Meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

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meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

/assets/guides/87/png. Zinyak erects a shield once his health gets low enough, which will require you to disable the generators after dealing. Meet the Crew to Bring Down Zinyak Go to Kinzie's warehouse in Salander to Use it to continue clearing the pathways until you reach the alien ship's reactor. "Kinzie, land the ship down on the lawn outside my office, we still . Maybe even Mr. Wong's triads and Orejuela's columbian crew as . "What the fu-" Donnie was cut off as Zinyak appeared behind him "I'll go get Jenny, you go wake up Oleg and go with him and Keith to the bridge, meet you there in five.

Use the main door to leave the warehouse and take the stairs on the right.

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As you go, dispatch whatever aliens come in your way, then get to the helicopter. Flying the helicopter isn't difficult.

Saints Row 4 - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 59 - The Kinzie Gambit - Main Quest

Get into air and destroy everything the minimap has marked in red. Soon, two Saints will get to a car which you're going to have to protect. Follow it slowly, destroying all alien cars in pursuit. UFO ships will keep appearing also, so be on your guard. Almost Airwolf Several minutes later, the car will stop and you'll have to do reckon. Approach the star-marked location to destroy the tanks dispatched there.

meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

Afterwards, follow the car again, all the time defending it from enemy fire. All good things eventually come to an end, which means your helicopter will crash.

You and your crew will land on the roof of the building where Genki's game show takes place. Go inside through the only door available and you'll find yourself in the main room shortly.

meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

Grab one of the guns attached to the grid and start killing aliens running towards the arena. Genki himself will show up too, so kill him without regret. Once Kinzie stops hacking, move to the reward room.

Now, we'll split into teams. Go to the Three Count Casino and gather any and all weapons you can. You two go to Powder and grab everything. Down on the street Burt got into his custom Phoenix with his group of Saints in two purple Criminal trucks following him.

They all had countless duffle bags for easier collection and transport of the goods. You two go to the Old Syndicate Tower and grab anything of use. Before you go, once you've got enough from the main parts of the tower come to Kinzie's warehouse.

You two are with me, we're going to your inner-sanctum Kinzie, we need your computers, the N. O chair and the super computer.

meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

Jenny give me your phone, i'll need to call the teams to tell them to bring whatever they find back here. We got in and made our way to Kinzie's warehouse.

Once we arrived we drove my personal Saints Bootlegger inside and got out.

meet the crew to bring down zinyak ship

I wandered over to the N. O chair and sat down in it. Kinzie went upstairs and put on her old glasses and her old FBI jacket and tied her hair into her usual hairstyle.

She came back downstairs. Some of the guys are back.

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She's outside with whoever it was that arrived. We went outside and found who arrived first. A giant battle ongoing in the smokey, flaming, war torn city. It was Burt and the Saints along with two S.

Saints Row IV Walkthrough 17 - The Kinzie Gambit

Thanks everyone, now let's see what you managed to grab. In the Saints trucks there was other deckers themed technology such as some 'advanced' spring knifes and a lot of electric grenades. And in a duffle bag in the back of Burt's Phoenix to my surprise was Matt Millers full Deckers outfit with his personal wrist band which was much more high-tech and advanced than the others, Matt's personal handgun - a jet black and neon blue deckers themed quickshot pistol with the deckers logo on it.

And his personal deckers themed butterfly knife. Along with that were the Decker personal themed clothing, tech and weapons of Kirsten, Chris and Lucas. I looked at Burt with a confused expression. Angel arrived in his car with Saber in the passenger seat while Keith arrived in Killbane's unique personal black and green Luchadore Infuego. Angel got out and opened the boot of his car. In the boot there were a few machetes, sledge hammers and a couple of. Keeps a smile on my face to have this to remember that day.

He got out of his Boogie Bus Driving towards us was a Black and pearlesent Red Bear APC with extra armour and spikes all over it as a custom killing option. It stopped next to Zimos and the side door opened revealing Josh. You gotta put those to good use. Once they landed Katie hopped outta the pilot's seat and Oleg opened the side doors, revealing their take.

Next to him was a egg shaped, pink goo filled, Syndicate cloning tank along with the blueprints and instructions for it in Oleg's hand. There was also full body heavy brute armour for Oleg. And yes, in theory it could work. Q" i said With that the crew stored the valuables and we got in the chopper and returned to the H.

Q At the H. Q we were all packing up some more goods and getting ready to head back to the ship when suddenly there was an almighty roar coming from the west side of the city.

They began firing everything they had at each other, dealing equal amounts of damage to one another. Some Saints AB Destroyers, Tornados and Vultures appeared from the floating fucking castle of doom to join in on the fight. The Daedalus was firing everything it had, all its turrets, all its rockets, it even had cannons like the ones from the white crib on it.

The battle raged on for around 10 minutes. Countless UFO's and Capital ships were shot down After all the bloodshed and the fire and the death The side of it violently exploded and it slowly fell out of the sky and crashed into the ocean below. Not matter what people think, this is our country, our city Back in the H. Q everyone was cheering and hugging one another, due to the victory the Saints and the Daedalus just had over the Zin. Even Angel was smiling and laughing and hugging people.

Are you actually smiling AND laughing?! We leave in 20 minutes to go help out the crew in Stilwater But before we go and help them we need to know if anyone here was abducted. Q after a red beam broke through the roof. What could he want with him and his people?

Q as well after another mysterious red beam. I want your Daedalus to stay here and protect the city.