What are the keys to a successful relationship

6 keys to a successful relationship - Relationship Rules

what are the keys to a successful relationship

Successful relationships are built on a few essential elements. According to my experience, here are the key things that one needs to do to. The three keys to a successful relationship are having that sexual spark. Beyond that you must be best friends and most importantly you must be compatible life. 8 Keys To A Successful Relationship 2. Laugh. I believe it's important to laugh together as much as possible in a romantic relationship.

Of course, many tried hard but realized splitting up made more sense. But across the board, most individuals bailed when things got tough. That is simply not good enough. The main reason why is because half of the roughly 74 million children 17 years and younger in the US were part of these breakups.

what are the keys to a successful relationship

That is a lot of long faces around kitchen tables. Our kids absorb, inherit, and become who we are and what we do. We owe it to them to do more work on ourselves! The work you do right now on yourself, in your relationship, echoes through eternity. That is how far the molecules of your emotional intelligence stretch and there is ample evidence to support this. I knew though that the relationships we grew up around were unexamined and unseasoned. I just knew there was big stuff inside both of us.

Five marriage counselors later, along with 3 kids girls4 dogs, 2 sets of in-laws, 4 houses in 2 countries, 8 jobs, 12 years of graduate school loan payments, and 9 years of counseling other couples, my relationship with my wife flourishes.

But I have been relentless in my desire to use the interactions with my wife for self-awareness. I continually probe and challenge my wife and myself by asking the hard questions that often create friction, and then using these mutually fired up emotions to smoke out my own self-doubt, fears, and longings.

The only way to really know who that insecure year-old boy is inside of me is have his feelings be called up. And our wives know where that boy lives. Communication is key to getting through these stumbling blocks and it is the greatest priority for a relationship to thrive and grow.

In order for the two of you to become more connected, you must be willing to be authentic and honest with each other. Often, we are willing to tell our closest friends how we feel, but we won't open up to our partner for fear of being rejected. Women experience emotional intimacy through verbal communication, while men express their emotions more through action and physical touch.

The Keys to a Successful Relationship

In most breakups instigated by women, the female partner has been grieving the relationship loss prior to leaving. Men, however, go along thinking everything is fine even though there is a total lack of communication and the woman has stopped expressing her feelings and needs.

The man in her life often misses this sign that shows the woman has given up and is ready to leave. I've spoken to countless men who lost the woman they loved and didn't understand what happened. The mate tried to voice her needs and the man just didn't get it.

Instead of trying to clarify what is wrong, the male partner often just ignores it and thinks it will go away. While ignoring these important communications does make it go away, the consequence is that the female partner will go away as well.

6 keys to a successful relationship

Sometimes the reverse occurs and it's the man who wants his woman to talk and share what she is thinking and feeling. Instead, the woman avoids intimacy and connection and won't open up to him. These kinds of women are often looking for something that is less intimate and more materially satisfying.

Consider the case of a man who has focused solely on his wealth and career for the majority of his adult life. He is now in his mid forties — single — never married — no kids. Now that he has built his wealth, he wants to find someone with whom he can share his life.

The problem is that he has not developed his emotional side. He has been alone for so long that his opinion is the only one that counts. He does not know how to be giving and compassionate. Pessimism attracts pessimism, optimism attracts optimism and love attracts love. People who love freely find and nurture love.

what are the keys to a successful relationship

Do not be afraid to give without expectation of return. If you are a loving person it is easier to be loved. Open Yourself Up The more you open yourselves up to each other the deeper your connection is. You must bare your soul. All your hopes and dreams, your fears and your fantasies.

She needs to see what is written in your mind and then she can truly love you for who you are. If you hide parts of yourself away you are not being honest and you are only showing part of yourself. It requires great courage and the ability to overcome fear in order to completely open up. But it is something you should always be striving for.

A greater understanding of the other and a deeper connection. Accept Her Failings We all have our shortcomings. We accept them in our friends and family.

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We must accept them in our partner as well. This can be the hardest because we are exposed to their failings so often. But you cannot change someone. To love them you must love them for all that they are. Do not lose your identity in the relationship. You need some personal space and some time to work on your own identity and your own goals. Give her this freedom as well.