Will this relationship last with the other woman

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will this relationship last with the other woman

“I used to spend countless hours wondering how the OW [other woman], knowing we had a large loving family, could help push the relationship. I realize now. I will respect the other woman because she's selfless enough to give herself to another man Besides, these affairs don't last forever and there will be a dawn when the man moves on Do you want to learn more about a current relationship?. There is some chance that an affair will turn into a successful marriage. Can a married man above 40 still find a woman for romantic relationship with out and a relationship based on cheating started by cheaters isn't going to last very long.

He has a young daughter and has joint custody of her. Since the divorce, we have been spending less time together and he seems more distant than ever. But when we do hang out, things are just as great as they ever were and we have the best time together, most recently an out of town trip to see a concert last weekend. He tells me he does not want any obligations, needs some time to focus on taking care of himself and his daughter, and does not want to refer to me as his girlfriend even though he treats me like one when we are together.

How can I find the balance of giving him time and space that he needs to heal from the divorce with my need of reassurance that this is actually going somewhere?

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Many, many thoughts went through my mind reading this. When married people have affairs, in my opinion, one of two things is going on: There is something not working in the marriage. There is resentment or boredom, or their spouse has some issue that has changed the relationship. Maybe the spouse is sick or is an alcoholic, or is depressed or cheated. Maybe the couple has grown apart-one person is very active and seemingly young and wants to travel, while the other has let him or herself go and is just on a different page.

Maybe the couple never used to argue and now disagree on everything.

I had an affair and went back to my wife - but now I miss the 'other woman'

Maybe there was some tragedy the couple faced and the two people handled it very differently. Maybe there are financial issues. Maybe they parent differently. Or maybe the person having the affair has lost interest or respect for the spouse.

Maybe one or both feels unappreciated, unloved, no longer cherished. You want them to be sorry. They are unlikely to appreciate you have willingly ended the affair but still have complex feelings about it — and that you miss the person you were cheating with. Some people find writing about how they feel helps. That might be documenting the whole timeline of the affair to work out what happened and what they might do differently if temptation arose in future.

Or it might be letters that you never send. If you have a sympathetic friend you can talk to that might help. You say that you are glad to still be married and that the affair is over, but it may be worth double-checking this is true. It can feel like a bereavement. They may miss the excitement. Or maybe they just miss the other person. You are entitled to these feelings, even if they are not ones you can easily express. Indeed, if this is how you feel, pretending otherwise can be counterproductive.

You may miss the excitement, or just the other person posed by models Credit: Planning for this could reduce any anxiety you feel that your spouse will notice any odd behaviour that might lead to tensions in your marriage.

They explain how they are happy to still be married, but still have feelings for the person they cheated with. Greg found out I was married and a few years later moved in with another woman. He never married her, but they had 3 children, who are his world.

The oldest was born in He told me later that he never married her because I was the only woman he ever wanted to marry. In I went home for a class reunion and the day after the reunion I ran into Greg. He introduced me to the woman he lives with and his 3 children.

I told him I was staying with my sister and would be home only a few more days. The next day he called me at my sisters house and told me that he told one of our old friends that he ran into me and she wanted to see me. We met at a local playground and started talking, We talked for hours and hours. We saw each other a few more times before I left the state again. We exchanged phone numbers and at first we talked about once a week. I went home to visit my family at Christmas and Greg and I started our physical affair.

We discussed leaving our significant others, but I knew he would never forgive himself if he left his kids. I have never waffled on my decision to be with him and he owns my heart.

At times he has pulled away, but never leaves the relationship, just pulls away, and later explains that he was afraid I would hurt him again.

will this relationship last with the other woman

We have traveled to other states and I have gone home to visit 3 or 4 times a year for 3 or 4 weeks at a time. When we are together we are very happy. His nephews call me their aunt.

will this relationship last with the other woman

I have filled my life with friends and family and my horses and my work and survive on calls and texts and e-mails from Greg. In August of I told Greg that I was planning on moving home in 2 years when his youngest graduated from High School.

Greg started pulling away and in April of my world fell apart. I met Greg in North Carolina and we were out together and he left his phone with me. He got a text from a girl I knew from High School. Sometime 50 texts in a day. Greg and I cooled our heels for a few more months. Things were okay, but he was still distant.

will this relationship last with the other woman

I told him that I was coming home in December, but just to see my family and to say good bye. Greg is a proud man, but he told me that he was a fool and he was scared and asked me to give him a chance to fix things. He met me at the airport with flowers and romanced me every day for the month I was home.

will this relationship last with the other woman

He has called and e-mailed and texted me every day since. A couple of weeks ago Greg came here to see me and while he was here I got a facebook message from the other woman. Very friendly message stating that she heard I was moving back home and knew of a place that she thought I would like. I opened his phone bill and saw texts and 1 minute phone calls from her, but no responses until right before he left to come visit me. There were 12 texts in a row. The call pattern matches his words, so I have no reason to doubt that this is what happened.

I have asked my husband for a divorce and am going forward with my move from California to Pennsylvania. But I am scared. Is this really the only other woman? What may I face when I get there?

will this relationship last with the other woman

Will he move in with me or stay? He says we will be together, but will it really happen or will I find out I have spent my entire adult life loving someone who will really never be mine? The woman he lives with lets him do anything he wants and never asks a question. She would never open his phone bill or confront him about his behavior.

August 26, at 8: In your first paragraph, you mention you hurt him by listening to your family about breaking off the relationship with Greg.

That he was broken man for years after you left. Then in another, he found out your married a few years after ending the relationship. And, regrets on your part for listening to your family in the first place, even thou they were probably thinking whats best for you at the time.

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If I was Greg, I too, would be hurt the way the relationship had ended. Then finding out that you married couple years later to another man. If she did, she would come to me and tell me about her concerns. Then taking her family advice and ending our relationship and leave.