Where france germany and switzerland meet

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where france germany and switzerland meet

Description: This map shows governmental boundaries of countries, capitals, cities, towns, railroads and airports in Switzerland, Italy, Germany and France. It is bound by Germany and the Czech Republic to the north, Slovakia to the Luxembourg and France to the west, Switzerland to the south and Austria to the. A tripoint, trijunction, or triple point (also, if inexactly, known as a tri-border area), is a geographical point at which the borders of three countries.

Basel city itself has a population of many different nationalities. Residents of Basel benefit from a very high quality of life, while facing a high cost of living.

where france germany and switzerland meet

Some expats might choose to live in France or Germany and commute to work in Basel, in order to avoid the high cost of living while benefiting from generous Swiss salaries. As for third country nationals, the likelihood of obtaining a work permit will depend on the quotas set by the federal and cantonal government.

There are 19 different districts, or quartiere, of Basel. It is a good idea to do some research as to which district will suit you the best.

Each one has its own benefits and drawbacks. It has a somewhat peculiar position in the far northwest corner of the country. Although Basel joined the Swiss Confederation as early asthe region has always been strongly influenced by its location on the Swiss border.

In fact, the border between the three countries runs right through the River Rhine and divides a small-town street between Germany and Switzerland!


For this reason, municipal and regional administrations often cooperate across the district, regardless of nationality. In contrast to other urban groupings, the Greater Basel Area has a fairly rural feel. With almostinhabitants, Basel itself is the largest city in the region by far. Many people travel to the city for work every day: Switzerland, Germany, or France?

A look at the region where Switzerland, France & Germany meet

Some expats prefer living outside Switzerland to moving to Basel itself. This because it means they are able to avoid the high cost of living whilst benefiting from a generous Swiss salary. If you, too, are having second thoughts about living in Basel itself, please refer to our expat guides on France and Germany.

If you reside on German or French territory, much of the information in this guide will unfortunately not apply to you.

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This is especially the case for such aspects of expat life as visa regulations, residence permits, public healthcare, education, and foreign vs. An Outstanding Quality of Life If you do decide to move to Basel, the high cost of living is the only thing which might spoil your stay. Until the s, Basel used to have a distinct character as an industrial town; however, its contemporary economy mostly centers around the chemical sector, the life sciences, finance and insurance, transport and logistics, as well as commerce and wholesale trade.

Despite its smallish size and rural environment, Basel has an excellent infrastructure, e.

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Please see our guide to living in Basel for more information. For all these reasons, the city is recognized for its high quality of life, among locals and expats moving to Basel alike. The local quality of living is easily comparable to other top 10 locations in the annual Mercer survey, e. A Diverse Population It is hardly surprising that such a desirable destination has attracted plenty of people to Basel.

All in all, foreign residents from more than different countries have settled in Basel. Although various languages are spoken in the Basel area, due to its international population, the official language is German. Even if you have taken some standard German classes in preparation for your move to Basel, you will probably need some time to get used to the Basel dialect.

Locals use a variety of Swiss German, the so-called Baaseldytsch, and many are proud of their regional identity. Above this point is the extensive catchment of the headwaters of the Rhine.

where france germany and switzerland meet

The Posterior Rhine rises in the Rheinwald below the Rheinwaldhorn. Anterior Rhine and Posterior Rhine[ edit ] Main articles: The Anterior Rhine Romansh: The Posterior Rhine Romansh: Hinterrhein starts from the Paradies Glaciernear the Rheinwaldhorn.

Located in the border triangle where France, Germany and Switzerland meet

After three main valleys separated by the two gorges, Roflaschlucht and Viamalait reaches Reichenau in Tamins. Map of the Alpine Rhine The Anterior Rhine arises from numerous source streams in the upper Surselva and flows in an easterly direction. Into it flow tributaries from the south, some longer, some equal in length, such as the Rein da Medel, the Rein da Maighelsand the Rein da Curnera.

The Cadlimo Valley in the canton of Ticino is drained by the Reno di Medel, which crosses the geomorphologic Alpine main ridge from the south. It starts with the creek Aua da Russein lit.: The whole stretch of the Anterior Rhine to the Alpine Rhine confluence next to Reichenau in Tamins is accompanied by a long-distance hiking trail called Senda Sursilvana. It flows through the three valleys named RheinwaldSchams and Domleschg - Heinzenberg.

The valleys are separated by the Rofla Gorge and Viamala Gorge.

where france germany and switzerland meet

The Avers Rhine joins from the south. The Albula draws its water mainly from the Landwasser with the Dischmabach as the largest source stream, but almost as much from the Gelgiawhich comes down from the Julier Pass. Numerous larger and smaller tributary rivers bear the name of the Rhine or equivalent in various Romansh idioms like Rein or Ragn. Nearby, on the other side of the Sertigis the Rinerhorn.

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The river makes a distinctive turn to the north near Chur. It flows through a wide glacial Alpine valley known as the Rhine Valley German: Near Sargans a natural dam, only a few metres high, prevents it from flowing into the open Seeztal valley and then through Lake Walen and Lake Zurich into the Aare.

As an effect of human work, it empties into Lake Constance on Austrian territory and not on the border that follows its old natural river bed.

where france germany and switzerland meet

The mouth of the Rhine into Lake Constance forms an inland delta. The delta is delimited in the west by the Alter Rhein "Old Rhine" and in the east by a modern canalized section. Most of the delta is a nature reserve and bird sanctuary.