What episode do klaus and caroline first meet

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what episode do klaus and caroline first meet

23 episode of The Vampire Diaries was more than just a milestone for The Did you stand up and cheer with Caroline hooked up with Klaus?. The Vampire Diaries, an American supernatural drama, was officially renewed by The CW for a full episode season on February 16, The first episode premiered on September 9, , at 8 p.m. ET. The arrival of the original vampires, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Klaus Mikaelson (Joseph Morgan), also bring about. They first interacted in Our Town, when Tyler accidentally bit Caroline after being ordered to do so by Klaus, First Met. August 31, (The Reckoning) Klaus wanted to show her the world and believes that one day, she'll let him do so.

Then he asked her to leave. The distraction just happened to be Caroline, she walks into The Grill, Kol called her a "tasty little thing" which leads Klaus to say "Say another word, and I'll tear out your liver. He calls out to her and she responds "Are you serious?

Your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life. Klaus feels a puncture in his heart; he gets in a rage, asking her what she did. Klaus lets her go, realizing what happened: At the end of the episode Klaus burns the sketches he drew of Caroline, trying to burn his feeling for her as well.

When Tyler asks her about it she doesn't respond. At first she rejects but then Tyler agrees so she does. While they dance he revels he is leaving the next day. Caroline responds with anything but relief. He says he would invite her to go with him but she's not ready yet. He tells her he'll show her "what the world has to offer" if she shows up on his doorstep one day.

Caroline scoffs, hurting Klaus's feelings. Caroline nods and thanks him. He looks at her, touched then runs away. Caroline looks back at the way he went, then went home.

Although, Klaus is really in Tyler's body unknown to Caroline. While Caroline is crying Tyler is sating "You're strong and you have a beautiful future ahead of you. Klaus then pretends to start dying, and tells Caroline to leave. When she doesn't go Klaus starts to turn her into a wolf to get her to leave. They find Bonnie to do the reverse spell, when she refuses, he starts ripping out Tyler's heart, which make Bonnie do the spell. Klaus thinks somethings going on between them.

Tyler walks into his dad's old office Klaus is siting in his chair. Klaus tells Tyler he thinks while they were gone he and Hayley shared a passionate moment, and then remarks "Caroline has no idea. She tells him he wants him to give Elena back, Klaus replies she needs his help. He doesn't want to bother Caroline with the details because she has to much to deal with already-referring to the "fake breakup". He then offers her a drink and she accepts, keeping Klaus occupied.

Meanwhile, Elena runs away from Stefan, Caroline confesses to trying to distract Klaus, which makes Klaus mad. It catches his attention and he gives her ten seconds. It is later revealed that Caroline convinced Klaus to sacrifice one of his Hybrids to stop Elena's hallucinations by agreeing to go on a date with him.

She tells Klaus to meet her the next day at the Lockwood Mansion, and warns him not to think to buy her anything so much as a corsage- referring to the dress he got her in season 3. The next day when Klaus arrives he asked her hoe he looks to which she replies "You're They talk about the cyber-bond. Klaus pulls out a paper from the previous year, it is Caroline's Miss mystic Falls application and taunts her by reading some of her responses out loud, they both end up laughing.

Tyler Listens in on their conversation and hears Klaus tell Caroline there was one time when he did think about being human. Klaus finds her at The Grill studying his painting. Caroline says she needs a drink to which Klaus replies hats there thing and then Caroline replies they don't have a thing. Later Caroline and Stefan feel bad for betraying Klaus.

He asked if he has compelled her, or if Elena is a little mad, or if its just the sire bond. He then asks what he says to her. This peeks Damon's interest. Damon asked if this has to do with Caroline.

When Did Klaus and Caroline Meet on The Vampire Diaries? You Ask, We Answer

Caroline tries to get Tyler to leave, but refuses to watch Klaus in his misery. Klaus tries to get Caroline to call Bonnie to let him out but Caroline refuses and says she would never help him. He then points out all the good things hes done, but then Caroline replies with the bad things hes done, that his charms couldn't make him forget about all the bad things.

Caroline refuses to talk about him anymore saying he's not worth the calories she burns talking to him. This causes Klaus to go into a rage and stakes her with a lamp post, then he bites her, surprising Caroline.

Later Caroline is panicking over what Klaus has done. Tyler tries to calm Caroline, then confronts Klaus reminding him that Caroline will die if he doesn't giver her his blood. Klaus tells Tyler to beg to save Caroline's life,he refuses, but quickly gives in and begs Klaus. Tyler offer to be Klaus' slave if he heals Caroline. Caroline, hurt, ask Tyler to help her leave the room, unable to look at Klaus.

The next day, Caroline's health grows worse, Tyler brings her back downstairs, so Klaus can see her. They do this trying to play off Klaus' feelings toward Caroline, that the sight of her dying will make him want to save her.

He tells her that her death is nothing personal, but a means to gain power over Tyler. Later, Caroline who is almost at death lies on the couch, Klaus refusing to look at her, Caroline warns her again that if he doesn't giver her his blood she will die. Klaus accepts it bitterly, knowing that Tyler will learn his lesson. Caroline asks him why he does all the evil things, to which her replies he's pure evil. Caroline argues that he only acts like this because he is hurt. This captures Klaus' attention.

She continues saying that anyone who is capable of hurting is capable of being human. He moves closer wondering why she thinks that. She says shes seen his humanity, and she wishes she could forget all of the horrible things he's done. He then asks her id she could forget, she doesn't answer but says she knows he's in love with her, and anyone capable of being in love is capable of being saved.

Her death not far off, she adds she guesses she'll never know. At that point Klaus' bite takes full effect on Caroline's body. Panicked, Klaus repeats her name a couple times, when she doesn't respond he bites his wrist and offers it to her, she responds to his blood holding his arm while she drinks as he strokes her hair. They asked Caroline to get Klaus' sword so they could translate Jeremy's tattoos aka the photos Bonnie took and send them a map and directions.

Klaus wouldn't hand the sword over, After getting off the phone, Klaus asked Caroline if she needs any help which she said no to. Caroline and Tyler found the sword in Klaus' attic. The handle is a cryptex "I've seen the Da Vinci Code," -Caroline so they basically had to twist parts and read Aramaic, which of course Klaus knew.

There's only one dose of the cure. Klaus, who'd wisely, decided that he could help Caroline and Tyler read the cryptex and keeps that important information to himself, shouted it out to Rebekah when Caroline phoned her to say they were emailing the translation and directions. Later, Tyler leaves town, because Klaus would start coming after him. Caroline begged him to let her try to fix things with Klaus because she didn't want to say goodbye to him again.

what episode do klaus and caroline first meet

Caroline tried to convince Klaus that he didn't have to forgive Tyler, he just needed to let him live far away from Mystic Falls. Klaus repelled, and it turned off into a conversation about whether Caroline would take the cure if she had the chance. She likes being strong, ageless, and fearless. Caroline turned it around on Klaus: We heard the epic love theme in the background.

Caroline said a tearful goodbye to Tyler. Also all together heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time was her response: For her sake, he said it. He slowly walked away. And Caroline sat there crying. Klaus walked out of Elena's house. He told Caroline he assumed he was free because something had happened to Bonnie. Still upset by what happened the night before, she is seen drinking from a leftover beer cup as Klaus walks in.

He notes what she is trying to do before she asks what he's doing here. Klaus pities with her before joking about drinking something more sanitary. In an act of defiance, Caroline takes a sip from another cup before discarding it in the trash.

Klaus steps forward and points out that it was Tyler's intent to kill him and that it's not fair of Caroline to hate him for driving him away in response. Caroline disagrees, suggesting that she does hate him before telling him to go away. Stefan interrupts at this point, informing Caroline that Stefan asked Klaus to come; that they could use his help because he thinks Silas is in Mystic Falls. Still in the Salvatore house, Klaus helps himself to a drink as he questions Stefan's assumption that Silas is back in town.

He suggests that it is Elena who is responsible for the missing hospital blood. Stefan denies Elena's involvement. Stefan explains that Silas wants to die to be reunited with his true love, but because he's supernatural if he dies he will be stuck on the supernatural other side. However, if Silas destroys the other side altogether, he can take the cure, die, and pass on, but that means the dead supernatural on the other side will be returned to this side. Caroline underscores this by pointing out that every werewolf, witch, and vampire - including the many that Klaus has killed will return, wondering if Klaus cares yet.

Klaus concedes that his interest has been piqued. He asks Stefan how they can stop Silas. From Bonnie, Stefan has learned that Silas needs three massacres to do the spell, noting that two have already been completed aka the Young farm explosion, and Klaus' hybrid slaughter. He concludes that Silas is in Mystic Falls to complete the third massacre. Stefan believes that there will be something in his office that will reveal Silas's next move.

Caroline jokes about the existence of an evil villain to do list that casually lists stealing blood and performing three massacres alongside more human activities like picking up dry cleaning.

When Caroline arrives at the ball, Klaus notices her immediately. However, his greeting is rebuffed as she soon rushes to find a drink instead. Klaus partners her during the waltz, during which she spends a lot of time staring over at Matt and Rebekah whilst giving an excuse of being unprepared as the reason she had worn his gown. Klaus counters by asking Caroline why she is wearing his bracelet as well. Before she can reply, he compliments her dancing abilities and she declares that she is Miss Mystic Falls and Klaus confirms that he knows as much.

Later, Klaus approaches Caroline outside whilst she is watching a horse and they discuss their respective relationships with their late fathers.

what episode do klaus and caroline first meet

Klaus relays a story of how one of his horses was once killed as his father tried to kill him. Again, Caroline reminds him that she is a good person and likes people and people like her, unlike him.

She then turns and walks away. He also shows her his collection of art, revealing that he is also an amateur artist and that her bracelet had once belonged to "a princess almost as beautiful as her. Caroline and Klaus Caroline is then surprised to learn that the beautiful drawings before her are actually that of Klaus' own. He then offers to take her to see the beauty of the world, offering to take her to Rome, Paris, and Tokyo, which makes them smile.

Caroline asks what is like to get whatever he wants at a snap of his fingers and comes to the conclusion that this is why he creates hybrids. The smile on Klaus' face falls and his voice deepens with threatening undertones telling her to stop making assumptions and to leave.

what episode do klaus and caroline first meet

Klaus tries to impress Caroline by showing her his artwork Ignoring his words she continues to voice her realization that the reason he does this is because his father never loved him and so he believes that no one else would. She tells him the reason he doesn't connect with people is because he doesn't try. Caroline walks away in anger. Klaus' angered face falls in shock of her brutal honesty towards him.

He almost follows her but stops himself. When Caroline returns home, she finds out that he has left her another gift on her bed. Caroline discovers that he has drawn a portrait of her with a horse, and thanked her for being so honest with him. While looking at the drawing that Klaus drew for her, she has this confused and touched look on her face.

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Caroline is invited for a drink by Kol and Klaus In All My ChildrenDamon concocted a plan to try and get Elena out of harms way by trying to find a loophole; If one were to stab an original, all four would fall excluding Klaus.

In order to do so, he needed a distraction so that Alaric could puncture Kol without Klaus knowing. This so happened to be Caroline. As Caroline walked into The Grill, Kol made a pun toward her, calling her a "tasty little thing", leaving Klaus to act protective over her and reply, "Say another word, and I'll tear out your liver.

Caroline and Klaus Klaus gulps his drink down, then follows Caroline as she walks outside, almost getting hit by a car. He calls out to her and she responds, "Are you serious?

She replies that she just wants him to leave her alone, as he still insists for her to "take a chance, talk to me, get to know me. She asks him, "What do you want to talk about? Your hopes, your dreams, everything you want in life. Klaus later feels a puncture in his heart, and goes into a rage, asking her what she did.

She responds that she didn't do anything, he grabs her, asking her again.

When Did Klaus and Caroline Meet on The Vampire Diaries? You Ask, We Answer

Her response is still, "I didn't do anything. Klaus lets her go, and knows what has happened: At the end of the episode, Klaus burns the sketches he drew of Caroline, trying to burn his feelings for her, as well. When questioned on it by a recently returned Tyler, Caroline was unable to produce an answer as to why she still has it in her possession. At first she rejects him but says yes after Tyler agrees to it. While they danced, Klaus tells her he's leaving the next day. Caroline responses with anything but relief.

He says he would invite her to go with him but he knows she's not ready yet. He tells her that he'll show her "what the world has to offer" if she shows up on his doorstep one day. Caroline just scoffs, hurting Klaus' feelings. Before Klaus leaves the dance, he promises Caroline that she'll soon be bored with her "small-town boy" and her "small-town life" and that it won't be enough for her.