cool. Moffat knew that the team of archaeologists would have to trust the Doctor, but the Doctor's psychic paper could not explain and convince the team why he had appeared in a sealed-off library.

Therefore, Moffat intended for the Doctor to know one of the archaeologists, but decided that idea was "dull" and instead decided to have one of them know him. They eventually changed the title to "Forest of the Dead", being unwilling to actually broadcast an episode with the acronym " ARSE ".

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River has a lot of skills and knowledge that were thought lost with the the disappearance of the Time Lords. The Doctor who usually abhors violence and weapons of any sort, doesn't seem that bothered by River's propensity for violence. River often foreshadows events in future episodes. She refers to their final meeting in her first appearance. She also warns the Doctor that soon he will learn truth about her and 'I'm sorry, but that's when everything changes'. Other characters complain about their flirting and arguing like an old married couple.

Fanon The introduction and continued reappearance of River Song, inspired much fan debate and speculation on who she was. Siskoid's Blog of Geekery gives just a brief snapshot of some of the theories out there at the time. Was this the doctor's wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter or maybe even an old school friend? Was River a future incarnation of the Doctor or Amy?

The familiarity between the characters allowed fans to interpret their relationship in anyway they wanted. The flirtation between The Doctor and River lead to many fanworks in this pairing, even before their canonical relationship was revealed. Some early fics examined the Time Traveler's Wife dynamic of their meeting in more detail.

River has been more divisive than almost any other character in Doctor Who history. Regular visitors to this blog will know that my love for her is unending. Her combination of lavish camp, gun-toting badassery and desolate heartbreak makes her my perfect woman.

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Some fans find River too smug and theatrical. Kingston has attracted criticism for vamping it up just a bit too much — something that was becoming a problem around the time of Let's Kill Hitlerand has, thankfully, been dialled down since.

The ongoing plot that would reveal her as Amy and Rory's daughter, kidnapped and brainwashed to kill our hero, was a bold and intricate development, but it gave rise to accusations that the show was becoming too complicated, which in turn became a stick haters used to gleefully beat the show. But most of all, River's detractors are the people still clinging to the notion of a sexless Doctor, a noble hero above such human fripperies as love. That seems to me the most curious argument of all.