How did lainey and greg meet the press

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how did lainey and greg meet the press

>Lainey is liking DDLG posts from Binkie Princess >> it turned into greg absoloutely using it to push her into THE SECOND TRINITY .. Shes going to college and hopefully can meet normal people, and not be. Billie was Lainey's (Greg's current wife) girlfriend. After Greg Billie was 18, Lainey was 21, and Greg was 30 at this time. . (Source) Whenever this would happen, Greg and Billie would remain in contact over social media. Taylor (Lainey) came into Onision's life when they tweeted him and they finally met when they were In November of , Taylor and Onision got married.

So I just wanted to say why I have apologized to one of them privatly, one of them smiles I said if they contacted me again I'd get a restraining order. So there's no personal apology there smiles uhm, but I do regret, you know, having ever made any of these things public.

You know even if someone said something, it's best just to say where you stand personally and not bring that other person into it. Be the bigger person. But I did apologize personally to someone. I emailed them recently that I'm sorry for the way I treated you after we broke up. And the problem with that is, I humiliated them publicly. So I think it's important that I give myself a little humiliation and I admit that I was wrong to everyone. So, well this doesn't make everything right, it doesn't repair much at all, it's still the right thing to do.

Uhm it's kinda like showing up late. You know, better late than never. You don't get as much points as if you showed up on time or early, but at least you did something. I was listening to Moby smiles, I was listening to Moby's music and I was like "man this really reminds me, like, some of the times where I actually looked upon some people with admiration and to think about them in that state turning to the darkness that I pulled them into" It's not something a person can easily forgive and I understand that.

So, uhm, how can you believe me though? Well, I have been involved both friend-wise and romantically, uhm, with some other people in my life. Like there's a girl I dated you don't know about. There's a, uhm, other people that I never told you guys about. And that's because this is a legit apology. You know, just because you're no longer friends with somebody, like I've cut ties with some people I've no longer had the same relationship with that I used to.

Just because that happend, I didn't turn to the camera. Because I am changing, I am growing. So, that's how you can believe this apology.

how did lainey and greg meet the press

Because I haven't exploited aditional relationships etc, certainly not by name, certainly not by pointing out specific people. Uhm, speaking vagualy that's my story, I'm allowed to do that, but to go on a shame campaign, like I had in the past, it's just so rolls eyes immature. And it's so egoistical, it's so selfinvolved, selfimportant, it's just ridicilous. And I don't wanna support anybody doing that, even if they were, you know I don't care what the position is. Because let's say hypothetically someone's nothing but right and someone else is nothing but wrong.

If the nothing but right person parades around and shames that person for being wrong in their opinion, they're wrong. That's why so many people sided with that person the last time it went down.

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Greg says during the visit, Lainey became mad and even cried because Billie and Greg were spending a lot of the time together, rather than Billie concentrating on getting to know her. Lainey felt that Billie might have been there for Greg and not really for her, but Billie denied this. Greg says he felt Lainey was being unfair and encouraged her to give Billie another chance.

She drove Billie to the airport when the trip was over, and Greg says by the time they made it to the airport they were on good terms again.

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He says he even gave Billie money to buy a Christmas gift for Lainey. Greg says eventually, Lainey asked out Billie with a small letter and a CD of her favorite songs. Greg says they got Billie another plane ticket to stay longer than last time. Greg says Lainey was originally looking forward to it, until Billie missed the first flight. According to Greg, this confirmed her suspicions that Billie was not interested in her. Lainey told Greg she couldn't wait for Billie to leave before she even arrived.

Despite this, Lainey picked up Billie from the airport and they kissed. Greg says things seemed okay between them. Greg said one night he, Lainey, and Billie had a threesomebut Lainey stopped it after getting to third base. The next day, Greg asked Lainey if he could cuddle Billie over texts and she told him no. After Lainey left the house, Greg cuddled Billie and gave her a body massage that included her cheat and butt. Greg told Lainey about this the next day and she broke up with him.

Sometime during their separation, Greg signed an agreement to give Lainey a monthly sum of money and exclusive custody of their son. He also arranged for someone to help her five days a week with household chores. Source He says just a few hour after he and Lainey were separated, he asked Billie to kiss him and she told him "it was not the right time". He says this was because he was emotionally vulnerable.

Source Greg released parts of his text conversations with Billie in a speaks video. This was when Greg planned to fly Billie back up to his home 2 weeks after he and Taylor broke up. The second sighting was on September 16, Taylor can be seen in the background of Cyr 's video "Going Away It seems that Cyr came to New Mexico to make videos with Greg and they played mini golf together with Taylor.

Source Publicly Dating On October 22,6 days after Taylor turned 18, Greg announced his new girlfriend with an Instagram image of them kissing. A month later, Taylor appeared in her first Onision video. She created a Laineybot TwitterInstagram and Tumblr.

Taylor says Greg gave her the nickname Lainey.

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Source It is most likely a nickname for her middle name, Elaine. Taylor sent mixed messages about if she preferred being called Lainey or Taylor. At first, she said she didn't mind being called either and couldn't decide which she should go by. Byshe would get upset when people called her Taylor on her Tumblr. She said she never liked the name Taylor because it is unisex.

Source It was later revealed at this time, her close friends and family would still call her Taylor on her Twitter and personal Facebook, including new additions to her family like Greg's mother.

Some think she pushed being called Lainey online to keep her online persona separate from her real life. In OctoberTaylor was thinking about changing her username to LaineyBug. Source She did not make the switch because LaineyBug was already taken.

Tattoos Taylor and Greg showing off their new "14" tattoos in a video. Source Later that day, she posted a picture of her new "27" hip tattoo to instagram. She and Greg got matching "27" tattoos, most likely for the day they started dating, February 27, He showed off his fresh touch-up on his "27" hip tattoo and he and Taylor's new matching "14" ankle tattoos.

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Taylor's 4 is pink and Greg's is blue. Source They did not announce their marriage and they did not have a wedding until the next year. Ex-Friend A week after their secret marriage, an angry ex-friend of Taylor's went to Tumblr to reveal what has been going on between Greg and Taylor. They later posted screen shots of their Skype conversations with Taylor to back up their claims. According to Taylor's ex-friend, Taylor and Greg began talking after Greg noticed the immense amounts of tweets she sent him.

They began talking over Skype and began dating a week after he and Shiloh were over. Greg rented a home, so that he could be near Taylor. He moved back to Washington because they decided they should not see each other for 4 to 5 months until Taylor starts college.

When she started, they rented an apartment and she planned to finish her semester, then move back to Washington in December.

how did lainey and greg meet the press

The ex-friend claims at the time of writing her blog post, Taylor's parents did not know she was married to Greg and living with him. They believed she was living in her college dorm.

how did lainey and greg meet the press

They also did not know she was planning on moving back to Washington with him and that she planned to travel around the world with Greg on Digitour while taking online classes. They also did not know that Taylor and Greg legally changed their last names. The ex-friend goes on to explain issues she's been having with Taylor over lies she's told and her struggle to balance friends and her new found internet popularity.

She also mentions that she believes Taylor is suffering from an eating disorder. Source According to the Skype chat logs, it appears that Greg and Taylor decided to take time apart because Taylor's dad did not agree with their relationship. Taylor complains that he says it's illegal, but she says Greg is speaking to his lawyer to make sure it is legal.

She says she couldn't go back to Greg's place most likely the house he rented because her parents would not let her. Source Taylor also talks about how Greg was asked to host DigiTour.

She says worked everything out college so that she could travel with him. She says it's a big opportunity for Greg, but her parents will kill her. In the chat, Taylor announces she will be married in 16 days and that her parents know nothing about it. She says they will have a wedding in the summer of She also announces she and Greg will be moving back to Washington in December.

Source Taylor also spoke about Adrienne, complaining that she only was with Greg for 2 to 3 days compared to the months she had spent with him. She says Greg had never done any of the things Adrienne spoke about to her. Source In another group of chat logs, Taylor talks about her weight loss. She talks about never feeling satisfied, even though she's been reaching her goals. Her friend explains to her that it sounds like the beginning of an eating disorder. She says that she hasn't eaten over 1, calories in a long time and that day she had only eaten Taylor talks about feeling guilty that she's not "the best" for him.

She says she feel inferior. Source At the time, Taylor spoke a lot about her weight loss and goals on Twitter.