Trey songz meet and greet

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trey songz meet and greet

I purchased tickets, but no info on the meet and greet yet I just wanted to know how this works If someone could let me know that would be. Anyone who knows me knows I am a Trey Songz fan, so when I found out he was coming to the Hampton Roads, VA area to do a meet and. Buy tickets for an upcoming Trey Songz concert near you. I bought my.

Sep 12, - It is very quick, you go up to him get your picture done, get your hug, say a couple of words and yur out of there.

Trey Songz Workout Party – Meet and Greet

But I would do it again in a heartbeat, he is the best and so sweet. He fussed over my daughter, we had front row seats and he gave his shirt to my girl. He's the best, whenever I have the opportunity to meet him believe me I will. His team got in touch with me about five days prior to the show, we had to be there at 6p. We all me in a designated area and were all taken back together, but you went one at a time in the room and there was only one other person in there with him, the person taking the pics, and there was someone at the door.

You picked up all your vip material at the ticket window when you get there.

trey songz meet and greet

It's all very smooth and organized. But he is wonderful and very warm. Hope this was helpful for you. Sep 11, - I got to meet him last night yes it sure did feel like we were a herd of cattle. But he's such a sweetheart very humble and smelled so good lol!

I can't wait to meet him again for 30 more seconds lol Aug 29, - I will let you know how it goes How did your picture turn out? I need to figure out what shoes to wear for this picture lol Aug 29, - Uggg that's just wrong cynthia.

trey songz meet and greet

Well did he at least seem nice? Our help didn't come until a security guy suggested we complain to the box office. At this time, our hearts had sunk and Yvonne almost in tears.

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  • Trey Songz Meet and Greet

So the box office saved the day by upgrading us to floor seats row B. We got a great view of you. We got good pictures.

You made eye contact with Yvonne and she says it's now official. You are her husband. One day we shall meet you in person. I'll make sure that happens. She has missed this opportunity because she can't come to clubs yet. I bet you she prays for you daily.

trey songz meet and greet

She loves your character. The fact that you love kids.

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She says you are beautiful and the most handsome man on the planet. She says God took his time making you.

trey songz meet and greet

I've never seen Yvonne adore anyone and is not shy to admit it publicly the way she adores you. Your music is awesome. Your performance was the ultimate experience for us especially being so close to the front. May God continue to reward you in your talent.