Winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

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winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

Author´s Note: Hi! This is kind of my first story so please be nice to me. It is based on the episode where Flora and Helia met for the first time. I LITERALLY SEARCHED UP THE COUPLE ON WINX CLUB WIKI AND I'M WATCHING EPISODES WHERE THERE'S HELIA AND FLORA MOMENTS. Winx Club Helia kiss Flora gif Flora Winx, Winx Club, Magical Girl, Any one who can guess where this quote is from will get a shoutout (its NOT from winx club) .. The first of March Winx Club, Anime Stuff, Dreamworks, Swift, Naruto.

The most powerful force in all the known realms. And we're gonna use it to summon the army of Decay. You can't do this, Icy! The army of Decay is too powerful! Once unleashed, it will completely destroy everything in its path! Sparks of Hope[ edit ] Icy: You don't stand a chance against us. If you want your precious schools spared from total destruction, you must follow these conditions- First, lay down your arms and surrender.

Second, all of you have to stand up in front of your students and say "Icy rules, Icy's the greatest. If you don't do that we're gonna wipe your schools right off the face of the realm. You've got five hours to decide. Ooh, we're scared now Professor Saladin. You've managed to draft a mindless ogre and a duck. Before we can send you, we have to suit you up in the appropriate attire. You see, the weather on Sparx is quite brutal, so I'm afraid open-toe shoes and exposed midriffs simply will not do.

If I had my way, this would be the year-round dress code. Just find your warm inner place and keep walking.

Winx Love Scene

You find your warm inner place, Flora. Me, I'll get an extra blanket.

winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

I can't take it anymore. What happened to your warm, inner place? Weren't we just great. We totally sent them flying. Ah, but we're not done yet, Sisters. The best is yet to come. The Frozen Palace[ edit ] Daphne, Nymph of Magix, makes her actual appearance, though still as a transparent ghost.

I remember this place. That's a great outfit.

She's the one from my dreams. Maybe she's like your fairy godmother or something. Bloom, I know the Dragon Fire was stolen. But you must know, the Dragon Fire is not here on Sparx. It will show you your story. When you were born, Sparx was still filled with pure magic, but then the Coven launched a sneak attack. They took over the entire planet and destroyed everything. What was once the most magical place in the universe became lifeless. The King called on me to save you and to guard the Dragon Fire.

I took you and the Flame, and I brought you to the last place anyone would look for a magical creature: I delivered you to Earth. It was the place where your destiny was waiting, a destiny that would nurture and care for you, and that would prepare you to one day return to Sparx to reclaim your throne. I just can't believe it.

I messed everything up. Bloom, it's not your fault. You did what you could. But all of this happened so I could protect the Dragon Fire. It was my responsibility and I so failed. Tell me what to do, Daphne. I'll do whatever it takes to get the Dragon Fire back from the witches. You will get the Dragon Fire back.

It belongs to you. It is your destiny. Look for it and you'll find it. Vanishes in sparkly light Bloom: Where am I supposed to look? Off topic, but what about all the fabulous jewelry? I think Stella's got her eye on a necklace or two. OK, after I reclaim the throne you can take your pick. Oh, don't mention it, just a little technical support. That's so nice, and romantic. Hold your horses, Miss Cheery, no one said he's off the hook yet. It's behind those doors. How do you know? I can sense its presence.

What is she doing? It looks like some kind of advanced. What I'm doing is putting you in dentition!!

winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

And if you talk, pass notes or chew gum, the detention barrier will double in strength. Battle for Alfea[ edit ] Stella: You gotta be kidding! There's, like, thousands of 'em! I'm so glad to see you!

And I'm glad to have legs and arms again! You haven't lost your powersBloom. That's my parent's house. Yes, you were brought up on Earth by two caring and understanding people, who loved you well enough to let you go when the time came. And I let them down. Same at Alfea, I didn't meet anyone's expectations. I don't belong anywhere. Bloom, you still are who you were and your past will forever belong to you, just like your powers.

No one can take that away from you. So what happened to me then? Nothing that doesn't happen to us all. You had doubts, you were afraid. You came to believe that, what you loved most dearly, could be taken away from you. But the truth is, no one in the whole universe could ever steal your past, your dreamsor your magic powers.

The witches do not own them. They are yours to keep, forever. Bloom, to recover your powers, look deep inside yourself. I am a princess! I'm the keeper of the Dragon Fire. And no one can take that away from me!

You ladies want to hear something funny? The quiz in last month's Teen Witch said "What would you do if you got to take over the whole universe? What did you put? I wrote "You'll find out soon enough, loser," and sent it in.

I am surrendering, but only the round, not the whole match. Hey there, tentacle mouth, back away from the prince! Sorry I'm late, are you okay? Yeah, but if you hadn't come along, I'd be worm food. C'mon, that's not true. So, what was that about "nobody messes with my boyfriend"? Did I hear you right? I just needed something to shout, like trash talking in the heat of battle kinda thing. Oh yeah, I figured that's what it was. No big deal, just got So your powers are back.

They never left me. I just hope I didn't realize that too late. Better late than never. I know we're traveling in grand style, but I gotta ask You're actually going to start witching now? You don't like your throne, I suggest you hop down and walk. I agree with you, Icy, but, uh, do you have any ballpark sense of how much longer this is going to be?

Now pay attention, all right? I am a princess. I am the Keeper of the Dragon Fire. And no one can take that away from me!! Do you hear that, Griffin? Fire and Ice[ edit ] This the Season One finale. That's not the Dragon Fire! This is the Dragon Fire! They destroyed your precious little planet!

And I'll destroy you!! I'm glad we got more Dragon Fire, Bloom. You're not taking anything! The Dragon Fire's mine!! And the winner is Was there ever any doubt? Enjoy the rest of your frozen frigid life!

Furiously unleashes the full strength of the almighty Dragon Fire Faragonda: Are you sure you don't want to stay for prom? We don't do prom, we crash prom. This will be the one year we don't try to ruin it. Series Seasons Brandon introducing Flora to Helia. Being the only member of the Winx Club without a love interest, Flora naturally began to feel lonely at the start of the season and this loneliness quietly grew the more Flora would see her friends being affectionate with their boyfriends.

She wished to find a special someone of her own to curb this loneliness and, to her surprise, she ended up finding that very person in the episode " Party Monster. They quickly take notice of a new student who Brandon later introduces to the girls as HeliaSaladin 's grandson or nephew in other dubs. He and Timmy then reveal that Helia used to attend Red Fountain and was even one of the school's top students until he dropped out to got to art school.

Once Flora is introduced to Helia, she compliments his sketches by saying that the drawings are so life-like. Surprised, Helia reveals that that was his intention and admits to being happy that she noticed.

The ceremony is soon interrupted by a rampaging monster so the Winx and Specialist work together to try and defeat it.

winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

Unfortunately, they cannot seem to find a weakness, so Flora comes up with a plan where she will distract the monster while they attack it. Flora's plan quickly backfires, however, as the Leodragus blinds her and prepares to eat her. Fortunately, she is saved when the the monster is tied down by someone and, to everyone's surprise, it turns out to be Helia. Once Flora is safe, Helia releases the monster and leaves, quickly making the rest of the Winx mad at him.

Flora soon develops a deep crush on Helia after this ordeal and, at the end of the episode, Flora is ecstatic over a paper plane with a portrait of her inside of it. She hugs the portrait with a smile knowing that Helia is the one who made it. Flora dreaming about marrying Helia. Flora's crush on Helia quickly grows in intensity and this is especially apparent in " Homesick ," where Flora is shown daydreaming about Helia saving her from a monster with the two of them getting married right after.

Her thoughts are interrupted by Professor Palladium who asks her to perform a spell after noticing the unfocused look on her face. Flora ends up mispronouncing the spell by saying Helia's name in the middle of it and creates a bit of a mess.

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Later that day, Flora asks Aisha if they could talk in private and she tries to tell Aisha her feelings for a "certain boy. Scared that he may not feel the same way about her, Flora becomes too scared to talk to him, so Aisha offers to help by finding out whether or not Helia likes her without letting him know. Flora's potted flowers for Helia. Once night falls, Aisha sneaks over to Red Fountain and goes into Helia's room.

She soon finds a poem, reads it aloud and discovers that it is a love poem, revealing that Helia also has feelings for a certain someone. However, before she can finish reading it, Helia returns and she is forced to leave. Aisha later tells Flora about the poem and Flora decides to send Helia a flower to show that she is also thinking about him.

In " Gangs of Gardenia ," Flora decides to act on her feelings and writes a letter to Helia revealing of how she truly feels about him. She goes off to study somewhere and she soon runs into Helia, dropping her books in surprise. When Helia comes over to help her, he quickly notices her letter and the flower seal on it. He then asks Flora if the letter is for the one who has her heart and says that whoever it is is a very lucky guy.

Flora, however, is too shy to give it to him and instead says that the letter is really for her parents. So Helia hands the letter back to Flora and leaves after claiming that it was sweet of Flora to write a letter to her parents. Shorty after Helia leaves, Chatta appears and tells Flora that she missed her chance to tell him of her true feelings. Flora fails to give Helia the love letter.

Later on, Aisha and Flora are shown in the Alfea cafeteria, where Flora reveals that she wanted to give Helia the letter, but says that girls do not really make the first move when it comes to boys.

Aisha responds by telling Flora that following the rules is difficult because there are so many of them, but the main rule that Aisha believes to be the most important one is that you follow your heart. Flora claims that her heart is telling her that Helia is the one for her, that she should just give him the letter and that she should tell him that she is in love with him.

Flora stops herself mid-sentence, however, when she notices that Aisha has fallen asleep. Rather than wake her friend up, Flora cuddles up next to her with Piff and they all fall asleep together.

Flora still remains fairly shy towards Helia, even towards the end of the season. After the Winx call off their vacation, Helia and Flora joke around as Tecna advises Flora to confess her feelings soon. Though she knows this, Flora also becomes more insecure of herself when the Winx return to Alfea and are praised for having earned their Charmix powers, as she is the only member of the Winx Club who has yet to earn hers.

This insecurity weighs heavily on Flora's heart, which can be seen in " Darkness and Light ," where she, Aisha, SkyBrandon and Helia, along with the Pixies go to Pixie Village to get a special tea from the Flower of Life that should cure them of their sickness.

When Livy reveals that the the Flower has become sick after Icy attacked the village, Flora must now try to heal it but, due to her rapidly growing insecurities, she quickly doubts her abilities, believing that she is incapable of healing the Flower and might even make it worse. Helia, on the other hand, has faith in Flora and tells her that she can do it; boosting her self-confidence.

Flora and Helia

Flora then uses her full power and is successfully able to heal The Flower of Life. As the Specialists leave, Chatta pushes for Flora to confess her feelings to Helia. This time around, Flora gathers enough courage to run toward Helia's ship just before he leaves, but she still struggles to confess until Sky interrupts her, saying that they have to get going.

He promises Flora that they can talk some other time, but Chatta urges for Flora not let Helia go and to trust her heart. Instead of running, Flora gathers up all her courage and finally confesses her feelings, to which Helia reveals his feelings by blowing her a kiss.

This confession and realization that Helia reciprocates her feelings is what finally earns Flora her Charmix. Helia kissing Flora just outside of Darkar's Fortress. Just before the Winx enter Darkar's Fortress to save Bloom in " Face to Face with the Enemy ," each girl excluding Aisha has an affectionate goodbye with their respective love interest.

For Flora, she apologizes to Helia for not telling him of her feelings sooner and for wasting so much time, but Helia says to just forget about the past and to look forward to their future together. He then brings her in for their first kiss before she and the rest of the Winx enter Darkar's Fortress while the Specialists are stuck having to beat back his shadow monsters.

Flora and Helia embracing. Helia does not make much of an appearance during this season, so he and Flora do not have that many scenes together, although, one notable scene between them occurs in " The Red Tower.

Though there are no episodes focusing Flora and Helia's relationship this season, it is shown that they have become closer to each other and they have a few love scenes in the season. In " The Fairy Hunters ," before the Winx get ready for their first class as professors of Alfea, Tecna is able to get the Specialists to appear in special holographic forms to wish them all good luck with their first class since they cannot be there in person.

During that time, Flora and Helia share a small scene with each other where Helia kisses Flora's hand and hug each other closely. Helia and Flora embracing. Flora and Helia share a scene together where Helia says that they wanted to get to Alfea sooner when they heard about the Wizards ' attack, but Flora assures Helia that all that matters is that they are here now and that she is really happy to see Helia again.

Helia then replies by saying he is more happy that he gets to see Flora again.

winx club flora and helia first meet quotes

Faragonda then informs the Winx that it is time they have to leave and Flora and Helia say their goodbyes to each other, though, unbeknownst to the Winx, the Specialists have been assigned a mission to follow them to Earth and protect them in secret. However the Winx and Specialists reunion is not on the best of terms when the Winx and Specialits get into a fight about trust and become even more hurt when they discover that they have been spying on them leaving the Winx mad at their boyfriends.

In I Believe in Youwhen the Winx are fighting against the Wizards to protect Roxy, they become to weak to continue the battle, but are saved by the sudden arrival of the Specialists.

When the Wizards retreat Flora and Helia share a hug with each other in victory of their win against the Wizards thus reconciling their relationship with each other along with all of the other couples except Stella and Brandon. During Season 5, Flora and Helia's relationship experience significant conflicts because of Helia's childhood friend Princess Krystal.

Upon seeing Krystal and Helia spending so much time together and after witnessing some intimated moments between them, Flora started to believe that Helia wanted to be with Krystal. This began to seriously threatened their relationship. Eventually, Krystal finally came to realize the trouble she caused and tries to repair their relationship by apologizing to Flora and assuring her of Helia's love for her.

However, Flora wasn't convinced as she still had worries and doubts if Helia still loved her. Helia expresses his love for Flora by releasing magical origami birds and sharing a romantic dance together, thus restoring their relationship and renewing their love. In " The Lilo ", Flora is doing some training but had a hard time focusing, Professor Palladium tells Flora to focus on what she loves most which causes her to think of Helia and motivates her to where she is able to complete the test however a final geyser hit her causing her to fail the test.

Helia surprises Flora by giving her a special origami he made for her. To Flora's surprise the origami is able to fly, suddenly Helia hears a voice and it turns out to be Princess Krystal of Linphea who is revealed to be an old childhood friend of his.