Tinashe meet and greet tickets

Hop on Tinashe's 'Joyride' at the TLA

tinashe meet and greet tickets

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My regrets lie with the venue. The whole room they crowded us into was dark with like a purple-ish glow. The paperwork swore up and down there'd be no autographs but Tinashe autographed anyway. She was the sweetest person I've met in quite some time and I regret that her time with her fans was so short.

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Meet And Greet lasted maybe half hour as each person met her for mere seconds and then she was shuffled off to the back. We were forced to stay in the venue and wait literally two hours for the concert and no one was feeling that. We couldn't step outside for anything. One girl actually had the in with Tinashe's mother and she was getting furious waiting for the concert to start.

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Even the security guard said that was some mess and no one ever took this long. This kinda made us wonder why the Meet And Greet couldn't be longer. I mean we were literally almost pushed out of the way with her. She was beyond nice. The people with her weren't having it.

There was clearly time. Two hours standing waiting for a concert in a room? People were getting mad. To pass time I went to go purchase some Tinashe stuff. Come to find out that's also where we were to snag our VIP memorabilia but yeah, they kinda messed up. A good portion of us didn't get the VIP laminates and it was all in a cheap plastic grocery bag.

So they'd mail the laminates to us they said.

Hop on Tinashe's 'Joyride' at the TLA

It took them awhile to set up for people to purchase anything. I was kinda mad about that as well, everything in there could easily be found online. I was kinda hoping for some new stuff to show up there and then show up in the store after the tour. They had no bags to put the stuff in. So I bought some Tinashe stuff and had to stuff it in this tiny plastic bag with my autographed poster.

tinashe meet and greet tickets

That was a very bad look and the whole concert I had to keep adjusting my stuff so as not to bend the poster. The guy who came on before Tinashe was decent, Ryan Helmsworth. I was amazed when he started blaring Life of Pablo but no one else caught that. Then when Tinashe came out the crowd went crazy.

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So for me, I just want people to be a part of the experience during the tour as well, and with the album when it comes out. I want it to feel fun and full of adventure, and it's exciting, it's dangerous, like they don't know which direction it's going to take. I got that vibe from the trailer. You've said this is going to be darker than your debut album, "Aquarius.

I wouldn't say the entire album is darker, but I would say that some songs explore a different kind of space. It really touches on a lot of different emotions and feelings. It's diverse in that way. There have been some delays with the release. What's going on with that? That happens often with artists, especially with the business that goes into putting out an album.

It was expected to come out at the beginning of the year and end of last year. We just had some delays, and, hopefully, everything will come out great and the album will come out soon. Sometimes, that's how it has to be. Is there a date? I don't have a date yet, but like you said, it's all about timing right now, and being on the new tour and being able to perform the new music. Getting to reconnect with my fans is really important to me, and, hopefully, that'll get everyone excited for the album.

You said you were nervous about performing songs the audience had never heard from the album.

tinashe meet and greet tickets

How has that gone so far on tour? People have been jamming out to them, even though they don't know the words. It's just different when they don't know the songs. I didn't know what to expect. In the trailer for the album you say, "I can't be ignored. I feel like just, in general, in life, I've always kind of been the underdog. People underestimated me, and that's been an ongoing theme in my life. I'm just going to show people through my actions.