Zoro and robin meet starfire

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zoro and robin meet starfire

It's nice hearing the Young Justice voices back, well some of them From the new movie Teen Titans: The Judas Contract. Teen Titans Go!. Starfire - my personality is like hers: childish, positive and outgoing. I like her There, Raven met a pirate girl with the same personalities like her, Nico Robin. Movie Clip - Teen Titans: The Judas Contract I am just a huge DC Comics fan that wants to cover this Animated Universe. Teen Titans Get season 5 on YouTube.

One Piece - Rated: Blackfire, Jinx and Terra are members? BB Cy rob star and Rae are dead? In an final act of revenge Red avenges his friends and love ending his life in the process But instead of death he finds himself back in jump city and the titans are alive! Red X is a criminal? M - English - Romance - Chapters: But what exactly are his intentions with the collection?

As Raven looks deeper into the legend of Alcina, she realizes that Red-X might be in over his head with this one.

Mature content in a few later chapters! Raven is now struggling with her lack of independence and her current disability. Her friends are trying to help her cope but the Empath is proving to be more than they can chew. Will Raven learn to see the light at the end of the tunnel or will a certain thief take advantage of a helpless bird?

I do not own Teen Titans. There will be sexual content and fighting later. I accept constructive criticism but please, no flaming. It is a work of fiction.

Titans 1X01 Meet StarFire + Fight Scene HD

That is how Adrian Shephard became Kain after he was resurrected and why he is on a mission to wipe corruption from the world. It is this mission that sends him on a colliding path with the Teen Titans but what hope can there be for someone who feels more connected to the dead than the living?

Now he has resurfaced with an identity that seems to cause more trouble for Raven. Raven is now conflicted over her feelings for X and her duty to the Team and the city.

What will happen when the level-headed member of the team meets her match? But what happens when Raes passion of music brings her to love? M - English - Chapters: ZoroxRobin One Piece Fanfiction by anamichelle. I don't own One Piece! Great Possibility of turning M on later chapters Now Killer Frost is walking back in. She'll help them out with Captain Cold, she says, in exchange for a favor.

Cisco's not behind this plan. The Killervibe enemies AU story that absolutely nobody asked for. Rating has changed Flash - Rated: Follow them and their newest one on an adventure that shall change all of their lives. Under the Red Hood - Rated: A case of mistaken identity occurs when he's caught by the Titans for a heist he didn't commit, putting both him and Raven in a terrible position. Raven must come forward and admit the details of their relationship, and now Red X has to work with the Titans to restore his name.

Or Stay with your Handsome Thief of a Hero? Who do I choose? Strong Language,Might be changed to a M rating later plete. Lilacs and Candle Smoke by GrimBarillian reviews Raven has a secret life, one where she is free to have fun and experience her emotions, when the emotion she discovers is love how long can she enjoy it before she discovers the man she loves is not who she thinks he is?

More than that, when she discovers that he is better than she ever imagined. And how long can it all last. Rated T for language and brutal events. After moving out, An old face shows up, and only Jared can take Raven away from all the drama. After all,Thats what he does best. Unfortunatly, Australia was the wrong place to go. Continuation of The Song Remains the Same. Titans story but also a GarxRae.

zoro and robin meet starfire

However, this time he is more than what he seems and his ancient past has caught up with him throwing Raven and her friends into a world they might not all survive. Rated for violence, possible character death and sexual content. Rachel Roth is a second-year college student with an outgoing roommate and noisy neighbors.

From falling in love to helping her friends get through problems she'd never wish upon anyone, will she be able to make it to the end of the school year, let alone get any sleep at night?

M - English - Chapters: She had proven herself trustworthy and loyal but that isn't the case. Raven and Beastboy are growing apart, will this get worse or will Beastboy fix his mistake? Rated M for violence, language and subject matter. Rated M for a reason. Forced into a tight situation after bargaining for her friend's soul, will she come out of it a winner or will she succumb to her dark nature?

M - English - Supernatural - Chapters: In the end, one of them will lose this game, but both are ready to go to all lengths to make the other cripple before they do. Daemon reviews College AU bbrae dating on down low, and bb has a kink? Scratch that, he's got a list. Rated M so I don't have to read what ratings actually correlate to. Neither of them are aware of the feelings the other has for them or the naughty thoughts their minds contain.

Everything changes when they work the late shift together. An AU story - no super powers. After one awkward encounter in the shower, Raven might adopt feelings for Beast Boy after all.

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AU combining the comics and cartoon Bee never became the leader of Titans East after Cyborg went back to the Titans she came with him, Terra never joined Slade and Slade was resurrected after the fight with Trigon who will not be coming back. Small Hiatus read the prologue to understand why. I am a submissive and live with my beloved Domina, Toni Monetti.

Professionally, I am a porn model, and this is my story Slade, his messengers delivers his instructions out exactly as is master says, as there is nothing he won't do to get his body back. Rated M for rape. This story will follow along with the Raven-centric episodes of season 4. Will deal with a lot of Raven coping with her rape and her fate.

Will her new friends be able to save her? Now with more chapters. Well try being cousin Zoned, It probably worst. The team gets called on a mission where they have secret identities.

Nothing can go wrong right? Thanks again to LayLunna for role playing this out with me. Her text is Italic's. I don't own Teen Titans. BBRae Mature setting for language and lemon. When Beast Boy comes home early, he finds that Raven is listening to music and singing. When Raven finds out she gets in a fight with Beast Boy, which causes new emotions to arise for both of them.

As Hans Christian Anderson once said "Where words fail, music speaks. Who would have thought that something so little, would do so much? K - English - Romance - Chapters: But no matter what they do, they always get interrupted by someone or something. Will they still have time for each other if a person from the past haunts one of them?

zoro and robin meet starfire

Made because of a request, though not sure if this is anything near to what they wanted. I hope they still like it at least. Garfield immediately falls for her and she senses it. M rating for language and s explicit detail.

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XD Almost finished, need opinions on the ending. Vampire hunter Raven Roth and the Vampire Lord Jason Todd have been mortal enemies forever, but it's not easy trying to kill a lord and hold her family out of his grasp.

How far is she willing to go for their safety? And how far will he go to keep her as his? There she experience a life of a usual high school girl, experiencing love and pain after meeting two people that will put color and change her life. Read and find out.

Law Traditional by Team Hellfire reviews AU Down on her luck with relationships and life in general, Raven finds an unlikely friend in her cute, quirky neighbor.

But as their relationship grows, will he become more than just a friend to her? What she had not expected, however, were two intensely attractive young men who stared at her as if she were an interesting little treat. She had not expected that at all. I'm going to put most of the birthdays, holidays, Etc.