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Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha and Fate/stay night crossover fanfiction archive with over at the end of the tunnel is to finally get the chance to punch Fate in the face again. In a twist of fate, Yuuno lands in the wrong city and ends up turning Shirou How much change will occurred with a simple meeting between a certain. Neoalfa's Path of the King is a Fate/stay night Fan Fic created in response to the author's Birds of a Feather: Rider lampshades Saber and Shirou being this. . at her the moment they meet and begins making arrangements not to have to deal with He gets it again, once more from Rin, this time due to his comments and. "Emiya Shirou" "Saber" Fate/stay Night, Fate Zero, Otaku . Meeting you was fate , becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with .. Robbie Williams ~ Angels Lyrics~ I sit and wait Does an angel contemplate my fate And do they .. Try Again Quotes, Keep Trying Quotes, Keep Fighting Quotes, Love Will Remember.

The azure blue sky, the warm rays of the sun, and the white, wispy clouds showed no signs of any storm.

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Even the very air was pure and unpolluted. Everything was peaceful in this place. For the first time in so long, there was no need for Arturia to fight. Eternal rest was her reward for everything she had endured, both in her life as King and during her time as a Servant. Yes, Avalon was a paradise.

But to Arturia, without a certain someone she'd left behind, it wasn't quite perfect. She had been residing in Avalon for less than twenty-four hours when she appeared before Merlin. The soft white light from her ghostly form illuminated the cave they were in. She wasn't dressed in her armor or any royal finery, but in a simple, light blue dress.

Her blonde hair was free from its usual bun, falling to her shoulders. With the way she looked now, the fact that she was once the King of Knights seemed absurd.

If Merlin was surprised by Arturia's appearance, or even her apparition, he didn't show it. Arturia blinked, startled, but then she smiled. Of course Merlin would know about Shirou; he had the gift of foresight, after all. Perhaps it should be enough Her gaze went back to her mentor, and when she spoke again, her voice was quieter. Even when he'd shown her how her reign would end—that she would be feared, hated, betrayed, and ultimately killed—she still agreed to shoulder the burden of ruling Britain.

In the end, the tragedies he'd predicted had come to pass, and Arturia's idealism had been broken. Even if Arturia waited for Shirou until the end of time, even if he spent forever believing he would find her someday Talk about a headache.

Set in an ever changing newborn world of End Of The Eternity continuity and contain crossover with several other series. Emiya Shirou embarks on a journey on an alien planet across the galaxy. To put an end to the endless conflict. A rewrite of 's Fate Orussia; spiritual successor to Heroic Deed. That is all there is to say about it here, I guess A heavily armed intruder broke into a research facility, resulting in casualties and intense property damage.

TSAB commander Regius Gaiz gave no comment regarding the break in last night, resulting in several controversies related to the rumored Subject S-1 on a non-administrated world 97 earlier today.

Limitless Blades by Shiratori Ryuga reviews The path set forth by fate had been shifted. How much change will occurred with a simple meeting between a certain red-clad sword-wielding archer and a white-clad spell-slinging magical girl during their early childhood?

Meanwhile, Nanoha helping Yuuno to catch Jewel See. But what will happen if Class Card and Jewel Seed fusion into one being? Will Illya, Nanoha and Shirou can deal with it? As their lives intertwine, what awaits them in the near future?

Watch as these two children grow to become the legends that defines them.

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Watch as a hero-wannabe strives to achieve his ideals. Watch as a simple girl strives to protect those she holds dear to. Watch as the wheels of Fate turns The Smile of Fate by HubiKoshi reviews It all began in the small city of Uminari, the story of loss and gain, the story of sadness and happiness.

It all began there, but soon encompassed a far greater world which not many are aware of. This is a story of a person whom Fate smiled upon. T - English - Friendship - Chapters: Now watch as the boy who loves to spam swords and the girl who loves to spam beams become friends Rated: To live with their master and their friends as those uneventful days passed by, to see him grow up as he chased his ideals by his own strength.