Ross and emily meet

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ross and emily meet

We're gonna have a lil' chat about a hot-button issue: Ross and Emily's wedding, and how he said "I take thee, Rachel" at the altar. Ross did. "The One with Ross' Wedding" is the two-part fourth-season finale of the American television Ross and Emily's wedding vows are ruined when Ross accidentally says "I, Ross, take thee Rachel"; as the registrar asks Emily if he should. You guys, come on, this is - I have to meet Joshua! . No such file or directory in / home/rossand/public_html/scenes/ on line

Joey impresses him with a video recording of Sarah, Duchess of York who played herself.

ross and emily meet

Emily takes Monica Courteney Cox and Ross to the hall where the wedding will be, but they discover it is being demolished earlier than originally scheduled. Monica later suggests Emily postpone the wedding until everything is perfect.

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She passes the thought on to Ross, angering him; he tells her people have flown from America to be there and that it is "now or never"; she chooses "never". Monica berates Ross for his insensitivity and Ross apologizes to Emily, showing her the ceremony can still take place in the half-demolished hall that he has tidied up.

Jack and Judy have volunteered to pay for half of the wedding expenses but when they discover extravagant costs Ross spends much of the evening trying to bargain down his future in-laws.

Friends - Rachel flies to Athens, Ross is trying to catch up with Emily

Chandler makes a toast that is not well received by the guests and Monica is taken aback when a drunken guest mistakes her for Ross's mother. She and Chandler console each other over alcohol and wake up in bed together the next morning. Rachel eventually boards a plane, after forgetting her passport, and annoys other passengers including guest star Hugh Laurie by telling them about her relationship with Ross. At the hall, she sees how happy Ross is with Emily and just wishes him luck.

Phoebe phones Joey to hear the wedding, to the annoyance of Ross. As Ross says his vows, he accidentally says Rachel's name rather than Emily's, leaving a shocked registrar to ask Emily if he should continue, while the camera shoots from character to character, settling on a shocked Rachel.

ross and emily meet

Producer Greg Malins is quoted as saying "We had to come up with a storyline that would cause all the Friends to go to London [ Felicity, the bridesmaid who Joey entices, is played by Olivia Williams. Further cameos were made by Sarah Ferguson as herself, Richard Branson as the vendor who sells Joey a hat, and Hugh Laurie as the man sitting next to Rachel on the plane.

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Rachel briefly dated Joshua Burgin in season four. He was played by Tate Donovan and appeared in five episodes. How did Rachel meet Joshua?

He was a waiter at a restaurant she went to with Monica. He answered her personal ad. He was her client when she was a personal shopper. He stopped someone who was trying to steal her purse.

ross and emily meet

Other than Ross and Rachel who met, of course, as kids with Ross being Monica's big brother and Rachel being her best friendthe main couple of "Friends" was Monica and Chandler. Friends first and married later, when did they originally meet?

One of Phoebe's few serious love interests on the show, David the scientist guy, played by Hank Azaria was first introduced in season one. Though he moved away very shortly after he began seeing Phoebe, he did pop up a few more times over the course of the series.

Where did David and Phoebe meet? The topic of many, many jokes over the seasons was the fact that Ross was married and divorced three times.

ross and emily meet

His second marriage, to Emily, was not much of a marriage at all but was a main storyline in seasons four and five. How did Ross and Emily first meet? She was a student in one of his classes. She was the niece of Rachel's boss and Ross took her out as a favour to Rachel. She was a nanny hired by Carol and Susan to look after Ben.