The pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

Discuss the relationship between two characters

the pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

Thus it might be that the people of the Gulf trust things of the spirit and things of the the American Dream: a better life for Juana, Coyotito, and him~elf.~ .. and Juana's views of the pearl are, in relation to this, extreme; and both con- tribute to . Brina said: John Steinbeck's chilling novella The Pearl is the short story selection First published in , The Pearl is the story of Kino, Juana, and their baby. What do both he and Juana fear? Evaluate Kino and Juana's relationship. What traits (such as trust or love) have you seen in real life, in books, or in movies .

What happens at the end of the story to end this conflict for Kino? What does Kino decide to do? Can you identify any external conflicts Kino faces throughout the story? Chapters 4—6 Investigate, Inquire, and Imagine Recall 1a. What evidence does chapter 4 present that shows that Kino is not likely to receive great financial benefit from the pearl? What act of violence does Kino commit, and why?

What happens in chapter 5 that causes Kino to decide to take his family north? Toward the beginning of chapter 6, when Kino thinks about what the pearl will bring him, he no longer puts his family first. What does he think of instead? Who follows Kino and his family? What happens to Coyotito and to the people who follow Kino?

the pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

How is the existence of the pearl affecting the people around Kino? How is it affecting Kino himself? Do you think that owning the pearl will make Kino's life better or worse? What do you think causes Kino not to think of his family first? How might the events from chapter 5 and the beginning of chapter 6 lead to his new priority? Why does this incident make Kino no longer want to keep the pearl?

What evidence can you find from chapters 4—6 that shows that Kino's life has changed since the first half of the story? How has the pearl changed in Kino's view at the end of the novel? What has Kino learned from his experience? How might his life now be different? What does this story teach us about wealth and love?

Do you agree or disagree with the ideas it brings forth? Find an example from real life, from books, or from movies of a person who has suddenly become wealthy. How was this person affected? How did it affect that person's family? Did that person change for the better or for the worse?

What symbols did you find in The Pearl?

the pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

What does the pearl symbolize to Juana? What is the rifle a symbol of? What is the doctor a symbol of? By using symbolism, an author creates many layers of comprehension for a reader.

Do you think the author was successful in presenting a story that could be read with different levels of understanding? Juana is startled by this and looks to Kino to see if he means it. With wealth, one can learn. And with knowledge, one can think for oneself and not depend upon the wisdom of the colonizers. At the same time, the desire for education is the desire to escape one's current situation, one's current culture.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Active Themes Kino continues to prophesy, declaring that his son will read and write and make numbers, and that he and Juana will know things through him. Never having spoken so much in his life, Kino stops, afraid of what he has spoken unknowingly.

Kino is used to listening and being told what to do.

It is unusual for him to have declared so much without knowing whether it will come to pass. Active Themes The neighbors acknowledge the marvelousness of this moment and imagine how it will be remembered in years to come.

If Kino accomplishes these things, they muse, it will be recalled as a moment of empowerment; if he fails to, it will be recalled as a moment of foolishness. His speech is a turning point, either to brilliant success or to devastating failure. He has made his dreams known; that is something he can't take back.

Active Themes Kino looks down to see that his knuckles are scabbing. Active Themes Juana begins to make a fire and the neighbors remain. Word comes that the priest is coming to the brush house. Now that Kino is wealthy, the priest seems to want him even more to remember Christianity. Perhaps he hopes for a donation? Active Themes Kino begins to hear the song of evil, but knows not what brought it on. Greed and danger begin to surround the family, without a single identifiable source.

It seems that everyone wants something from him.

The Pearl by John Steinbeck

Kino nods obediently and Juana reports that they plan to be married. The priest blesses them approvingly and leaves. Kino and Juana perform their obedience to the Father and to his Christian values, like good native subjects. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The neighbors leave to go to their own houses, and Kino stands outside, feeling alone and unprotected though hearing the Song of the Family from behind him. He recognizes that even his fellow townsmen have become possible sources of harm.

Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The doctor arrives at the brush house, proclaiming his intention to see the baby, with his servant in tow.

the pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

Kino feels this too, and yet he feels powerless in the face of the doctor's knowledge. Active Themes Kino replies that Coyotito is almost all better, but the doctor retorts that there often appears an improvement before a worsening. He is manipulative, always looking for ways to assure Kino that he knows how to treat a scorpion sting. Active Themes Kino feels trapped between rage and fear, but finally lets the doctor enter.

Kino can see the blue, and feels he must trust that the doctor knows what it means and that it means anything. Kino does not want to submit to the white doctor as his ancestors had, but he also does not want to deny his son the proper treatment that the doctor might provide.

He opts for giving in to the doctor, because how can he deny his son care? But the story implies that the doctor may be manipulating Kino and Juana. Active Themes Related Quotes with Explanations The doctor feeds Coyotito a capsule with white powder and gelatin, predicts that the poison will attack before an hour is over, and promises to return then.

Is the doctor healing Coyotito, or is Coyotito already healed and the doctor is poisoning him just to be able to take credit for later saving him?

the pearl kino and juanas relationship trust

Active Themes When the doctor has gone, Kino wraps the pearl in a rag and hides it in the floor in the corner of the house. The pearl is too dangerous, too valuable to keep exposed. Active Themes The neighbors speak of the events of the day. A school of fish glitter in the estuary. The shy dog watches the brush house. The neighbors gather when they hear of the sickness.

Active Themes The doctor returns and declares that he is able to defeat the effect of the poison. The doctor claims that the baby will improve and Juana looks at him admiringly. The doctor feigns to not have heard about the pearl, and offers to secure it in his safe. Active Themes When everyone has left, Kino listens to the sounds of the night and then reburies the pearl in a hole under his sleeping mat.

He know sees that it makes them a target to all others, who want it for themselves. Then he hears a small sound from the corner of the house, which he recognizes as the sound of feet and fingers.