When did ct and diem first meet quotes

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when did ct and diem first meet quotes

Who could forget the first time that CT and Diem kissed? The entire When I met him, I was just off of chemo and it felt like family," she said. [quote]CT showed up at the Challenge Greatest Moments taping in NY [B]Note :[/B] Looking at Diem's (friends) Myspace account, it has her .. That is the only way I could describe him after the first time we met at MTV. First, a disclaimer: I don't watch reality television. Sure from The Real World: Paris, and Diem came to the Challenge as a “fresh meat” import. It had happened two months before, in the no-quotes real world. history—including CT, Cara Maria and Johnny Bananas, a man who has never had a real job.

In her first season, we see Diem reveal her recent diagnosis of ovarian cancer, later we see her fall in love with CT, we watch her come back after chemotherapy wearing a series of wigs, we watch her take the wig off and embrace her gorgeous shorn head. We watch her get stronger.

when did ct and diem first meet quotes

We watch her get more and more beloved by everyone around her. It had happened two months before, in the no-quotes real world. I cried in my kitchen in Charlottesville. I wrote a fucking poem about it. She gets so sick that she is airlifted out of Panama to New York for emergency surgery. This is the beginning of her final decline; she will die in November. In episode two, she looks amazing.

when did ct and diem first meet quotes

When you watch this with the knowledge that she does in fact die only a couple months later, it feels like only a degree or two away from a snuff film. It also feels like she was plucked from her previous seasons and repurposed only to be killed, just to show that someone is serious—like Giles in Buffy Season 8. No one else knows it, though. Not at the time. CT is there; he does his best.

Later he will propose to her in the hospital; I will search for every scrap of information. He and many other cast members will post tributes and remembrances; I will feel obscenely frustrated. I will want more details. I will want video. I will have to remind myself that she is a person, not a character, and I am not entitled to her death scene.

They had been living together the whole time.

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That is cruelty, heartbreak; it makes great television. Reilly, or Humbert Humbert. I never feel that I know them, not in the same way.

I take these characters—these people—at face value.

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So yes, of course, part of why I love the Challenge—maybe a big part—is that it is pure, gossipy snack food. Look at the hot people run and climb over things. Season 29 is called The Challenge: Invasion, and it features a new format: So yes, I have inducted my very patient partner into the Challenge—at first he watched because he liked me quite a bit, and because he too was a teenager in the prime era of The Real World, and now he is equally obsessed.

I mean, admit it: This is just how human beings function. I have problems with the show. It often glorifies violence and drunkenness it also punishes those things, if unevenly. I understand with all that she has been through it is hard to rail against her, but I really got the impression that there was something nefarious going on in that head of hers Log in or register to post comments January 11, - 4: She thought it was completely inappropriate for Diem to use her illness to seek any special consideration from the cast which she constantly did.

She was there to compete just like everyone else. Beth and others also understood Diem's relationship with Derrick on one challenge and CT on another for what it was -- a simple, yet abhorent, strategy. I must not be really watching these challenges!

when did ct and diem first meet quotes

First I am clueless about Evelyn and now I missed the fakery with Diem! I must have missed the last challenge alltogether.

The Truth About Diem Brown's Relationship with Chris 'CT' Tamburello

Log in or register to post comments January 12, - She's been barely noticeable. Log in or register to post comments January 12, - 2: I do think Brooke is capable of using Evelyn to get more air time though. Log in or register to post comments January 12, - 5: She has been through a tremendous struggle with cancer, and I appreciate that. However, I think on two challenges she has been called to the Gauntlet or whatever elimination round all of TWO times.

And both times she has honestly thrown a total hissy fit, as though she's above it or there should be special consideration for her. I don't know if I completely believe she used CT. I definitely think he may have used her, but it never occured to me that it was mutual.

when did ct and diem first meet quotes

She seemed to really like him from what I could tell. Or maybe she's just a very talented actress?