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tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

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Is it blatant bias? When the reality is that many women are heads of households and are making the tough decisions daily that men make.

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Read the entire piece here. Current KDKA staff, talent and past personalities will attend the celebration. Plans were finalized with the Pittsburgh Post to acquire election returns by telephone.

tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

The election night broadcast began at 6: Talk radio is alive and well and ready for future generations — thanks, in large part, to Hillsdale College. The Michigan-based liberal arts school is rooted in educating young people about the United States Constitution and the principles that give it meaning.

tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

Center for Constitutional Studies and Citizenship. The Monday night celebration included some big names turning out to show their support.

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Hewitt inaugurated the Boyle Radio Studio with a live broadcast of his three-hour nationally syndicated program. Miller, director, Dow Journalism Program. Speaker Ryan was very upbeat as he breezed through the crowd and shook hands before and after his radio interview with Hewitt. Details to come on how broadcasters can utilize this service to the industry. Night asks about her stance on marijuana. Klopfenstein opposes marijuana legalization and argues Mayor Bao Nguyen is just supporting it to further his own political career.

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Klopfenstein wants to attract more business and tourism to increase revenues. She points to the Harbor corridor in Garden Grove near Disneyland. She speaks of two specific projects that would generate enough revenue to not only wipe out the deficit but also grow revenue to hire more police. Huang advises that she should study more about pensions. Matthews moves and Fuentes seconds to recommend Klopfenstein for endorsement.

Night asks about her endorsement by the Garden Grove fire union. Klopfenstein speaks of being close to Scott Weimar of the fire union. She says Janet Nguyen, who endorsed her, was also endorsed by the fire union.

She states she has accepted campaign contributions from the fire union. Night moves to recommend neutrality.

tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

He expresses concern that she is new to politics and unfamiliar with pensions, considering the role of the fire union in pensions.

Matthews is concerned that she signed the no-union-money pledge. Huang is concerned an endorsement recommendation would be inconsistent with Central Committee directives. Next up is Brea City Treasurer. Richard Rios is the incumbent.

He speaks of his long record of conservative activism. He speaks of his record on city finances. He speaks of his career.

He is worried about the explosion of government spending. Huang asks about the Placentia embezzlement issue and what reforms he has pursued. He can only recommend investment changes to the City Council.

He notes his opponent also supports that. He says his opponent is experienced primarily in Real Estate Investment Trusts, which are not suitable for city investments while his own experience is more pertinent, being in stocks and bonds. Matthews moves and Young seconds recommending Rios for endorsement for re-election. Next up is Ocean View School District. Patricia Singer speaks of her conservative family.

She is a wife, mother, and real estate agent who is active in the PTO. She says schools improve property values. She supports smaller class sizes. She supports the school bond. She says OVSD has never passed a bond before. Young asks about the bond.

tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

Singer argues that one bond is acceptable, not three or four like neighboring districts. Matthews asks about alternatives to bonds. Singer argued the asbestos issues ducked up all the facilities money that the bond would replace.

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Matthews suggests getting a bank loan instead of a bond. Singer says that was already done for one school, but it is not an option for the other 12 schools. Huang asks Singer about the four unions endorsing her. Singer confirms she is endorsed by the OC Labor Federation and other unions.

tony amezcua and tracy williams on flirt

She says she has not take union money. Huang asks what solutions Singer would have if the bond fails like in Singer says she would pursue greater cuts. Singer argues it is a last resort option because the district is in a dire position.