Toriel and asgore meet

toriel and asgore meet

Toriel and Sans meet Asgore (Undertale Parody) - YouTube. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye. Asgore before Toriel and Asgore later had a son, Asriel, and adopted the first human to fall into the Ruins. The tragedy of his. How would Toriel or Asgore react to what happened to their son and the fact that's he . If I may, we have already seen Asgore meet Flowey.

Toriel can be surprisingly intimidating with her eyes, as the first Froggit can attest. Do Not Call Me "Paul": She kindly reminds a character to not call her by her ex-husband's surname, which is also likely her wish of not wanting to be associated with him.

She also gets upset at her ex-husband calling her "Tori".

toriel and asgore meet

One of the reasons she wants nothing to do with Asgore anymore. She didn't condone his plan to begin with, but she absolutely despises his cowardice and unwillingness to go all the way with it, which is making all monsters suffer for who knows how long.

Toriel saves you from Flowey and is accompanied by a calm, soothing melody, helping establish her motherly, caring nature. A rather unusual one for a motherly, kind character, but it's pride. Back when Asgore declared war on humanity and started killing humans she didn't even try to stop or reason with him, she just left.

She even had a better solution at hand, but refused to contact to reach out to Asgoreas she perpetually feels "better" than him. Whether or not this is true is highly arguable, as while Asgore undeniably has blood on his hands, Toriel also shares it on some level as she was well aware that he was killing humans, yet did absolutely nothing to stop him. Not to mention that while she had no issue in flaunting a better solution to Asgore, she didn't even make the tinest effort, in any way, to free monsterkind.

This is made more obvious in one of the neutral endings in which Asgore dies. It results in Toriel returning as queen, but Undyne rebels and kicks her out almost immediately as she is plain useless in giving monsterkind hope for freedom. The Farmer and the Viper: Toriel rescues you from Flowey, guides you through the ruins, and give you a place to stay.

If you don't spare her, then this trope is in effect. She knocks out Flowey within a few minutes of the beginning gameplay, but doesn't kill him; she treats Asgore the same way during a Pacifist Run while showing that she had a better plan for breaking the barrier, but wouldn't go through with it because she doesn't kill. Likewise, she tries not to kill you when blocking you from leaving the Ruins, and her fireballs stop hitting you when your HP is low enough.

God Was My Co Pilot: Toriel was the queen of the Underground, but abdicated the throne out of disgust at Asgore's plan.

She ascends back to the throne in some of the neutral endings, and is the default character to do so if she survives. Good Is Not Soft: If Toriel weren't The Fetteredshe could easily become the most formidable ruler in the Underground. When given the opportunity, she will fight anyone that tries to hurt you, including her ex-husband, will fight you to keep you from leaving the Underground, and destroy the one-way exit to the Ruins.

Not to mention that she came up with a better plan to reap the seven souls needed to break the barrier than Asgore did, but wouldn't do it herself because of her Thou Shalt Not Kill policy. Go Out with a Smile: In the former, she takes her death in stride, knowing that the child can survive outside the Ruins. But in the latter or if you go through the effort of sparing her, then attack her at the last momentshe laughs while cursing both you the player and the child with her last breath.

This is part of her boss battle of the Ruins, hoping to encourage you to go back to bed and take a nap. No matter what happens, whether she lives or dies, she doesn't end up happy. Is willing to die if you prove yourself strong enough to leave the Ruins, and is befuddled if you insist on sparing her until she eventually lets you go.

Subverted if you're on a No Mercy Run and she realizes you are a figurative monster. She can send Flowey and even Asgore Blown Across the Room with a single fireball, annihilate enemy bullets, and perform powerful healing magic casually, but you will never see her go all-out in battle against you She accuses Asgore of inaction when he could have bypassed the seal with only one human soul, killed six more and broken the Barrier.

However, even after Asgore started killing people childrenshe never lifts a finder to try and stop him. Her "plan" amounts to try to convince the people to stay with her in the ruins, which never works She is well aware that the people that leave her die, but she only confronts Asgore when he is on the verge of getting the seventh. For calling him out so severely about killing people, Toriel herself literally just let it happen, all while knowing they were dying, and only did something about it when the situation was critical I Want My Beloved to Be Happy: She allows the child to leave the Ruins, because she knows they would be unhappy growing up in their confines, without peers or friends.

With Sans, as they both enjoy bad jokes. She won't even allow this for Asgore. King in the Mountain: It often is a king, but doesn't have to be. Ironically, the title fits Toriel better than him, since she fled society to isolate herself in the Ruins. If you kill her when she has begun her speech and stopped attacking you or if you are on the Kill 'em All route, her last moments will be a painful smile about how much she misunderstood you before laughing and dissolving.

A variation of it plays again when Toriel suddenly comes back in at the end of a True Pacifist run plot, again, in a Big Damn Heroes moment. A part of it also plays during Asgore's fight. For you, and for every child that falls Underground. Flowey and Asgore reveal this to the player the hard way. She saves the protagonist from a seemingly-hopeless situation twice, once from Flowey and then again from Asgore. And, as noted above, if you come to her with very low health, she is not happy about it.

In the Golden EndingAsgore winds up the groundskeeper at the same school Toriel runs. If it wasn't for her, he would have killed you as soon as you left the ruins.

Or so he says. Also, in a way, to the player. Every interaction with her in the beginning of the game is designed to make the player want to play the game as a pacifist without forcing them. During the Pacifist Run ending, to Asgore. The minute she appears, saves you from fighting, and calls out Asgore for being a "cowardly whelp," he abandons the fight as well. She solves the first "puzzle" in the game for you, tells you the solution to the second, and literally holds your hand through the third.

She also scares away early random encounters for you. And at two different points, you can't advance in the game unless you ignore her instructions to stay put while she does something important. It is all played in a very endearing light, though. It is very difficult to die to her, as her bullets will actively avoid you when your health reaches a certain point. If you do manage to die to her, her split-second expression before the screen goes black is a shocked gasp.

In a much more sinister tone, if the player is on a No Mercy route, she comes to realize she wasn't protecting you, but the monsters outside the Ruins from you. Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! If you're on a No Mercy route, then her helping you is what allows you to reach the rest of the Underground.

In the Boss Battle against Toriel, she consistently acts cold and aloof, but will display a sudden expression of shock and horror if she accidentally kills you. Also, as you keep pressing the Spare button during a Pacifist Run, she will start to look doubtful, tear up, and give a sad smile while trying to convince you to either fight or go back upstairs.

Then she'll hug you at the end while ordering you firmly not to come back. Toriel is kind and motherly, but the few times something breaks her cheerful demeanor she is dead serious. Including the ones that she's rescued in the Ruins, the Fallen, and Asriel.

When she finally knocked him down, Asgore was overjoyed, much to the surprise of Undyne. Asgore kept training Undyne until she became the head of the Royal Guard.

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Undyne has knowledge of Asgore's favorite type of tea, and the fact that he often gets marshmallows stuck in his beard when he drinks hot cocoa, implying that he often visits her home. Asriel Asriel was Asgore's biological son. Asgore loved him dearly, equally as much as he did the first human. Asriel's habit of using words such as "howdy" and "golly" likely came from his father, as did, potentially, his lack of naming skills, having dubbed his flower form " Flowey.

It is implied Chara made the "Mr. Dad Guy" sweater for Asgore. He may even have believed them to be the Angel of the prophecy, as he also states he thinks the protagonist is the Angel immediately after noting they and Chara have "The same feeling of hope in [their] eyes. I know he'll do it for YOU. His last name is an anagram of "murderer. When attempting to name the fallen child "Asgore," the response becomes "You cannot. During Asgore's boss battle, he conceals his face by looking downward, showing his reluctance to fight.

He is genuinely unable to force himself to look at the protagonist, his attacks are all over the place and vaguely pointed at the protagonist's direction. Even when he backs out for the swipe attack, he is not actually looking at the protagonist. Another interpretation of this sprite is a menacing grin. However, given Asgore's kind and sorrowful personality, this is unlikely.

It is possible that Asgore is the Santa Claus of the Underground that leaves presents under the tree in Snowdin. However, since Asgore's son, Asrielis dead, Asgore cannot age. Asgore's voice can be heard in the Game Over screen, and when the protagonist goes back to sleep in Toriel's Home after sparing her, killing her, or going to sleep enough times.

The lines seen here were spoken to the first human on their deathbed. Asgore's overworld sprite features a replica of the Delta Rune laid over his cape and connected to his pauldrons, but the replica is absent from his battle sprite. Asgore has attempted to make the Underground safer. Archived April 8, For as long as you remain here My wife and I will take care of you as best we can.

I do not want to hurt anyone. You have the power Take my soul, and leave this cursed place. I just want to see my child. There's a Santa Claus outfit inside. If you weren't my house guest, I'd beat you up right now! Deep, deep in my soul. There's a burning feeling I can't describe. A burning feeling that WON'T let me die. Now this chilly pink stuff that Alphys makes me Alphys helped measure out the mud tiles for this puzzle.

It was a lot of work, but we got to make sand castles after.

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I mean it's not that he's weak. He's actually pretty freaking tough!

I HATE YOU (Underswap Asgore and Toriel) song from IF/THEN

He'd get ripped into little smiling shreds. You know what would be more valuable to everyone? Y'know, I was a pretty hotheaded kid. I couldn't land a single blow on him! Be nice to them, okay!? All he did was lie seductively on the piano And fed himself grapes. I don't really like that guy. But I admire his lifestyle. Oh yeah, Shyren lives around here.

I used to give her piano lessons. Every day, people come here an wish to the stars Alphys[ edit ] Oh. I didn't expect you to show up so soon! I haven't showered, I'm barely dressed, it's all messy, and Well, that was certainly something. A long time ago, I made a robot named Mettaton.

toriel and asgore meet

Originally I built him to be an entertainment robot. Anyway, recently I decided to make him more useful. You know, just some practical adjustments. I was originally going to stop you, but Watching someone on a screen really makes you root for them.

S-so, ahhh, now I want to help you! Using my knowledge, I can easily guide you through Hotland! Of c-course, when I saw you coming, I immediately decided I have to remove those features! Unfortunately, I may have made a teensy mistake while doing so. Now he's an unstoppable killing machine with a thirst for human blood?

It can do texting, items, it's got a key chain I even signed you up for the underground's No. Now we're officially friends! This p-puzzle is kinda Y-you see those switches over there?

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Y-you'll have to press all three of them within 3 seconds. I'll t-try to help you with the rhythm! Like giving away puzzle solutions. But if you need help, just call me, ok? F-f-fortunately, I might have a plan! When I was upgrading your phone, I added a few You see that huge button that says I must not have added enough fuel! Even when it's something like this, I Great job out there, team!

toriel and asgore meet

Why didn't you head to the right? Y-you trust me, d-don't you? This isn't anyone else's problem but mine. I'm gonna stay inside and watch anime like a total loser! Just think about how cute they must have been together. It's quickly becoming my number one ship of all time.

You have NO idea. A woman can dream though, right? A LOT of fanfiction. If you flipped my switch, that can only mean one thing. You're desperate for the premiere of my new body. Lucky for you, I've been aching to show this off for a long time.

I'll make your last living moments I'm still going to win! Asgore[ edit ] I so badly want to say, 'would you like a cup of tea? Nice day today, huh? Birds are singing, flowers are blooming Perfect weather for a game of catch. Just think of it like A visit to the dentist.