When the magic is gone in a relationship

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when the magic is gone in a relationship

First, let me get the disclaimer out of the way: My relationship is far from perfect. I can do to strengthen my relationship after a particularly trying time It will help you reconnect to that early sense of magic and adventure. There is a common misconception that in romantic relationships, we ride an initial biochemical high, but after that's over, we return to the realm. But what if you sense your relationship has gone cold? Saving a suffering You both created the magic, detail by detail. You both formed this special bond by.

In that first critical session, we must make the tentative decision together as to whether there is hope for regeneration. That conclusion is based on the answers to six questions: Do both partners want the same thing? Is there enough energy left in the relationship to give them the fuel they need to repair and recommit?

when the magic is gone in a relationship

How have they resolved traumas in the past or are they buried in repetitive patterns that have never worked? Are they running away before they've given resolution a chance? Are there underlying, hidden issues that are sabotaging their chances to reconnect? Do they still want to try? In the next few crucial hours of therapy, we often are searching for those answers in midst of hostility, hurt, injustice, or the need to justify winning. Sometimes one partner has the role of the injured party and the other is remorseful and humiliated.

At other times they are two people who have been building up relationship conflicts that have never been resolved and have now become emotional cancers out of control, now finding a voice because of a current crisis. Their styles of battling are exaggerated and helpless and they are not able to hear the other in the din of their own pain. Other couples are in a war of silence; the first to speak with any attachment to connect loses power.

As we process what has brought them into therapy and identify the origins of their distress and the negative patterns they've rehearsed, I am looking for eight rays of hope that will tell me, and them, that we have a chance.

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Despite the most terrible of betrayals, the most anguishing of hurtful behaviors, or the most discouraging of disappointments, these subtle but crucial revelations can predict whether or not they can find their way back to the love they once knew.

When I see them, no matter how infrequent or indistinct, I know that we can work towards resolution.

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Attentiveness When one partner is speaking, however his or her tone of voice, the other partner is looking and listening to what is being said. Even if there is disagreement, it is evident that what is being communicated is still important. The partners may have a history of interruption, over-talking, dismissing, or minimizing, but will stop those behaviors when I ask them to and redirect their attention to what the other is saying.

If I ask either of them to repeat what the other partner has communicated, they genuinely try. When I ask them what they think the other is feeling or meaning, they want to learn to tell me.

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When either partner begins to cry or can't talk, the other stops the interaction until that distressed partner can resume. I see that both are capable of stopping their own drivers-to-be-the-righteous-one and to remember that there are two of them in the room.

Concern Couples who have lost each other's trust and support, whether just recently, or over a long period of time, still may show concern when either expresses authentic heartbreak.

They may not be able to use soothing words or gestures, especially if being blamed in the moment, but they show consideration for their partner's distress by their body language or facial expression. It is as if they know where the breaking point is and do not want to go there. Compassion rules over dominance when the other partner drops into a genuine place of heartache. Shared Humor There are times when I've been with a distressed couple where it appears that the hostility between them has taken over the relationship.

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They are arguing about the way they are arguing. They are unable to find anything in the other worthwhile to listen to. They are interrupting, invalidating, and yelling at one another. I feel like a referee in a professional emotional boxing match. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, one of them refers to an experience they've shared in the past, or something that is happening between them, and they both start to laugh. The tension is immediately gone, even for just a moment, and both are looking at one another as if they are really just good friends playing at hating each other.

Even if the fight resumes, it is evident that what they are talking about is not all of who they are and I know I can get them down under their self-destructive interactions. De-escalation Every couple knows how far is too far.

when the magic is gone in a relationship

Sadly, that underlying knowledge does not always keep them from walking too close to that cliff and many relationships end because of that sacrilege. The de-escalation ray of hope happens when I see a couple recognizing when they are too close to saying or doing something that the other cannot get past. Seemingly out of nowhere and certainly out of character, one or both stops the interaction or takes it to a more caring place.

when the magic is gone in a relationship

They have a shared knowing that certain words or ways of being may hurt too much to ever heal, or some actions from the past cut too deeply. In short, these are ways of keeping ourselves protected from getting hurt. Unfortunately, while trying to protect our heart, we push away love.


When our emotions are on the line, it can be frightening, and our minds use defense mechanisms as a way to cope with the anxiety.

If you want to save a relationship that has gone cold, figure out what your defense mechanisms are. Is it denial, projection, rationalization, humor or passive aggression?

when the magic is gone in a relationship

A lack of intimacy in a relationship, whether physical or emotional, is not only frustrating but also unhealthy. This requires you to let down your walls and let your partner in, in ways you may be afraid to.

This is a gradual process which often starts by reestablishing trust. The more you build on it, the stronger the relationship will be.

when the magic is gone in a relationship

Take a Break If your relationship has gone cold, it may be time to take a break. This will give you both a chance to miss each other. Often times, relationships become unbalanced.

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If you feel more strongly about your relationship than your partner does, you can become adhesive, a form of clinginess. The best relationships are ones that are cohesive, with both partners working together.

Spend some time away from each other to focus on your individual interests and then decide what is best for you. Sometimes you need to go back to go forward.

If your relationship has gone cold, do things that remind you of happier times. Revisit the place where you had your first date, take a class together, or simply look at old pictures and videos of the two of you together doing things that you loved doing.