Sam and dean meet adam

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sam and dean meet adam

While the show is great, and watching Sam and Dean hunt down John and Kate met when he was injured on a hunt (and Kate was the nurse. The last we heard Adam's name, was S10Ep5 'Fan Fiction', when Sam and Dean asked (the producer of the musical), “That's Adam Milligan, Sam and Dean's half-brother. When we meet him, he's technically a ghoul who stole his face. Sam and Dean are contacted by one Adam Milligan who claims to be John Winchester's son. The boys immediately suspect a demon trap and go to investigate.

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Adam accepts after being promised his mother's return, though he is warned about his half-brothers before he is resurrected under Zachariah 's supervision. He awakes beneath the ground where his funeral pyre was held and crawls to the surface to find Castiel waiting for him, the angels originally meant to greet him lying dead nearby because of him. Castiel teleports an unconscious Adam to Bobby Singer 's house, much to the amazement of Sam and Dean. Adam is skeptical of their plan. Adam regains consciousness when Castiel engraves Enochian runes on his ribs to keep the angels from locating him.

Adam formally meets his half-brothers and informs the Winchesters the angels warning him about them and tells them of his deal with the angels and his intention to say "yes" to Michael as he'd get to see his mother again. Though they are confused as to how Adam can qualify as a vessel for Michael, Castiel deduces that because Adam is of the Winchester bloodlinehe is eligible to contain Michael's essence, despite the prophecy that foretells Dean as the one and only candidate.

However, Dean doesn't want him to share that fate and slips away. Sam later catches Adam trying to sneak out and speaks with him. In the talk, Adam is again distant with his brother even stating he'd have settled for anything to have a father like John which leaves Sam at a loss.

Adam is then put in Bobby's care while Sam searches for Dean. Meanwhile, Adam dreams of the park his mother used to take him to when he was little and is greeted by Zachariahwho insists that the Winchesters are not to be trusted and that if he cooperates with the angels he will get to see his mother again. Adam is initially doubtful, seeming to have started trusting his brothers somewhat, but agrees at the promise of seeing his mother.

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Adam gives Zachariah his location and the angels promptly snatch him out from under Bobby's nose. Dean tries to save Adam They take him to the Green Room where they had imprisoned Dean which Dean refers to as the "Beautiful Room" and Zachariah reveals that he has been lying to Adam all along.

sam and dean meet adam

According to him, Adam's sole purpose was to lure Dean into a position where he would have to say yes to Michael, which proves successful when the Winchesters arrive to rescue their brother, surprising Adam, as he didn't think they'd really come. As Dean helps him, Zachariah appears and tortures Adam and the sneaking Sam until Dean agrees to become the vessel, but this is a ruse as Dean provokes Zachariah into letting his guard down and uses the chance to stab him with an Angel Bladekilling him instantly.

Adam's last moments with Dean.

sam and dean meet adam

Dean helps Adam up and tells him to move as he gets Sam up to escape the room just as Michael descends but the door slams shut behind them, trapping Adam in the room with Michael's true form. Dean smashes the door open to find the room gone, along with Adam and Michael. The archangel Michael in Adam's Body. When Lucifer tries to convince Michael to join him and rebel against HeavenMichael refuses and prepares to fight his brother until Dean loudly enters the cemetery in the Impala. Upon seeing Michael in Adam, Dean says "Adam, if you are in there somewhere, I am so sorry," but Michael replies by saying "Adam isn't home right now.

Before either archangel can act, Castiel uses a molotov cocktail of Holy Fire on Michael and indirectly, Adambanishing him from the cemetery for a time. Lucifer then destroys Castiel for this act.

As Sam regains control of his body and is about to jump into Lucifer's CageMichael tries to stop him and both end up falling in. Despite Sam's release from the Cage, Adam is still trapped with Michael. Dean picks Sam inevitably, leaving Adam trapped in the Cage with Lucifer and Michaelwhere he remains now.

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Sam initially didn't realize who the student was imitating until Maeve told them and reminded them that he was still stuck in the cage, leaving an uneasy feeling with them. Adam is briefly seen as Michael's vessel in the memory. The two capture Sam and turned out to be ghouls that reveal they are the children of the Ghoul that John killed years ago and that they wanted revenge on him so they killed people who he was close too in the town and intended to lure him back. Since John was already dead, Sam and Dean had to pay the price for his crime against their family.

Adam's "mother" then taunts Sam by revealing to him that the real Adam was indeed his and Dean's brother before describing his death, to Sam's anger. Meanwhile, Dean discovers Adam's body in the crypt before returning to save Sam. After arriving, Dean kills the ghouls, avenging Adam's death. Sam and Dean then give a hunter's funeral for the brother they never knew. Yeah, well I guess the monster that ate me didn't get that memo. When Adam wakes up, he questions who they are since it's not the same Adam they met a year ago which was a ghoul pretending to be him but the real Adam.

Sam and Dean then inform the surprised Adam that they are his brothers, though Adam knows their names and is distrustful of them due to what the angels told him about them in Heaven.

He demands to know where Zachariah is as he tells the boys he is Michael's vesselwhich surprises Dean. This motivates Dean even more to say " yes " in order to spare Adam of this fate. Sam later tries to reason with Adam using John, but Adam retorts that he didn't consider John as his father just a guy who took him to a baseball game once a year; nothing more.

Adam then tells Sam and Dean that his mother was his family not them as Sam responds that they need time and they have a plan. Adam asks what the plan is, and Dean remarks on the power of love being the plan. Sam just begs Adam for more time. Dean tries to save Adam Adam would try to sneak out but is caught by Sam who talks to him but once again Adam is distant towards him as Sam remarks with his attitude that he'd fit right in with the family.

In a dream, Zachariah tricks Adam into telling him where he is. He tells Adam that Sam and Dean are not to be trusted while Adam shows he has somewhat trusted their word as he says they said the same about Zachariah. However, Zachariah convinces him that the Winchesters care about each other more than Adam. When Adam goes missing, Sam and Dean go after him. They manage to find Adam who realizes he has been tricked who is surprised and touched they would come to his aid as Dean states he's family.

Adam tries to warn Dean about Zachariah's trap, but it's too late.

sam and dean meet adam

Zachariah easily tossed a sneaking Sam aside and begins torturing Adam and Sam so Dean will say 'yes', having brought Adam back to use as bait. Seeing both his brothers in pain, Dean caves and tells Zachariah to call Michael.

When Dean notices Sam's disappointment, he kills Zachariah instead. They all attempt to escape the room before Michael arrives. Dean picks Adam off the floor and leaves him to walk on his own when Adam assures him that he's fine. Dean carries Sam towards the exit with Adam following behind. However, the door closes before Adam can get out. Dean tries to help Adam, but he can't open the door.

Sam takes Adam shooting

When he does, the room and Adam are gone. Later on, Sam and Dean are sad at failing their younger brother and believe the worse has occurred to him.