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meet the bhatia sandeep

Get in touch with Sandeep Bhatia and 14 million other members when you join Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing is the best place to find local accomodation, meetup . Despite a sharp fall from the peak, SANDEEP BHATIA, managing director, head of equity India, commodities and global markets at Macquarie. Matches 1 - 10 of

Consumption is slowing down and on top of that you have got the taper tantrum. In the end, India will actually have a more stable and consistent policy than some of the western counterparts. I genuinely do not think that we will have to wait much more for the earnings growth to come back. It would have come back in the current quarter. The underlying numbers which are coming through from the two-wheelers show that.

We have extensive discussions with most consumer companies and the numbers were positively surprising in August, September, October and even till the first 15 days of November, things were mostly good for consumption stocks. The consumption story is coming back. Barring a bad monsoon in June-July, consumption is back across the board in this country.

As far as the investment cycle is concerned, it is a slow healing process. Unfortunately, there is no quick turnaround on that, neither is there any ability to give money to the public sector banks and repair their balance sheets in hurry. That will be a slower path. Some would argue its time to move on.

No bad news is good news. If there is no news, let us not discuss it but what we need to understand is IT and there is only bad news from both the front business disruption and the entire disruption in terms of demand and the raw material cost which is as well.

What is the future for IT as an underperforming sector? Do you think it will continue to underperform? I would be cautious in the near term. Till the full policy thought process of the current Trump administration is out, the time period from now up till April will be the most difficult period for IT stocks.

After the rally, expect a small correction and buy on dips: Sandeep Bhatia, Macquarie Capital

After that there is definitely a silver lining. I do not think IT services will disappear overnight. There would be slow growth for two years or so. Valuations are already coming to compelling range. There is near term caution but no reason to write off this very large sector of export earnings and large sector in terms of the markets.

meet the bhatia sandeep

What to your mind is going to dictate the market move because from now in the next one month, you have got the credit policy next week and then of course you have got the big state elections -- UP being the key one. Does it seem like in the near term the market could get a little bit into consolidation mode with perhaps sporadic downticks as well or do you think the budget has done enough to take care of that as well?

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In the next one month, are we only going to see higher levels from here? That is something which will help keep the markets in the positive side. Earnings will start coming through in patches.

From April-June onwards, that will also help the markets.

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The number of startup incubators and angel investors in India are increasing by the day. India ranks third globally in the number of startups after the US and the UK, with more than 4, new enterprises being launched every year.

Q1 of CY19 will be a good time to buy, says Macquarie's Sandeep Bhatia

These apart, the ability to take financial risk is easier for these entrepreneurs because they face little financial liabilities thanks to a lucrative career and investors would be happy to back their rich experience.

It is not that alone. K Radhakrishnanfounder of grocery website Grocer Max, says entrepreneurship is like falling in love. FingerLix was born out of this desire. The venture offers fresh ready-to-cook offerings such as parathas curries and pastas.

Nadkarni, who also doubles as an angel investor in Paper Boat and Epigamia Greek Yogurt, two other startups in the food and beverages business, also saw that as a mentor the promoters of these startups were enjoying creating a business.

Nadkarni also had had enough of consulting, which he says is dishing out advice. Nadkarni says FingerLix is his toughest role yet. June K Radhakrishnan says he is banking on his three-decade experience in the retail industry to make his e-grocery website a success.

Current mkt condition to favour small bnks: Sandeep Bhatia - The Economic Times Video | ET Tv

Radhakrishnan says he will try to control the inventory — just like BigBasket, another e-commerce platform that is doing well — with a hybrid model that will host a marketplace and work with distributors and wholesalers. But it is a tough market where many bigger, older rivals are struggling. Grocermax is not expanding rapidly, learning from the mistakes made by the rest.

It is currently operational only in Gurgaon.

meet the bhatia sandeep

Grocermax is also talking to PE investors and strategic players to raise further money to fund its expansion. He chose the latter. January Samir Bhatia is not new to starting companies from scratch. He was involved with building two businesses in the past.

meet the bhatia sandeep

A veteran banker with 28 years of experience, Bhatia decided to start his own venture. SME Corner is a market place platform which brings the lenders and borrowers to a meeting point. This allows retail, small and medium business owners from borrowing loans from Rs 10 lakh to a crore on a digitalised loan platform by paying lesser commission.

The retail, small and medium business owners had to pay large commissions to direct sales agents, brokers and other intermediaries to avail loan from lenders. Bhatia says he went door to door to meet small businessmen to understand their needs and challenges.

July It was in one of his travels to the interiors of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in that Sandeep Menon noticed that few people took loans in the Rs 2 -5 lakh category from established lenders.

Instead they relied on local money lenders, who charged exorbitant interest rates.