Meet the soldier mlp pegasus

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meet the soldier mlp pegasus

Thing in a gasmask and fireproof suit, called Pyro. the second was a German man in a long "She's only da coolest pony on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic!" The Pegasus held up one of the treats, offering it to Heavy. ". MLP:FIM Imageboard - Image # - artist:metal-kitty, clock, mare, meet the soldier, pegasus, pony, rarispy, rarity, safe, soldier, spy, team. My Little Pony and Team Fortress 2 crossover fanfiction archive with over 61 stories. Come in to read Pony Fortress 2: Meet the Soldier by Lobo Argost reviews.

meet the soldier mlp pegasus

Something drastic happened that will change my life Along with meeting new friends, I find As I realize my calling But is he as weak as she think she is? Rated T for mild language. Rated T for violence, suggestive themes, and use of alcohol and tobacco Rated: Teamwork Is Magic by beatlemaniac-in-the-tardis reviews A pegasus named Icicle Breeze, who welds the Element of Intelligence is granted a mission to interact with humans on a battlefield, gaining friends, enemies, and even a few injuries or two.

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He does not grasp the concept of reality. He's very lovable and friendly, but still insane. Teamwork is Magic by Moonlight Shines reviews A mash-up from a teleporter gets the nine mercs tumbling into the world of Equestria. Princess Luna isn't Luna,she's Nightmare Moon.

Royal guards

Will they survive Nightmare Moon again,without the Elements of Harmony? Rated T for some language,and might be Rated M as it continues. Three weeks later, Pyro discovers a multicoloured oval in his bedroom, and the three mercenaries investigate.

meet the soldier mlp pegasus

No killing here, all the weapons are mostly harmless. They just want to knock each other out. Please check his list out.

meet the soldier mlp pegasus

When these heroes are brought together, the must save the entire multiverse from destruction! The first chapter is basically the same but from chapter 2 onwards, it will be different so bear with me. Forgotten Friendshipgrey unicorn guards are present when Twilight and Sunset Shimmer come to visit the princesses, both at the door to the throne room and at the foot of Celestia's throne.

These guards wear green armor, and at least some are mares. In Friendship is Magic, part 1a pair of the more commonly seen white-coat Pegasus guards chauffeur Twilight Sparkle and Spike from Canterlot to Ponyville in a flying chariot. Their following appearance is in Friendship is Magic, part 2.

meet the soldier mlp pegasus

When Mayor Mare commands three of them to stop Nightmare Moonthe latter strikes them with lightning bolts to swat them away. The guards later draw the royal chariot into town at the end of the episode. They briefly appear in Swarm of the Centurydriving Celestia's flying chariot, and in Sonic Rainboomaccompanying Celestia in her spectator box at Cloudsdale 's stadium.

They make a speaking appearance in A Bird in the Hoofwhere they guard the princess and search for her pet bird Philomena.

meet the soldier mlp pegasus

Two guards stand on duty at the entrance to Sugarcube Corner where Celestia is staying. They are pestered by Rainbow Dash who tries to elicit a response from them, but they remain stoic and silent. Soon after, they hinder Fluttershy 's entrance until Twilight confirms she's allowed inside.

Later, a guard notifies Celestia that the mayor seeks an audience with her. Even later, two guards are sent to inform Twilight that the Princess's bird is missing, and they continue looking for the bird throughout the episode. The episode ends with the bird tickling the guards and making them laugh at Rainbow Dash's request. Many Pegasus guards of multiple colors appear in the season two finale.

One of the guards complains that their job is incredibly boring and thankless work, to the point that they were easily distracted by an offering of cake from the culprit, which allowed the crime to take place. Pegasus guards also appear in A Royal Problem pulling Princess Luna 's chariot as she smiles and waves to ponies in Canterlot. Hearth's Warming Eve guards The Pegasus guards featured in the Hearth's Warming Eve pageant share the same design as Celestia's Pegasus guards, but they have a different color scheme and a lightning bolt emblem instead of a star-shaped emblem.

Princess Luna's guards Princess Luna 's guards. Princess Luna's guards chauffeur Luna's flying carriage in Luna Eclipsed. Luna's guards have dark gray coats, bat wings, tufted ears, and cat-like vertical slits for pupils. They wear lavender-colored armor.