A game that will improve any relationship between varicose

a game that will improve any relationship between varicose

“A varicose vein by definition isn't working properly, so losing it makes no difference,” says Tennant. There are a number of veins delivering. Regular activity or exercise is likely to improve the circulation in your legs and should help to prevent further development of the varicose veins. Moderate exercise, especially gentle exercise involving the legs, increases blood circulation. This can improve the appearance of varicose.

Endovenous inside the vein therapy includes a range of treatments that damage the wall of the vein, close off the vessel and prevent blood flow through the vein so it doesn't pool there. Laser or radiofrequency techniques use heat to achieve this effect. Alternatively, injection of medical foam into a vein is used to collapse the blood vessel injection sclerotherapy and prevent blood from pooling in the vein. While there's no significant difference in short-term outcomes between the different treatments, laser surgery is associated with more post-operative pain and a slower recovery, and the use of medical foam is likely to cause more inflammation.

Endovenous therapies are highly specialised surgical techniques, which can cause complications if not performed correctly. And if problems in the deep leg veins aren't identified before treatment, varicose veins will reappear very soon after therapy. International guidelines for managing varicose veins recommend a staged approach: Current surgical practice is much more refined than stripping an entire vein.

A procedure called " ambulatory phlebectomy " can be performed under local anaesthetic.

Treatment of varicose veins

A small skin incision is made directly over the prominent vein and a surgical crochet hook is used to extract the vein segment through the incision. There is minimal bleeding with this surgical procedure, multiple veins can be treated in a single treatment session, and the resultant scars are small.

In cases where it's necessary to remove an entire saphenous vein, this technique is not an option. Which should I choose? The decision about which treatment option for varicose veins is preferable depends on several factors. These include the person's age, symptoms and general health. The recurrence of varicose veins is no different following endovenous therapy or surgery.

a game that will improve any relationship between varicose

But laser and radiofrequency techniques have been reported to have a lower risk of post-operative complications than open surgery, including less pain and a faster return to normal activities. Varicose vein surgery is no longer the first-line treatment option and early intervention with endovenous therapies can help prevent serious complications of varicose veins such as leg ulcers, thrombosis and extensive damage to the leg veins.

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But not everyone can stop at this. Though it is believed that the elderly are more prone to develop varicose veins, nowadays even the younger generation is showing up with this problem, attributable largely to their lifestyle, he added.

Pain is only one part of the problem and there are bigger dangers of neglecting varicose veins. This happens in the deep veins of the leg and is not visible externally.

a game that will improve any relationship between varicose

Large veins are prone to formation of blood clots, which in some instances can travel to the heart and lungs and cause a life-threatening condition called pulmonary embolism. If not treated on time, varicose veins can turn into a chronic condition.

Another is to take medicines which increase the flow of blood.

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For someone having significant varicose veins, the best treatment is endovenous laser ablation wherein, under laser guidance, the offending vein is treated and closed down, Sheth explained.

According to Padaria, an active lifestyle with weight control can go a long way to relieve the symptoms of varicose veins.

Do you sit for long hours at work? It can lead to varicose veins

The type of work you do may also matter. Any activity that restricts blood flow in the legs can be a cause of varicose veins. Veins in your legs help in returning blood to the heart, and calf muscles have a key role in this process as they contract when the legs are in motion.