Up carl and ellie meet

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up carl and ellie meet

The romance of Carl and Ellie is the foundation of the entire film UP. The two meet as children, both fans of the adventurer and aviator Charles. Ellie Fredricksen is Carl Fredricksen's late wife in Up. Ellie was Carl's In her youth (age 8), Ellie met Carl (who was 9) and they instantly became best friends; .

The single greatest fictitious love story of all time that I think I can get the greatest number of men and women to agree on.

up carl and ellie meet

It makes me cry every time I watch it. Pixar Carl and Ellie: The two meet as children, both fans of the adventurer and aviator Charles Muntz.

Ellie Fredricksen

Ellie, a spunky and upbeat tomboy, is challenging and exciting to the shy and introverted Carl. After their introduction we see their entire life play out in montage.

up carl and ellie meet

They marry and buy the old house where they met and make plans to travel and see the world. The couple faces setbacks both financially being unable to travel and personally being unable to have children. We see them care for each other and grow older until, one day, we see Ellie unable to make a climb up their picnic hill.

up carl and ellie meet

Most love stories only cover the initial phase of any romance. In the early stages of romance, things are exciting and new, spontaneous.

This is the stage you see in every other Disney movie. Princess meets the Prince, they face a challenge together and are quickly married. I knew jack about love, caring for a wife, raising children, etc at Not to mention governing a monarchy.

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In your average romcom or animated feature, the characters have the equivalent of 3 dates before they settle down together for a long life of happiness. It reminds me of pre-marital couples counseling.

My soon-to-be wife and I had been dating for several years, all through our education, and knew each other very well. Contents [ show ] Up Ellie was Carl's childhood sweetheart and wife. Her idol along with Carl was Charles F.

up carl and ellie meet

Her life with Carl and subsequent death were what inspired Carl to embark on his adventure in the film. Biography Early Life Young Ellie In her youth age 8Ellie met Carl who was 9 and they instantly became best friends; she passionately shared with him her dreams of travelling to South America, along with her desire to move her clubhouse -- an abandoned house in the neighborhood -- to a cliff overlooking Paradise Fallsmaking Carl promise to help her; a moment that left a deep and lasting impression on him.

Adult Life Ellie lying down next to Carl as a young adult Years later, Ellie and Carl as young adults married each other and decided to turn her old clubhouse into their new home, then became employees of the local zoo a zookeeper and a balloon salesman respectively.

UP! Carl & Ellie meet

Their marriage was a happy and loving one, and they looked forward to starting a family together. Alas, Ellie suffered a miscarriage and learned that she was sterile and could not have children; the tragedy broke her heart.

‘UP’ Is The Greatest (Fictitious) Love Story Ever

Carl then showed Ellie her old Adventure Book to remind her of the childhood promise that brought them together, quickly bringing her out of her depression. Over the intervening years they made several attempts to save up for the trip, but other pressing needs in their lives forced them to keep spending their earnings.

up carl and ellie meet

Ellie and Carl in their elderly years Death Ellie eventually forgot about the promise as her and Carl's marriage continued to flourish blissfully into old age.