Timon and pumbaa meet simba costume

timon and pumbaa meet simba costume

Pumbaa and Timon sing "Hakuna Matata" to Simba, during which they teach the .. Pumbaa meets Ma and Uncle Max and devises a plan to keep the hyenas .. for the Pride Landers' song and Pumbaa's costume is more than enough of a. This is how Timon and Pumbaa costumes have changed over the years. Simba Makeup Rafiki Costume, Lion King Costume, Lion Dance Costume, Baby Lion Audrey Logeais, maquilleuse pro, met à l'honneur les méchant•es de.

Notable examples are in " To Kilimanjaro Bird ", where Timon callously steals a bowlful of bugs from a baby eagle and is initially reluctantly about babysitting the eagle in retribution; in " You Ghana Join the Club ", he needlessly steals a watch from a lion when retrieving a set of jingle bells; in " How to Beat the High Costa Rica ", after Timon and Pumbaa retrieve a case full of stolen money from Criminal QuintTimon squanders it all on himself instead of taking it to the police; in " Kenya Be My Friend?

In these instances, it is usually Pumbaa who is the voice of reason and helps Timon to make the right decision. Other than those times, Timon is also shown to be caring towards his friends and is still shown to have heroic characteristics.

Timon, along with Pumbaa, found Simba when the cub had succumbed to heat exhaustion and was about to be eaten by vultures before they scared them off. Timon was hesitant to take in a predator, but Pumbaa suggested that they could teach him to be on their side. Timon initially laughed at the idea, but then took the idea for his own. When Simba woke up, they taught him their life philosophy, "Hakuna Matata".

They also introduced Simba to a diet of bugs to keep him from one day eating them. They lived happily with Simba until his childhood friend Nala arrived to search for help.

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Trying to find out why Simba and Nala stopped fighting suddenly, he walks in between them and shouts about what is happening with them. After learning that Simba is the king of the Pride Lands, and that he was going to reclaim his kingdom, Timon was at first doubtful, but when Simba confirmed it, he was exceedingly enthusiastic about it, feeling a great sense of power.

When he and Pumbaa see Simba and Nala falling in love, he is regretful about losing Simba, eventually becoming heartbroken by the whole event. Later that night during a nap, Nala awakens Timon and Pumbaa asking where Simba was. Oblivious to the three, Simba has returned to Pride Rock to reclaim the throne. Fortunately, Rafikia mandrill friend of Simba and his father Mufasa, informs the trio by simply saying the king has returned. Timon joins Nala and Pumbaa as they race to meet up with Simba.

With all four standing near a desolate Pride Rock, Timon questions Simba if they are going to fight his Uncle Scar for his home. After Simba confirms so, Timon replies by saying that he is with him to the end and bows.

At Pride Rock, he and Pumbaa dance the hula to distract the hyenas so that Simba and Nala could get by and Simba would have a clear shot at Scar. He and Pumbaa then fight off numerous hyenas before he is chased by Shenzi and Banzai into Scar's cave and takes cover in Zazu 's cage after Scar confessed to the pride at what he had done to Mufasa. Pumbaa rescues both him and Zazu while in a fit of rage after being called 'Pig' by Banzai who along with Shenzi ended up thrashed and fleeing out of the den.

At the film's end, Timon is shown standing on top of Pumbaa, while claiming great praise alongside him, Simba, and Nala, as heroes of the Pride Lands. The Lion King II: Timon, along with Pumbaa, are first seen in the ceremony of the blessing of baby Kiara. He was telling Pumbaa that they'll sure have some pretty good times with Kiara like how they had with Simba, until Rafiki tells them that Kiara is actually a girl, making both Timon and Pumbaa faint in shock as a result. It is unclear whether Timon and Pumbaa have taken up residence at Pride Rock, or just make frequent visits.

They serve as aides to Simba and are often called upon to keep an eye on his adventurous daughter Kiara so in a way replacing Zazu's role as babysitters. Despite being bumbling, Simba trusts them to look after Kiara and does not blame them when Kiara runs off as he knows what Kiara is like. When Kiara goes on her first hunt, they are hired to make sure she won't get hurt.

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After running away from his home in the Pride LandsSimba passes out due to heat exhaustion. As a flock of buzzards begins to surround Simba's unconscious body in preparation to eat him, Timon and Pumbaa arrive, scaring the buzzards away as part of their game, Bowling for Buzzards.

As the buzzards retreat, Pumbaa spots Simba's body. He asks Timon if they can take him in, but Timon refuses because Simba is a predator.

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However, Pumbaa convinces Timon that they could teach Simba to be on their side, and they take him back to the jungle.

At the jungle, Simba awakens and befriends Timon and Pumbaa. They teach him the philosophy of Hakuna Matataand offer him a spot in their home. At the same time, they explain Pumbaa's 'problem. Underneath the joy, however, Simba's past begins to haunt him, as he feels his father's death was his fault. One day, while bug hunting, Pumbaa is spotted by a hungry lioness, and a chase begins. Pumbaa gets stuck in a raised tree root, and desperately tries to break free. Timon arrives and attempts to save his friend, but to no avail.

Simba suddenly arrives and battles the lioness. After the battle was over, the lioness reveals herself to be NalaSimba's childhood friend. Pumbaa and Timon are introduced to her, and learn that Simba is a king and that his uncle Scar has taken control of his kingdom during his absence. Timon, however, feels that Nala will destroy the Hakuna Matata trio, getting Pumbaa to believe so as well. Later on, Pumbaa and Timon are woken up by Nala, who is looking for Simba. RafikiSimba's mandrill friend, appears and tells them that Simba has returned home to reclaim his throne.

At Pride Rock, he and Timon dance the hula to distract the hyenas so that Simba and Nala could get by, and Simba would have a clear shot at Scar. With Simba and the other lionesses engaging hyenas after Scar confessed at what he had done to Mufasa to the pride, Timon and Pumbaa both charged into battle in the same way they did with buzzards in an attempt to fight them off. During the fight, Pumbaa comes to Timon and Zazu 's rescue, expressing anger when Banzai called him a pig, charging straight at him and Shanzi before easily thrashing and chasing the both of them out of the den.

Timon and Pumbaa Costumes Through the Years

The Lion King II: After the events of the first film, Pumbaa and Timon appear to have taken residence in Pride Rock although the third film suggests otherwisealongside Simba and the other lionesses. Once the birth of Simba's cub finally arrives, Timon and Pumbaa are overjoyed, believing their relationship will be similar to their brotherhood with Simba.

However, the duo realizes it might not be once Rafiki reveals the "little guy" is a girl. Months later, after Kiara has become a playful cub, Timon and Pumbaa are tasked by an over-protective Simba to constantly babysit the cub and keep her out of trouble.

The duo spends a morning doing just that, until their childish bickering distracts them from their mission, allowing Kiara to wander off on her own, meeting a rogue lion cub named Kovu once she does.

Kovu is the son of Ziraa follower of Scar and enemy of Simba. Zira eventually finds the two playing together and prepares to kill Kiara until Timon and Pumbaa, along with Simba, Nala, and the other lionesses arrive on the scene.

Forbidden to return to Kovu and more cautious than ever with Kiara's well-being, Simba constantly instructs Pumbaa and Timon to babysit the princess, all the way through her adolescence, much to Kiara's dismay. At one point, Kovu is taken into the pride after rescuing Kiara, and Timon and Pumbaa are the first to grow a fondness for him.

When they hear Kovu is truly working for Zira, however, they immediately revoke their views, feeling betrayed.

timon and pumbaa meet simba costume

Afterward, Kovu is banished, and Kiara rushes out to find him, leaving Pumbaa and Timon worried sick just as a war between the Pridelanders and the Outsiders Zira's pride breaks out. Timon and Pumbaa join in the battle, but the war is put to an end due to the efforts of Kiara and Kovu who officially reforms for the better. In the end, peace and harmony reign supreme, and the Pride Lands becomes one with the Outsiders upon the death of a bitter Zira.

timon and pumbaa meet simba costume

Kovu and Kiara marry, and Timon and Pumbaa tearfully join in the festivities, alongside Zazu. In the third Lion King film, which explains the origins of Timon and Pumbaa's friendship, Pumbaa is the film's deuteragonist.

He is first seen in the middle of some grassland, stalking a frightened Timon in the shadows until they meet face to face, horrifying each other.